Thursday, September 19, 2019

Must know, 7 risks not covered by travel insurance

Who is that? If you are among those, you need to prepare for travel insurance to protect yourself from various risks during the trip, such as accidents, death missed flight, lost baggage and important documents, home burned, and other risks

Travel insurance may anticipate costs arising from unexpected events or events. Can cover yourself and your family. But please note, not all risks are borne by insurance companies. What are the risks? Here's an explanation.

1. Terrorism attack

If at any time you are experiencing injuries or injuries, and must be hospitalized due to terrorism attacks that occur in the country or city of destination, the cost of treatment is not the responsibility of the insurance company. Therefore, you must make sure that the holiday destination is safe, its political conditions are stable, and are not conflicted.

To find out about the situation in your destination country or city, find as many information on the Internet. When the condition is being damaged, a heated conflict occurs, it is better to cancel the holiday plan there until the situation is completely safe. Alternatively, look for his success

2. Illness due to drug and alcohol consumption

Insurance companies exclude all diseases caused by consumption of alcohol and illegal drugs, such as drugs, cocaine, marijuana, and other illicit drugs. If it is proven medically, the insurer will never grant you an insurance claim at any time. For that, avoid consumption of alcohol and drugs during the holidays. Besides not getting insured, consuming it can also harm your health.

3. Natural Disaster Events

Injuries, injuries, or loss of life due to natural disasters also become an exception for insurance companies, although basically natural disasters are one of the events that occur outside human control. Just as with the case of terrorism, you need to find a lot of information on geographical and weather conditions in the destination country or city. Cancel or snooze The trip if the situation and condition do not match your expectation at the beginning.

4. Planned accidents

Accidents that are feigned or intentionally clearly banned by insurance companies. If it is proven to seek profit in this way, automatic claim submission is rejected. When still forcing, the case may be taken to the green table.

As surely as you are to trick the accident until it looks like real, the insurance company will still know it. Because there will be interview sessions and collection of certain files to prove whether the accident is actually happening or just artificial.

5. Injury due to participating tournaments

If the purpose of your visit to a country is to participate in a tournament and be injured during the tournament, the cost of insurance will not be granted. The fee incurred will be borne by you as a tournament member or the organizer of the tournament itself. In this case, you really have to keep yourself and health conditions to avoid medical expenses in the hospital.

6. Action against the law

Any act against the law, such as driving over a certain speed limit or committing a crime, the costs arising from this action are not the responsibility of the insurance company. You, your family, friends, or relatives who have to bear those costs.

Before going on holiday, you should note the cases that are included in the crime in the country. This way, you can anticipate it by not doing it during the holidays.

7. Pregnant women who miscarriage

Ibu hamil
Pregnant women are usually forbidden to travel long, unless they are already through the doctor's approval. What about why? Of course, to prevent the occurrence of miscarriage during the trip. Moreover, this miscarriage is not included in the insurance company's coverage fee. 

In case of miscarriage, the cost of maternal care and its contents in the hospital is borne by its own expense. Includes medication and special treatment during the healing process.

Thursday, July 25, 2019

What should I understand before taking car insurance?

Insurance is there because everyone feels the need for guarantees on what it worries. Therefore, the insurance is present to adapt to the needs, ranging from health insurance, soul, to the car. Unfortunately, there is still confusion when trying to take car insurance.

Anyone is not at all expecting bad events to befall them. However, who can guess what happens later after today. It could be good luck coming up. It can also be bad luck, but obviously unwanted. The question arises, what this can be avoided, at least reduce the risk?

This is where insurance gives the answer to the question, especially for those who are in case of accidents or anything else happening while driving. Then it offers car insurance with various advantages by insurance companies.

The interest is also arguably not least. This is reflected in the positive growth of insurance every year. Unfortunately, there is still nothing to know about the things that need to be known from car insurance. To do this, this review will present things that must be understood before taking car insurance.

1. Desired protection

Asuransi Comprehensive dan TLO

Car insurance is differentiated into two according to its protective scope. Both car insurance, namely comprehensive insurance and Total Loss Only (TLO). The difference is that comprehensive insurance will pay claims for all kinds of damages, ranging from minor damage, weight, to loss.

While TLO insurance will pay claims for damages of more than 75% on the car. Because of the coverage, obviously the comprehensive insurance premium is more expensive than TLO insurance.

How the insurance company determines its damage, especially those listed in TLO insurance, depends on the survey conducted. If in accordance with the terms, the claim will be accepted. Otherwise, the claim will be rejected.

2. Insured Vehicle Age

Asuransi Mobil All Risk

How many years the vehicle is owned must be considered. The driving age will affect the premiums paid. There is a condition if the car to be insured aged over 5 years, will be charged an additional premium fee called loading fee.

The loading fee is generally about 5% per year. So, the older the age, the greater the loading fee. However, there is a maximum age limit, such as 10-year comprehensive insurance and a minimum of 15 years of TLO.

Suppose insured car was 7 years old when bought at RP120 million. Let's just say that the car is B-plated and the insurance that is taken is comprehensive then the upper rate limit is about 3.59%. From that data, what is the premiums paid?

Pure Premium calculated formula with loading fee:

((Difference in vehicle year x Loading fee x Premium tariff per region) + Premium tariff per region) x car Price

Pure Premium + Loading fee: ((2 x 5% x 3.59%) + 3.59%) X Rp 120.000.000 = Rp 4.738.800

The premiums have not been added to the administration fee which is usually less than Rp 50.000.

3. Reputation of insurance Company

There are approximately 25 insurance companies offering car insurance in Indonesia. Of the many insurance companies, there are distinguishing one company with other companies. Whether in terms of service, premiums are offered, until the reputation of the insurance company itself.

To see how far the reputation of an insurance company is, there are a number of assessments to use. For example, assessing according to Risk Based Capital (RBC), liquidity ratios, collateral funds to protect insurance customers, investment/technical reserves plus debt claims, fixed assets, changes in gross premium, net premium income, net investment income, ratio NET claim load, up to profit ratio.

Navigate seemed complicated indeed. More easily as long as the insurance company is listed on the Indonesian General Insurance Association (AAUI) and the Financial Services Authority (OJK), this can be a sign of an insurance company has a good reputation. Furthermore, many branches are owned. Then the number of customers and awards received.

4. Benefits given

Usually insurance companies offer car insurance with some advantages that customers will receive. Not the same profit given insurance companies that one with other insurance companies. At least all insurance companies will equally benefit without surveys to customers.

Outside of that some insurance companies give another advantage, namely the issuance of police and work orders (SPK) 1 x 24 hours after the requirements are met, free crane facilities, free ambulance service, car replacement, and free emergency services. Choose insurance with many advantages, but still consider the reputation of the company and its premiums.

5. Workshops that become associates

For the owner of the vehicle, especially the car, maintenance (maintenance) or repair repairs carried out the workshop so the main thing. Therefore, the owner of the vehicle is very selective in choosing a workshop. Many workshops, but about performance and service have their own classes.

If you've got a workshop, find out if the workshop is already working with an insurance company or not. Your preferred workshop gratitude becomes the workshop of an insurance company that enters your chosen list. Otherwise, you need to consider a workshop partner working with an insurance company.

Also consider the number of workshops that are partners of insurance companies. The large number of workshops gives you a lot of options to repair your car. Choose a workshop referring to the track record of the workshop, the length of repair the workshop, the guarantee of the workshop, and spare parts that are sold guaranteed originality.

6. Additional protection offered

In automobile insurance, the term is known as an additional protection from risks not included in car insurance liabilities. Including the expansion into the insurance will incur additional charges on premiums paid. Insurance customers are free to choose what expansion to put into the insurance policy.

Types of expansion of automobile insurance that can be chosen include floods (including hurricanes), earthquakes, tsunamis, riots and riots (SRCC), legal responsibility to third parties, personal accidents to passengers, legal responsibility to passengers , as well as terrorism and sabotage.

7. Risk conditions incurred

Notwithstanding the guarantee of damages for damage, whether comprehensive or damage of more than 75% (TLO), there are provisions that govern the risk of what the insurance company is covered for. You can find out easily what are the risks that are not covered by viewing the information online.

8. Know the rights and obligations

Hak dan Kewajiban Nasabah Asuransi

Speaking of rights and obligations, you can find out from the 6 fundamental principles of insurance. The six basic principles of insurance, including insurable interest (interest to be insured), utmost good faith, indemnity (indemnity), proximate cause (main and effective cause) and subrogation (principle of transfer of rights), and Contribution (jointly insured).

In insurance, insurable interest is understood as the right of an individual or legal entity to object to the also insured that is legal in the eyes of the law. Utmost good faith is briefly interpreted as the disclosure of the prospective insurance customers in giving the facts completely without any hidden to the insurance company.

While indemnity is a mechanism that regulates indemnification by insurance companies to insurance customers. The proximate cause is in short the main cause of the incident which then unravages the consequences of an outside influence.

Subrogation can be concluded because the insurance company has granted customer claims then the demands/lawsuit to the third party so the business insurance company. Lastly contribution apply if the insured object is insured in two or more insurance companies, the losses are later contributed to all insurance companies comparable to their respective responsibilities.

Know and understand not to be mistaken

Because it concerns the money deposited as a premium in the future, taking the insurance should be strictly based on the correct and thorough understanding. Not a little disappointed with the insurance that was taken due to other expected. For that, it is important to know and understand not to be mistaken.

Monday, July 22, 2019

Things to note in car insurance All Risk

There are 2 types of car insurance products that need to be understood by the customer, namely all risk car insurance and Total Loss Only (TLO). The difference lies in the protection provided, where all risk insurance provides comprehensive protection against all vehicle risks (unless there is an exception). This is what makes people prefer all risk products for vehicle insurance in particular that is still new (vehicle age under 5 years), although in a premium, the cost of all risk is far above the insurance TLO. While TLO insurance itself only protects the vehicle in case of total damage (cost more than 75%) or loss.
Image result for Things to note in car insurance All Risk

Given the relatively large cost, so before taking this all risk product, prospective customers should actually understand the product so as not to be disappointed or misperception that could cause losses in the future.

Some of the following things need to be considered before taking an all risk insurance product, given the frequent misunderstand that leads to disappointment:

Adjusting to needs, does it take All risk or just TLO?

Car protection needs can be seen from crime rates or other levels of risk such as the traffic density where you live or travel often with the car. If you have no definite data, you can check on the Internet or other media. If the living environment is not too dense and minimal risk of accidents either mild or heavy then the TLO products match you take.

However if living in an area that traffic is dense, then the vehicle risk of accidents occur, minimal scratches are quite large. One stroke alone takes at least 500 thousand-1 million if it goes to body painting. If this condition is the case, then the ALL risk product suits you take. Another example is that housing is often affected by flooding, then all risk insurance is selected must have an expansion of the guarantee against flooding.

Before filing all risk insurance for your car, do the following first:
Image result for Things to note in car insurance All Risk

1. Check your budget, is it possible to charge insurance premium ALL risk?

Because it protects all risks, the premium cost for insurance type all risk is more expensive than car insurance type TLO. Premium Payment car is usually once a year, for new car output with a price of 200 millions usually need a premium of 3 million per year. Well, check the budget and adjust it with financial budget. Vehicle protection includes important conditions because moving assets are usually risk-prone. So, if you are ready to buy a car, you must prepare more funds to buy all risk insurance.

2. Compare products and choose the best and reliable

The amount of premium costs is indeed one consideration, but it is worth considering also the benefits gained and the reputation of the insurance company that you will take. This reputation is important because it will affect the claims process later. It could be a little expensive premium but the ease of claim process and network of car repair shop is much more. This of course becomes an important consideration in addition to the premium costs.

With many comparing products and seeing the reputation of the airline's insurance will be easier to get the right product at an insurance company that has a good reputation. Moreover, nowadays comparing products and reputation can be easily done through Internet network.

3. Pay attention to company reputation, customer testimonials to avoid disappointment

One way to see the company's reputation is to pay attention to the testimonials of customers who have used the insurance product, especially the problem of claims. Car insurance is identical to the claim process. If the claim is easy, the network is widespread, customers are satisfied then the testimonials will usually also be good. This is what encourages the company to get various awards and plans but surely its reputation will also rise.

In addition to paying attention to some important things before taking the insurance product all risk above, another important thing that is Peruvian understood is the mechanism of claim. In general, the mechanism of claim is relatively easy, if there is a risk of customer staying in call centre or sales contact you and submit a plan for the claim process. Just follow the instructions given.

Related image

Avoid this if you do not want All Risk car insurance denied

For the sake of smoothness and avoiding rejected claims, pay attention to and understand some factors causing the following car insurance claims rejected:

1. Driver does not have a SIM

SIM is the case for drivers. If you don't have a SIM it means the driver is not yet worth driving and it's not automatic to get insurance protection. Incidents are often happening insured car insuring cars for automobile insurance all risk, and apparently the car is used by his child under 17 years, and experiencing the risk of accidents.

For such cases, the most fundamental thing can not be fulfilled ie the driver does not have a SIM will make the car insurance claim is rejected.

2. The SIM has expired

Don't have a SIM and the expired SIM is a three-money alias of the same. Claims with such conditions will also be rejected because according to the traffic regulations each vehicle driver must have a driving licence (SIM), each conducting the insured claim must fill the claim form about the chronological incident.

3. Late at the claim report

One of the bad habits of a vehicle owner is to delay a claim if it encounters a light vehicle risk such as scratch, beret or the other. After wounds on the car body began a lot of new claims. Claims like these are at risk of being rejected due to claim reporting deadline of maximum 5 days.

Generally, as contained in PSAKBI (the standard Motor vehicle insurance policy) any damage in the nature of the car, the policyholders have the obligation to report to the insurance maximum 5 days since the occurrence of damage .

4. Providing false information

For large-value claims, the insurer has its own investigation. Sometimes, in the event of a distorted condition, a potential claim is denied to false information. For example, customers have the risk of driving a heavy accident with damage above 75%, while the ride is his child who does not have a driver's license. In order for the claim to be entered, the vehicle owner created a police report that he was driving during an accident.

When the investigation of the insurance company apparently found the fact that the rider is his child who does not have a driver's license. This condition results in a claim being rejected and damaging your own reputation.

5. Loss of fraud, evasion, anaesthesia, and hypnotist

Cases of loss such as this usually happens in the case of a car borrow by a friend himself and eventually brought to a blur, or some of which happened in the case of car rental but it was brought blurred. If the case is reported to the insurance that the car is carried on the run away by his friend or renter, based on PSAKBI mention that the vehicle in the insured is lost in the same because it is closed by the nearest person or rental carried blurred then claims Car insurance will be rejected, therefore after insuring his car to re-read the writing, policy clauses, and PSAKBI.

6. Goods damaged due to being transported with a vehicle insured not in insurance protection

This risk occurs a lot in the entrepreneurs distribution of goods between cities. For example, you buy a pickup car for a fleet to send merchandise to customers and join the insurance All risk program. In the process of delivery of goods turns out to have a traffic accident that makes pickup cars and transported goods severely damaged. In such cases, the pickup car can claim losses to the insurance, but the goods are transported not participating in the protection.

7. Automobile body damage due to chemical fluid

Chemical fluids include substances that are not protected if they cause damage to the car body. For example, you walk along the toll road with vehicles transporting chemicals. It turned out that the chemicals transported by the vehicle were spilled due to an accident. Chemicals regarding your vehicle and cause damage to the body of the car.

Cases like this can not be claimed because according to the Standard Motor Vehicle insurance Policy (PSAKBI) damage that can be on the cover of insurance is a total or partial damage caused by accident, malicious action, falling objects and Other traffic accidents.

Understand the insurance product terms and benefits

All Risk car insurance provides total protection on vehicles from all sorts of small vehicle damage including vehicle body, broken rear light, vehicle being dragged, stoplamp rupture, major damage caused by natural disasters such as flooding, , terrorism to lost vehicles. This product is very beneficial even with a slightly more expensive priemi. However, it is also necessary to consider some of the above before taking this product to fit the needs and avoid the risk of claims on the decline.

Want to pass a car insurance Survey? Do the following

The strong traffic condition and the risk of high mobility makes the vehicle owner, especially the car often felt it was, either when the vehicle is left at home/workplace/other location or when the vehicle is used. If left afraid of theft and if used afraid of accidents caused by the crowded traffic. It is often disruptive to car owners who live in big cities like in Jakarta.

mencari asuransi mobil

If you have a car especially in Jakarta, the solution to overcome the sense of it is to take the car insurance product so that the risks that are likely to happen to the vehicle and often worry it will be transferred to the insurance company or guarantor agencies.

The cost of accident or risk of loss can make you go bankrupt if you have to pay it from your own bag. Even relatively small losses can be financially disruptive, and some other losses can be threatening at any time. Having car insurance helps protect assets and uses money allocation to achieve other important financial objectives.

Car insurance has two characteristics

There are two options of car insurance products according to the type of protection provided is all risk insurance and total loss only insurance. Of these two characteristics have advantages and disadvantages of each. Depending on the needs. Here's a clearer explanation of the types of protection on car insurance.

1. Car Insurance Characteristics ALL risk (Comprehensive)

All risk (Comprehensive) insurance coverage applies to any incident not excluded by the insurance policy. All the coverage risks, which are also called Hazard coverage, offer much broader protection than the coverage of Total loss only insurance type risk, which only includes a minimum risk of 75% damage in accordance with the policies stated in the policy.

All risk car insurance can protect vehicles from some risks that are not contained in other insurance products. All risks herein are the types of insurance coverage that have been specifically outlined in the policy contract and are not included in the exceptions. Exceptions usually occur in special conditions such as flood coverage, riots, natural disasters or other force majeure conditions.

The principle of all risk insurance protects the vehicle thoroughly except those included in the exclusion clause. If you want to input the proposal, you can add protection of benefits, such as the benefits of claims for melee, force majeur, legal responsibilities of the third party and so on.

2. Total Loss car Insurance characteristics (TLO)

With the increase in fuel prices affecting the cost of owning a car, it is also a good idea to find ways to cut other related operational costs for example car insurance. All vehicle owners should care and ideally have insurance coverage. For those who want to save with simple protection, total loss only insurance can be an alternative option.

Unlike ALL risk, Total loss only insurance (TLO) protects only customer vehicles that are experiencing the risk of total loss or damage incurred above 75%. Also understand some conditions that are in the exclusion category can not claim such as fraud and evasion.

In this case it is also important to note the Vallet parking case. Parking of this type is widely offered in shopping malls or hotels in major cities, where the vehicle owner deliberately entrust the vehicle to the Vallet parking manager. If there is risk of loss, then the category of deliberate that can not be claimed either in insurance products All risk or TLO.

Buying insurance can be done Online, make sure this benefit

In the era of such sophisticated technology, not only shopping goods are online, buying insurance products can also be done through the Internet network. The online system in addition to the risk of fraud and so on, also gives ease of comparing products and see the reputation of the company that sells insurance products.

Before buying an insurance product online make sure the insurance company has an official license as an insurance broker and compare what are the advantages of buying such online car insurance. In addition, because the bank's financial services industry, non-bank, insurance under the supervision of OJK (Financial Services Authority), make sure also that the insurance product you want to buy is in the supervision and permission of the OJK. The following Tips can be considered:

1. Don't be tempted Promo, tailor products purchased with special needs regarding fares or premium charges

Check the annual rate. Check and compare with prices from other companies to make sure you get the best price deal. Many insurance companies offer services online so that you can find an insurance comparison tool easily. Comparison of online insurance products can be an efficient way of cost and time side to find better packages.

2. Find the product "car insurance without surveys"

The approval of claims for the risks that are immediately accepted without conducting a current survey become a unique attraction for insurance customers. Many carriers use a fast and completely unsurveyed Auto Accept policy issuance system. So make sure the product is taken have such features

Practical Tips for car insurance without surveys

One of the excellent services that many insurance customers have targeted is a car insurance product without surveys. Practical and easy and quick to make this service product many insurance customers like. It also provides a sense of security and comfort. Make sure that the car insurance service without the survey also keeps an eye on some of the following important things:

1. It's worth considering Dealer recommendation products

If we are smart to approach dealers, they will recommend the best product for us. Dealers with their experience in the automotive field certainly have sufficient network and knowledge related car insurance products. Make sure that the dealer where you buy the vehicle has a reputation and good experience.

2. Check how many general partner workshops and Authorized workshops

Although you get the ease of insurance products without a survey, but if the Reright workshop is limited, you will experience problems when the claim later. Therefore, note the list of their partners ' workshops, whether the workshop is trustworthy and easy to reach or not.

3. Check company service features, make sure easy to access and complete feature

The service features of this vehicle insurance are important. Don't let the moment you need certain product services it turns out that the company is struggling to provide services because there is no feature or should ask other parts. Especially if you are out of town for example and things happen undesirable, then you will be able to easily report the problem to the insurer where you are.

4. Search for who has Online application features and services

Nowadays the times are sophisticated, so look for products from insurance companies that have online service features and of course without surveys like the reviews above. This makes it very easy for you, for example if your car suddenly crashes on the toll road, you can claim insurance via the app directly from your smartphone.

Full-service features, easy, practical and without surveys

Competition insurance industry One of them is from the side of convenience given. Online services are now commonly done by almost all companies. For car insurance itself now one of the walls is a service without surveys when claims occur. By following the tips and reviews above, you will get the best products to suit your needs.

Childbirth Preparation: Choose to save or use insurance?

Positively pregnant? Sure? Is it like that your reaction when hearing that the wife is pregnant? At first surely all parents will be happy, how not, is not it given the child to complete the structure in the family is a very great gift? Hearing those Dudah is sure you immediately think ahead with all the preparations such as mental and financial.

For example, in the future, childbirth wife must have spent money on hospital costs, then there are religious or cultural rules that require a sysize when the fetus in the mother's abdomen is 4 and 7 months that all also need a fee. With the many expenses for childbirth preparation, you should be able to choose from now between saving or using pregnant women insurance.

Making preparations

Membuat Perencanaan Keuangan
In the face of childbirth preparation, you together with your spouse can use it with savings or insurance for pregnant women. Whatever your choice is not less important is you have to understand the financial planning for the mother-pregnant and the couple who will have children. There are many costs that you have to prepare.

Many of the parents awaiting the birth of their first child are often preoccupied with preparing an expense that is not so important, such as baby clothes, accessories, children's room decoration, baby's bathroom and others. That makes it sometimes forget the important and wrong things on a priority scale.

Preparation of childbirth is a fun thing, you do not need to panic when the day comes to you, but also a person will surely change the finances in a family. Ideally it may be that pregnancy should be planned far-away in order to be able to control finances but, in fact the happy news actually comes without being planned.

Find out if your office or workplace is working to finance all pregnancy and childbirth facilities? If you're looking for detailed information on how much money your office has spent. After that, look for the cost information of hospitals or midwives in accordance with the funds issued by your office.

Calculate with detail

In order to give birth preparation costs can be adjusted with budget, calculate in detail like this:

1. Compare costs
Compare the cost of regular control to a midwife or doctor and count how many times the control is performed. As well as estimating costs for child vitamins.

2. Normal Delivery Cost
Normal labor costs with doctors (not midwives) in the hospitals in large cities vary, there is normal without action and there are also those with action. There are several options ranging from regular room classes to VIP at a cost of RP2, 5 million-RP12 million.

3. Caesarean cost
Cesarean delivery There are several conditions that are Caesarean adhesions + sterelization; Gemeli/Triplet + sterilization, and the single Caesar Sungsang/latitude/Miom; Caesar sectio single fetus + sterilization. Hospitals in large cities have a range of costs ranging from the cheapest to the most expensive range at a cost of RP8 million-RP30 million.

4. Unexpected expenses both before and after delivery
Often there are many unexpected costs, and usually vary depending on each infant. The fee for example taking care of infants means regular visits to pediatricians and to gynecologists (moreover before childbirth).

5. Charge after baby birth
All details must be real, survey the hospital or midwives that you want to be able to estimate the best possible funds. Just after that is measured whether the estimate already matches the cost you have.

Choose saving or insurance?

After getting an estimate about the needs of labor fund, then you can decide whether it will all be borne by yourself by means of saving or buying an insurance product of pregnant women. You can carefully upgrade both options.


Menabung Saat Hamil
If you choose to save, then it is supposed that the target amount of savings balance until day H should be greater than the details that you have made. In order for the targeted savings to run smoothly then you and your wife should discipline the problem of spending until the little one comes out to greet the world.

Create three allocation expenses such as savings, debt repayment from credit cards (if any), and daily living expenses. And don't forget to set aside the baby's necessities after birth later that option you can put into living expenses.

It is important to consider that you should carefully choose the hospital that costs will be covered in your health insurance coverage. Do not forget to confirm in advance about it to obstetrician and anesthetics before you make a birth appointment. This handy way can help you to save a lot of money, from the cost of birth to hospital costs.

Using insurance

So what if you are more interested in pregnancy insurance? This option is perfect for those of you who have planned a pregnancy in advance because usually the clients who register for pregnancy insurance should wait 9-12 new month of funds can be processed.

Using pregnancy insurance also remains to be able to take all the expenditure during pregnancy and childbirth. For example, suppose money accountability is around Rp 10.000.000 and the official is Rp 4.000.000 in a year it will be enough or not, if not better you save yourself.

If you are involved in insurance, the insurance company will pay the majority of these costs, and as a policyholder, you simply pay the minimum fee. Before going any further, make sure that the insurance company you choose includes a cover of the cost of the treatment in its potable clause so that you can save money.

At the beginning of the insurance program, the cost of additional health insurance for children's birth is slightly more expensive, but in the end, the premium cost is still not how much it will be spent on your own. And usually if you do not follow the insurance is more likely not ready so it should be indebted there-here to cover the cost of child labour.

Plan for your child's welfare

Whatever your choice in the face of preparation for childbirth later, plan all well for the welfare of your child. Choose one that fits your family's financial skills. That way you won't feel too burdened with a variety of costs that don't really matter. Not only that with the right planning, the need for your child will be assured.  

Friday, July 19, 2019

Home insurance: Do you have a favor?

Indeed there are many who know about insurance. Not even a few know in detail about the ins and outs of insurance. But somehow, the interest of people for insurance is still quite low. In fact this is quite contradicting between reality and what society wants. Just look at how society will generally refuse to be an insurance holder for their assets when they are very curious about the certainty that there will be no bad things happening on their assets. Just take an example home insurance. When asked whether people want to become members of home insurance, few are willing to.

Image result for asuransi rumah
However, everyone would want their home to be fine. They are aware that the home is their shelter. They are also aware that the house is the best place for them to get relaxation, hang out with loved ones and get entertained. However, when they were faced with an insurance offer, they shook their heads. But not few of those people know how insurances can provide protection to their homes.

Alright, let's think most people do not know to be at all about home insurance. How can this kind of insurance work and can give a role to our home? What will be our obligations and rights? Actually what the hell is the insurance for the house? Let's try to discuss together here. Who knows later you can take the lesson that insurance is not a thing that will hurt you will give a lot of positive effect on you.

Home insurance, as the name suggests, is insurance provided by the insurance company to guarantee your assets which in this case in the form of houses. We can all not know for sure what will happen in the future at your home. Without any tendency to scare you, it is actually a lot of bad things that can befall your home. Just take examples, fires and natural disasters. These two things can easily make you lose your home. Your home that is destroyed by these two things is certainly your disadvantage.

However, if you have purchased a home insurance, you do not need to worry anymore. Basically, insurance companies will help you to relieve your financial burden or even become your substitute to take care of that financial burden completely. In this case, when your home is experiencing problems such as being damaged by fire, the insurer will compensate you for a certain amount of money which has been agreed upon before when you register to become an insurance owner. Just take the example, when you've bought a house for Rp 100 million. Then you buy insurance and you are obliged to pay a premium of Rp 1million annually over a period of several years determined by the insurance company. When your house suddenly has problems as mentioned above, you can receive compensation that can vary as the cost of your house is intact or 80% or other amount according to the decision that has been agreed with before.
Image result for asuransi rumah
It is not that it can be very lightening for you as a home owner if something bad happens to your home. What if the bad thing doesn't happen to your home? Generally, the premium money you have paid will come back to you. But there are also some insurance companies that do not return in full or not return at all. Of course you have to be careful in choosing home insurance. Make sure you get insurance from a reputable company so that the premiums you pay on a regular basis will not disappear free of charge.

Thursday, July 18, 2019

Want used car loans? It's exactly how to assign insurance

Having a car today is as if it had been a major necessity to be fulfilled. Without a car, as if various activities are quite experiencing obstacles and do not run to the fullest.

Well, the problem is how when the funds available are very limited to buy this four-wheeled vehicle. Thus, not infrequently people choose to buy a car on credit.

Another reason why people choose to buy a used car in credit is the value of this one item the longer it continues to decline. Even so, not infrequently people prefer to buy new cars than used cars for various reasons.
Kredit Mobil

Used Car credits Plus insurance

Leasing companies or credit banks have usually determined that the credited car is accompanied by insurance. The goal, to protect the car that during its creditworthiness is the property of leasing or bank credit buyers.

That is, the car loan and its insurance is already in one package offered. So this car insurance is already in the car loan package. So this insurance is mandatory, for those of you who decided to buy a car in a credit in the leasing company or bank of the creditor.

For example, used car loan packages plus insurance companies offered leasing. Thus, prospective lenders usually only need to pay the deposit (DP/down payment) and installment for a few years without selecting insurance, because it is included in the package. The immolation of this way, usually the price is more expensive away from our forecasts.

For example, Ami bought a car brand ' H ' for Rp 500.000.000, with a DP of Rp 100,000,000 and monthly installments amounting to RP 10.000.000 for 40 months. Then the money then and the monthly installment paid by the AMI has included vehicle insurance facilities. Well, here Ami does not choose what kind of insurance that is in its credit car.

Make sure car credit insurance is ALL Risk

Leasing companies usually have included car insurance in the credited car package. So, you just pay the DP and the call for a few years without the headache of choosing insurance.

The drawback of this way, of course the price can also be much more expensive than our forecasts. Then, how? Of course we want to save more, right? If there is a cheaper offer, surely we will think again to choose which one suits our financial situation best.

Before choosing, it is best to understand it before deciding to take one of the cars to be bought in credit, ranging from price, car condition, including its performance, do not let the car body look smooth and good, but apparently problematic engine Shortly after purchase.

This also determines the importance of car insurance in the installment package. So, make sure that the used car that you bought in the credit clearly covers all risk or is all risk. If not, then in the middle of the road you can just spend a lot of car maintenance costs.

For that, to be examined and credited is the credit offer of the car. Whether the car insurance has been protected or protects the whole. Do not cover the insurance in the car that you bought on the credit it turns out it does not covers everything.

Beware of ' traps '

Often the offer of used car loans on the market is quite seductive and attracts interest to have it. Therefore, it is necessary to be careful and careful to choose the car to be purchased. At least, don't let you get stuck by the marketing game.

There are at least some bargains that used to be lucrative, but are actually just fired. What is it?

Interest 0%

Anyone seems to agree on non-percent interest it looks profitable. Remember that it could be just a marketing strategy. Cause is not an impossible thing when the cost is deducted are not charged at other costs.

It could be, the cost is actually included in other components. That is, the truth is that you are not getting zero percent interest, but you can only pay for other costs that are actually swollen without being noticed or known.

Free Insurance All risk in the second year

A car loan offer that may include a trap is a free offer of insurance that covers the entire cover up to the second year or any year. If you are offered a free insurance fee of all risk in the second year of the used car that you bought in that credit, then it is necessary to watch out.

Thus, it means that it is not cheap. Because in the second year of installment, you are required to pay a bigger insurance fee than it should. Instead of profit, but actually losing more costs will be incurred.

Meticulously Select car insurance type

With the possibilities above, it's a good idea to carefully choose which vehicle insurance to buy. For consideration, you can also choose TLO (Total Lost Only) insurance as an option with the cheaper price of insurance-related risk.

The second difference in insurance is doubled, where the probability of the occurrence of all risk car insurance claims is greater than TLO insurance. Therefore, the insurance company has also taken into account the probability of claims that will be proposed.

Please note, this type of TLO car insurance only replaces the above 75% loss, a.k.a. if the car is severely damaged or lost stolen. If only the ceremonial, dent, and other, will not get any damages. While all risk car insurance, will be secured or protected in whole or all.

TLO Insurance more to sell when to buy a used car?
If you decide to buy a used car, it does not hurt to drop a choice on TLO insurance. This is actually more rational considering that purchased is a used car, isn't it? So that the financial losses suffered when something happens with the used car, it will be less than the cost of having a new car.

Try to propose a car credit type that we want yourself. But that means we have to know exactly about the existing car insurance including the loss of profit. Usually, the leasing will not easily approve your offer if the benefit of insurance is more minimal.

Therefore, look for insurance whose value is not too expensive but bring benefits to the needs of the leasing. Certainly not easy, but this can be tried. If successful, surely the size of insurance premiums that you will be liable to become too large.

Remember, there is or no claim, the fixed insurance premiums must be paid, Lho. In case of a claim, the cost is not as expected. Nevertheless, there is still no harm in taking car insurance.

It could be without insurance, the damage that must be borne is fantastic. Especially if you buy a particular brand car that costs a spare part or a big treatment. Car insurance is enough to help ease your car maintenance costs later.

Consider insurance and choose your car credit

If you want to buy a car in credit, be sure to understand well so you can choose the required insurance. This may seem trivial, but it actually has a better impact or benefit for your beloved car or your finances. Or, do not get the cost of the chosen insurance too expensive or outside the fairness. Choose the right leasing and can accommodate your wishes.