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Must know, it is different risk of saving education and education insurance

The Education fund is not arguably cheap, especially in the future. In order not to be Mischosen, you must first understand the difference in the risk of education savings with educational insurance. Both are the same about providing funds for the education of the fruit of the heart. However, they have different risks that parents must know. Then, what about you, have you purchased one of these two educational fund products? Then, what is the risk difference of these two educational fund products? As quoted from, these are the differences in the risk of educational savings and education insurance.

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1. The assurance system and its loan parties are different 

Education Savings: 
Education savings are generally issued by the bank in the form of financial products. As with other financial products, this educational savings will also be guaranteed by the lending Board (LPS) as the authorities to provide assurance for financial products issued by the bank in Indonesia. The guarantees provided will refer to the terms and other matters relating to such rules. That is, if at any time the bank is experiencing problems or even bankrupt, the education savings are kept safe and fully paid to you as a customer.

Education Insurance: 
Education insurance is obviously not a product in the form of savings (deposits) and this product is issued by the insurance company. In general, this education insurance form Unitlink insurance is managed in the form of investment by the insurance company, so it is quite risky and the value could be exhausted. Unlike the educational savings, the service is also not guaranteed by the LPS.

2. Different levels of profit 

Education Savings:
As with any other savings product, educational savings generally have fixed interest paid periodically by the Bank of the product provider to the customer. This interest rate refers to the provisions of BI that are paid for certainty and generally not so large. 

Education Insurance: 
While educational insurance products are managed in the form of investment by the insurance company, so that this product has a potential interest is not fixed because it refers to the performance of the investment itself. As with other investment activities, this product also has a high risk and also high profit potential as well.

3. Different protection values 

Education Savings: 
Education savings do not provide high protection value, considering the premium product is indeed given for free by the bank. 

Education Insurance:
It differs precisely in the educational insurance product, where in general the coverage value given by the insurance company is fairly high. High coverage value is certainly influenced by the size of premiums paid. The higher the premium value you pay in the insurance product, the greater the value of coverage that you can get. Understand and choose the funds in accordance with the needs of Education fund children become important things that you must prepare early and generally made in the form of education insurance or education savings. Make sure you understand both products well, including the risks involved, so you can choose one of the most appropriate products that suits your child's needs.

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Hospital type Cash Plan insurance, benefits and how it works

In this increasingly advanced modern era, people are increasingly aware of the importance of safeguarding and protecting health. The cost of healing someone who is sick is arguably unpredictable. Not infrequently the cost they spend there is to drain some of the wealth/property they have.

To anticipate these high and unpredictable health costs, one of the ways that you can use is to follow a health insurance program. In general, health insurance programs protect and provide certain benefits to the customer when he or she is sick, accident or in need of other medical services.

There are two most common types of health insurance programs:
  • Daily Care Benefit (Hospital income/Hospital Cash Plan)
  • Medical expenses Compensation (hospital benefit)

And you need to know that the health insurance products presented by each company are different. Here are the reviews of both products:

Hospital type Cash Plan Insurance

asuransi hospital cash plan
The insurance Hospital Cash Plan is one of the derivative products of health insurance that will be very useful for the perfection of family health insurance. In general, health insurance will cover all components of costs in the hospital for the insured party. This special Hospital Cash Plan only covers the total cost of inpatient daily or for every doctor's action.

For example, suppose a patient with the name Ari is sick and should be treated for 6 days. Previously, Ari had paid the Hospital Cash Plan insurance premiums with a contract of compensation agreement of RP1 million/day for inpatient expenses. This means, Ari will get RP6 million as the benefit of the Cash Plan Hospital.

Regardless of the cost of Ari hospitalizations, whether the cost is larger or smaller, the insurance company will charge RP6 million during the sick 6 days. In other words if the money is left, then it will not hurt if you want to use it for anything else.

Insurance companies will not be afraid of experiencing losses because the average cost in the hospital has been calculated with maturity. Inflation costs every year, which is usually 20% of the price of the year has also been considered.

Hospital Cash Plan Insurance work

cara kerja hospital cash plan
The way this Hospital Cash Plan Works is relatively simple, as the removal system uses a reimbursement system. The reimbursement system requires us to make a payment in advance in the hospital. Once that is done, a copy of the medical fee receipts we submit to the insurer to do the reimbursement process of disbursement of funds.

The funds to be received from this Cash Plan Hospital will be very useful to reduce the burden during hospitalization.  The good news is that although the fees are already covered by the Cash Plan Hospital, you are still allowed to claim to other insurance companies such as BPJS. Because as discussed earlier, Hospital Cash Plan only needs a photocopy of receipts for disbursement.

Insurance Benefits of type Hospital Cash Plan

If you are judging by the characteristics of the Hospital Cash Plan described above, you will already know some of the benefits you can get. Here are some summaries of the Hospital Cash Plan benefits:
  • This health insurance is suitable for the health insurance that you already have, can use the Hospital Cash Plan in case of the lack of ceiling health costs from the office.
  • If you are already a participant of BPJS or have health insurance with the type of hospital benefit, then you can use additional funds from the cash plan to complete the cost.
  • Cash Plan health insurance can be used as a kind of income that decreases due to hospital maintenance costs. This insurance is certainly suitable for those who are traders, entrepreneurs, or professionals.
  • This insurance will still be provided even if it is already paid by other insurance, because this insurance only requires a photocopy of medical fee receipts.
  • The amount of sum insured according to the selected program is still paid even if the cost under the sum insured

Tips for choosing a Cash Plan Hospital type Insurance

There are a few things we need to take note of before buying a health insurance product with this type of Hospital Cash Plan. Here are some things to note:

1. Adapt to needs

Health insurance with cash plan system is only suitable for use as secondary insurance. First calculate how much your needs are before buying it, for example the cost inflation of the hospital makes your inpatient stay up to RP2 million per day. While you have health insurance that only provide hospitalization benefits of RP1 million/day. That way, you can buy a cash plan with a compensation of RP1 million per day.

2. Adjust to the large budget

The maximum ideal insurance fee will take 10% of the income. If it exceeds that, then it will be feared to disrupt our financial cash flow. Therefore, besides the need factor, you should also adjust it to the budget capability. Currently we can find a wide range of cash plan products with micro Premium.

But, of course the benefits are also relatively small. Requirements for insurance type program is also very easy. The target of microinsurance marketing is the community under the people who are not yet familiar with insurance products.

3. Choose the product with the simplest claim process

Most of the health insurance with this cash plan system provides benefits to its customers using a reimbursement scheme. The scheme in question is that the customer must withdraw the funds in advance to pay the hospital fee. Then they will get a replacement fund from the insurance company.

So, it is a king to do an insurance track record with an easy claims system. Generally, the process requires a maximum of 14 working days. If you want an easy claim system, then choose a reputable insurance company. Also, make sure that you choose insurance according to the benefits purchased.

Benefits that ordinary health insurance doesn't have

Usually, health insurance will only provide benefits for inpatient expenses caused by the risk of illness. Health insurance will not be willing to bear a fee if you are treated ill by accident. What you need to remember, the insurance customer will be better if you want to read the policy and consult first before buying insurance to avoid any dispute later on.

Home insurance: What is it, and how does it work?

Most people will assume that the home is a huge asset and achievement in their lives, it is certainly very natural, considering that the house is obtained with a very long process and hard work over a long period of time.

By looking at the facts above, it is reasonable that you will always want all the best care and protection for your home. This will prevent you from experiencing a certain amount of risk of loss that can come at any time, because basically nobody of you can predict when the calamity will come. For that, you need a protection from the beginning, namely by using home insurance.

Home Insurance and benefits

Image result for home insurance
Although not as famous as life insurance and health insurance, home insurance has also been well-known and widely used by Indonesian people. This is because the high public awareness of the risks of loss and natural disasters can occur at any time.

Home insurance is an insurance that provides protection against the onset of fire, theft, or damage caused by natural disasters.

By having home insurance, then all forms of risk of loss arising from various mentioned above, will be borne by the insurance company. That way, you can be calm and comfortable because your assets have the utmost protection that will keep you from worrying and even frightened of those things.

Imagine, what happens when a fire disaster strikes your home and spends the entire building and assets in it at once? This incident will certainly be very scary, isn't it?  Considering that home is a high value asset and has a historical value for you and your family, you will be emotionally hit by the event. So what about the improvement?

If you do not have insurance, then any loss arising from such incident will be your own responsibility. It's easy if you have enough funds, but what if you don't have the funds for it? So it is certain that you and your family will be stuck and have financial difficulties, disruption in handling the work that brings a fixed income every month, it is difficult to return to the initial position or condition.

Never as a result of home insurance issues, the protection is enormous and has very important benefits for you and your family. Not only big damage, but other minor improvements due to natural disasters will also be covered by it.

Types of Home Insurance

When you talk about protection, then it is reasonably possible that you will always want the best protection you can get. This of course you do with the goal of minimised the risk of loss that may be incurred at any time in the future. Based on the services provided, home insurance can be distinguished into two types, namely:
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1. Property All Risk/Industrial All Risk

This is a type of fire insurance that is unnamed perils, namely to provide assurance against all the risks that occur in the property and or also insured interests, except the risks stated in the exceptions, namely: War, terrorism, nuclear and radioactive; Delays, loss of market share or business interruption; Deliberate, employee dishonesty: mechanical and boiler damage; Wear, corrosion, nature of the goods themselves; pollution or contamination.

Warranties provided by Property All Risks (PAR) insurance services, including:
  • Guarantees for riots, strikes, evil deeds and Hurtnutrients.
  • Guarantees for hurricanes, storms, floods and water damage.
  • Guarantees for earthquakes, volcanic eruptions and tsunamis.
  • Guarantees for landslides and land movements.
Essentially, property All Risk (PAR) insurance is only applicable to non-industrial buildings, such as: offices, residential houses, hospitals, schools and other property buildings. As for the industrial building, such as: factories, warehouses, malls and shops, will be used insurance type Industrial All Risk (IAR)

2. Indonesian Fire Insurance Standard Policy (PSAKI)

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This insurance is a standard policy issued by the Indonesian General Insurance Association (AAUI) as a form of fire insurance service. The benefit of this property's insurance product is to provide protection to the property and/or the interests of also insured that are directly caused by: fire, lightning, explosion, the fall of airplanes (aircraft), and smoke (smoke).

However, in addition to the key benefits listed in the PSAKI, fire insurance may be expanded with guarantees of other risks not guaranteed in PSAKI, such as:
  • Riots, strikes, damage due to evil deeds, Huru Hara.
  • Floods, hurricanes, hurricanes and water damage.
  • Landslides.
  • Insurance.
  • Business interuption (loss of profit)

How Home Insurance works

Before deciding to buy a product, then you always want to know about the pattern or the workway of the product. Thus, you will not be disappointed or even feel harmed by the occurrence of purchases made. This will also happen in home insurance, you want to know clearly the benefits and workways applied by the insurance company in the product you are about to purchase.

Example: You have a house with a building area of 100 square meters, with a house coverage value of Rp 400.000.000,-.

The sum insured will be obtained by calculating the amount of funds that will be needed to build a 100-metre house at this time. If the fund is currently needed RP4 million to build each one square meter, then for a house of 100 square meters will be required funds amounting to Rp 400.000.000,-.

However, in addition to the physical building of the house, you can also insure the assets contained in the House. For example, the value of assets you have is Rp 100 million,-, the total value of your coverage is Rp 500.000.000,-

After obtaining the insured value, you can multiply the value by a unit of Permil, so that you finally find the annual premium value that you are required to pay, namely Rp750,000. This number is certainly very far compared to the value of coverage that you will get, right?

Tips for choosing home Insurance

Nowadays there are many insurance companies that provide home insurance services, so you have a lot of options. However, given the importance of the protection you will get from a home insurance service, it is reasonably well to consider this very mature. Here are the tips for choosing a home insurance that you can make consideration for:

1. Choose the best insurance Company

The main thing that you must consider is to choose a best insurance company, this you can do by searching for adequate information from the Internet or by going directly to the insurance company that is in your standard.

Find an insurance company that has a good credibility and reputation, it will be the guarantee of the services you will get from them. Use only a trusted insurance company that can meet your needs for qualified insurance services.

2. Use the right policy

Make sure you know well, fill in the overall insurance policy you will buy and use. This will prevent you from risking losses as well as problems that occur as a result of a police interpretation error from the beginning. If it turns out that you are having trouble learning the contents of the policy, then it's good to ask an expert or an insurance broker. 

3. Choose adequate coverage

In purchasing an insurance policy, make sure the amount of premiums you pay has fulfilled adequate protection coverage, so that you can avoid the risk of getting a low coverage value. Calculate and carefully consider each component of coverage that you will get, so you can get the most out of your insurance purchases.

Insure Your home now                                                           

As a high-value asset, it is reasonably well equipped with insurance coverage. Do not weigh the weight to pay a premium in the home insurance you buy, it will be directly proportional to the protection benefits you will get.

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Health insurance for parents aged 70 years

The addition of age is inevitable and will happen to everyone. As time goes by and age, a person's health condition will tend to decline. Various physical limitations begin to be demonstrated by people who have an old age. All possibilities related to health risks can occur in the elderly, which used to be fresh, the more age is increasingly susceptible to disease.  

Old age can start since the retirement period, starting from 55 years and above. Unfortunately not many parents are aware if they face the risk of threats to various diseases. As the age of Twilight should be a healthy lifestyle should be more stringent and health insurance protection must be owned. If not, in the end, the child will struggle to seek treatment costs for his parents if sick.

The economic conditions of the community that fit in making health insurance products are less popular for elderly people especially outside the big city. It has become an old culture that exists in the various corners of the earth. Although some Parties have begun to realize the importance of protecting themselves, but the fact that the amount of use of health insurance is still minimal.

Insurance product for the elderly (human age)
The twilight age turned out to have its own appeal for insurance companies. Some insurance companies make special products for these seniors. Through this product, it is expected that the parents are more awake and assured of their health so there is no need to worry when having to pay for treatment in the hospital at an exorbitant price when sick.

The insurance company providing opportunities for seniors provides two of the following different types of insurance:

  • Stand-alone health insurance or pure health insurance such as Allianz insurance products, AXA Insurance (General), Cigna and Sinar Mas,  
  • Life Insurance Link Unit with additional benefits (rider) in the form of health protection such as only Manulife (MVP – Manulife Value Protector)

If you feel more in need of insurance that provides additional insurance to be lighter in paying inpatient, then you can choose the Unit link insurance and then ask for additional insurance to the insurance. The benefits of health protection that is owned by the link unit is quite assured with the various facilities in it. In addition, health protection in hospitals with a link unit also has a longer age restriction compared to a pure health unit or without a link unit.

Some provisions applicable to the insurance product are as follows:
  • Hospital Health protection in unit links has a longer age condition than pure health insurance.
  • The entry age on the maximum pure health insurance is 65 years old, while on the unit link insurance can be up to 70 years.
  • Insurance coverage can be extended to a certain age limit, for pure health insurance up to 70 years, while the link unit is up to 79 years.

Health insurance Link Unit for age 65 and above benefits

The age restriction of insurance in pure health insurance is 65 years, while the age restriction if there is a unit-link is 70 years. In addition, as insurance customers can also extend up to the age limit that has been provided by the insurance company. If the pure health insurance has a limit of up to 70 years while the link unit has a limit of up to 80 years.

Based on this, it will be more profitable if for parents have insurance with second type of supplementary insurance with link unit. But everything is back into every need of an existing seniors. If it is not necessary to feel hospitalized in the coming days, the elderly can choose the type of pure health insurance.

But if the elderly do feel he needs intensive treatment in the hospital and want to watch the next day, it would be better if the elderly choose additional health insurance with this link unit.

Insurance Unit Link with additional benefits (Rider) Health protection
Asuransi Unit Link

According to data extracted from Manulife Value Protector, there is Advance Hospital Benefit Plus. This insurance provides additional assistance in hospitalisation payments made by customers. But again, if the customer does not buy unit-linkthen This can not be given. In addition, protection will be provided only for one person and family with family members of father, mother and two children. Although the number of children is more than two, the premiums paid by the customer can only be valid for 4 persons in the family.

Another benefit of this type of health insurance is that despite having several different diseases with the needs of hospitalization, the insurance will bear each of the diseases. So there is no need to worry about having more than one disease. Insurance has regulations if in the conduct of hospitalisation with the same disease under the vulnerable time of 90 days, then the insurance will not reimburse the financing. But if it exceeds 90 days then the insurance will replace it.

Health insurance based on type of facility provided and conditions of claim (Pre-Existing condition and elimination period)
berbagai fasilitas asuransi kesehatan

Health insurance has 2 different facilities, namely:

  • The first type of customer is to show the insurance card and ID card, this can be done for the hospital that has a connection with the insurance. This first type is called a cashless.
  • The second type is double claim, which need to be done is to show the receipt of the payment that has been legalised.
Based on all the data already obtained, there are rules that the policyholders need to understand first. These rules are:

  • If the policyholders experience a pre-existing disease within 24 months, the insurer will not reimburse the matter. But if it has been more than 24 months then it can be returned by the insurance. To prove if the customer is the natural right or not, then the insurer will do a variety related to the report given. It is called Pre Existing condition.
  • Claims that can be disbursed by the insurer are claims from customers who have become policyholders more than 2 months only (60 days). If you experience any illness other than the accident, the insurance cannot be accepted by the insurer. It is known as the elimination period term
In addition to health insurance, the elderly people are also not less important to be included life insurance programs. Here is an illustration of the benefits that can be obtained.

Life insurance importance illustration for parents

The benefit of life insurance for parents is that if the parents have no, the insurance can be disbursed and given to the person who is made an inherited holder by the parents. So the amount of money deposited into the insurance is not wasted, but it can be utilized by registered heritage holders. Usually parents will choose the child to be the recipient of his inheritance.

Illustrations of life insurance benefits for parents are as follows:

For example, parents have insurance that will be paid RP2 million each month, so if in 10 years will get a premium accumulation that can also be a deposit of Rp240 million. As parents, having protection such as life insurance is very helpful for medical expenses. If as a parent has prepared everything well, it will usually be passed down to the child and the child will follow in the footsteps of his parents in the planning of old age.

Actually, with this insurance system is precisely more pressing to save with the enterprising. Usually people are somewhat difficult to save when already seen the need of stacking. But by having insurance, then someone will put insurance into the list of monthly expenditures. This will make the savings continue to run. Although in insurance will not get a certain interest as it is in the bank in general.

If the parent dies before the insurance payment plan is fulfilled for 10 years for example and the premium paid has not reached Rp240 million, then the insurer will pay to the holder of the approved inheritance. The insurance is harmed if this happens, but it is closed from the number of clients that they have which of course do not experience the same conditions. So in general, the insurance will not be lost because of the turnover of money.

Prepare from now

While still young, do not hurt if you start preparing yourself for the old days later. As a good child, you can also start preparing your parents ' condition well as one of the best forms of parental care. Purchasing insurance for parents can make you better prepared in the face of risk if the elderly are experiencing illness and have to pay in large quantities. There are many types of insurance options that you can take according to the illustration of the product above.

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Protect your assets with home insurance

For most people, the home is the most important asset in living life. Not only the price of the building is expensive, but also the land and various furniture in it. Nevertheless, ironically, there are still a lot of people who don't care much about their home insurance. Can you guarantee your home can last forever? There was an unexpected incident that could have happened for example, fire, flood, theft, until the fall of the airplane.

For that reason, you need to consider having insurance. You should not only be stuck to the insurance when the house is being recredited. However, you also need to continue insurance after paying off your home. This is what often escapes the concern of people on their own assets. This is due to knowledge of home insurance is not yet popular in society. There are still many people who think that home insurance is a waste of things. In addition, there is also the assumption that the insurance company only eyeing the premium and in the end will not endure if anything happens.

Insuring the house means transferring all risks and financial burden to the insurer. Of course, losing a home is just about losing the most valuable asset if no one bears the cost of its improvement. For that, list your home to be insured. However, in the past, you need to learn what the insurance company is covered for and what steps you need to take to get started.

What is covered by home insurance?

Image result for ASURANSI RUMAH

Home insurance protects you by giving you compensation, as a home owner. The compensation is in the form of, total improvement and rebuilding, in case of problems with your home. For basic home insurance tailored to the Indonesian Fire insurance standard policy covers all common risks, such as fire, lightning, explosion, smoke, and the downfall of airplanes. Of course, you can extend your policy or add underwriting to adapt to your consideration and concerns. You can add home damage from riot or riots, landslides, floods, or theft.

Nevertheless, insurance companies do not usually protect them all. There are some exceptions to home damage that are not guaranteed, such as war or accidental damage by property owners. In addition, judging from the shape of the building, usually insurance companies also do not accept buildings in the form of wood or traditional houses to be insured. What should I do?

Research and learn the ins and outs of your home

First, do some research and learn the ins and outs of your home. It relates to the amount of insurance you need. Not funny if your house is on a plateau, but you register insurance for Benjir. For that, you need to learn and find out. You need to know how much accountability you want in detail.

Find out what your home valuation value is in the market

Image result for ASURANSI RUMAH

Then, you need to know how much your home valuation value is in the market. For example, if there is a disaster and your home needs to be rebuilt, you need to know how much it will cost to get it done. Not only the building, but you also need to take into account the furniture that is in the house. To help you, use home contractor services. It will evaluate and perform calculations.

Take advantage of your insurance policy. Usually, the insurance policy gives a big discount when you buy multiple policies at once. In addition, you can also get discounts by increasing the number of dependents (deductibles). So you pay expenses after that the insurance company will take care of the rest.

The credibility of your chosen insurance company

For its own insurance company, you need to find out if the company is credible and able to bear all the costs that exist. Usually, large and famous companies you can trust. To be able to convince yourself, ask for references from relatives or relatives.

Learn with the details of the written agreement

When you get a written agreement, please read it well and learn to detail. Any kind of damage that happens to your home is in your hands. If you expire to master the content of a written agreement, your claim may not be granted.

Make early protection for your home

Remember how important a place is to live for everyone. It is fitting that you do early protection from your home, through home insurance. Home insurance can not only provide physical protection, but also non-physical or financial. Lastly do and choose wisely insurance for your home to detail. Any kind of damage that happens to your home is in your hands. If you expire to master the content of a written agreement, your claim may not be granted.

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Why does insurance make the future brighter? Here's why

Theoretically, the risk in human-facing life cannot be eliminated, only to be minimized. The risk of living both in the health and mental side all lead to a threat of reducing or even eliminating one's financial ability.

Some people realize the need to have financial guarantees and buy insurance for suffice. But there are also some others who do not realize how necessary and important insurance.

There are many logical reasons that explain why life and health insurance matters. One of them is a picture of the risks and real conditions we face below that we realize the importance of having life insurance and health:
  1. Unexpected coming of disaster
  2. Health costs continue to increase
  3. Death is a definite thing

And the last is we are all sure to be old and when old age comes our ability to seek income or work will decline as we age. There is a time later that we are no longer able to work and earn income. That is where we need a financial guarantee so as not to be a burden next generation.

After looking at the above conditions, you should think that having insurance is not important and paying insurance premiums like ' throwing money ', because the benefits are not immediately felt. This is the reversed mindset that we should align. While we do not "get the benefit" Alias never claims to be where we get the greatest grace that we should be grateful for, and in the moment as if the insurance still work protects us from risk with various benefits such as reviews Following:

This is the benefit of insurance for a more prosperous future

For the life of modern society laden with activity and high mobility, insurance is no longer a tertiary need or something "wah" anymore. The priority scale has moved to be the basic necessities like clothing and food. Because if there is risk in the condition we do not get protection then our ownership of the clothing, food and board can be threatened even then. Here are the important roles and benefits of insurance for the future that you can feel.

Therefore, for the convenience of living and designing the future, it is good to understand the benefits of insurance so that it can play an active role in utilizing insurance products to increase productivity in everyday life. Here are the benefits of insurance that you can get for the future later:

1. Insurance protects us from future problems

Insurance protects us from future problems
Insurance protects us from future problems
During the course of the insurance program, so long as you will get protection from the risk of both health and mental, meaning if you are experiencing pain or even death of the insurer who will finance your life or illness later, Agreed upon in the insurance policy.

Even why again some insurance products give protection for the future, for example you participated in life insurance program (whole life insurance), then the participants of the insurance program will get insurance protection during life Insurance participants. Such conditions are very beneficial for the participants and their families who make life more comfortable so that the productivity of work is also rising rapidly.

If you do not have insurance, just imagine that you are sick and the financial situation is unstable, then how to pay the hospital fee? If you buy health insurance, then the problem will not come to you.

2. Insurance helps us manage finances

Insurance helps us manage finances
Insurance helps us manage finances
Joining the insurance program teaches us to discipline in managing financial, one of them with the discipline of setting aside money to pay a premium that will be billed monthly.

Originally it would feel heavy, but long will be accustomed. One of the benefits gained is that if a moment of risk occurs upon us as the insured, and requires great money, of course the insurance will be helpful to reduce that unexpected expenditure.

The benefits of insurance for the future are rarely thought of by many people imagine if you don't have insurance coverage for your finances. How much loss should be faced?

3. Insurance can be used as savings and investments

Insurance can be used as savings and investments
Insurance can be used as savings and investments
Currently, insurance products have developed to meet the needs of people who want to get protection and investment. This product is called a link unit that has the protection feature as well as a media of savings and investments, which provides a very interesting return for those of you who do not bother to take a separate product.

Try you imagine if during this premium that you paid as "money lost" for protection costs, but with the product of this link unit then the premium can provide an attractive return on investment returns. Of course these are the benefits of insurance for the future that you can feel. You are unaware of how much you have accumulated from monthly premium installments in order to finance the future.

4. Minimizes losses

Minimizes losses
Minimizes losses
The characteristic of calamity is unexpected time, cost or damage caused often we are not able to bear it ourselves. An example is a work accident on you. One of the benefits of insurance for this future is to minimize the loss of an unwanted accident.

Participants of the insurance program will be comfortable in the daily activities with the presence of insurance that can be used as a guarantee of protection for the future.

If your insurance goals and needs are the same, why still delay joining the insurance Program?

If viewed reviews are actually an insurance goal and everyone needs something in common. The most fundamental objective of an insurance company is to help to overcome the problem that is being experienced. The problem here is more prone to calamity, which has a distinctive characteristic of sudden losses that can not be dealt with themselves, so that when the disaster comes, all can be addressed by the insurance.

Here's the 7 right ways to easily understand the insurance policy

Reading is one of those fun activities for some. Light readings, such as short stories, novels, articles and so on are separate entertainments to simply fill your spare time or drive tired. But what about heavy readings such as insurance policies?

Can you understand it directly with a single read? Some people, it may certainly not easily understand the insurance policy and tend to surrender. In a condition, you are required to understand the insurance policy properly.

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Well, here are 7 easy steps to understand the insurance policy.

1. Read First

Read First
Read First
A bad habit often done by people is to accept the insurance product without understanding the insured policy first. Many people feel sufficient only by knowing the benefits, claims procedures and the amount of premiums from the insurance product. Insurance books do tend to be thick, written in small-sized letters and use a complicated legal language so it is not uncommon for a client to read it.

However, it should not be a reason not to read the insurance policy that contains further explanation regarding the insurance product purchased. This is to avoid if one day you feel cheated and complicated by the insurance product of choice.

The contents of the insurance Policybook usually include information and agreements made by insurance companies and policyholders who are usually one-party agreements. This is because every item of the agreement has been made by the insurance company unilaterally.

2. Must observe the insurance policy overview

Must observe the insurance policy overview
Must observe the insurance policy overview
The most important thing that should not be ignored when the insurance policy has been accepted is an overview or statement sheet of 3 – 5 sheets even more, which content is the insured data, policyholder data, sum assured, scope of guarantee, period Insurance, surcharges, premiums, and so forth.
The policy summary contains the data derived from the insurance application letter that has been filled by the customer. You should check the insurance policy carefully as there may be data in the policy summary that does not match the data provided and the offer received.

3. Understand also insurance policy glossary

Understand also insurance policy glossary
Understand also insurance policy glossary
Most of the policies include a glossary page containing definitions of insurance terms contained in the policy. The existence of glossaries to facilitate customers in understanding the functions and terms of insurance that may be difficult to understand. If there are any unclear things, the company's insurance providers generally provide customer service that can assist the customers.

4. Notice the exclusion context in the insurance policy

Notice the exclusion context in the insurance policy
Notice the exclusion context in the insurance policy
Each policy has a list of things outside your plan of protection. It is referred to as an exception. For example accident events because of something that is not a liability such as extreme sports, suicide or if you hurt yourself or violate the legal provisions.

However, in the market now began to circulate several insurance companies that competed in reducing the exclusion context.

5. Make use of the insurance policy grace period

Make use of the insurance policy grace period
Make use of the insurance policy grace period
If there is a data mismatch or offer in the overview section of the policy, then we can use the time (about 7 to 14 days from the date of policy) as the right to learn about the policy or cooling-off period. The things related to Cooling Off Period are also available in the policy. During this time period, the customer may cancel the policy without a dime penalty and the deposited money can be refunded in its entirety.

If the change or cancellation of the insurance policy occurs after the cooling-off period is complete, then accept the consequences as stated in the clause on the insurance policy, including fines for cancellation fees. Therefore, make sure during this time period, the policy is already in hand.

6. Check the insurance policy terms

Check the insurance policy terms
Check the insurance policy terms
Consider each of the rules in the policy, including the requirements for protection to customers. Is the condition now the same as the insurance policy rules purchased? Is completeness of details of personal data already fulfilled? Is all data replenishment correct and accountable?

It aims as a form of statement that we are indeed living under certain health conditions in accordance with the existing in the policy.

This is important because it is one of the defining success in claiming the benefits of the insured. Do not because there are different data with the provisions of your policy or the beneficiaries become an obstacle in claiming the benefits of insurance.

7. Insurance policy is Final and binding

Insurance policy is Final and binding
Insurance policy is Final and binding
In order to avoid mistakes regarding provisions in the insurance policy, especially in the scope of coverage, insurance coverage, additional facilities, insurance period and discounted fees, this should be discussed first with the staff of insurance marketers Before the further insurance process. Try asking the latest policy examples, learn and discuss about the hard-to-understand terms, then try to compare with the information found over the Internet. Then adapt it to the purpose of insurance.

The insurance policy is final and binding, so the protection in the policy must be ensured as required. In fact it can also be designed by ourselves. For more details, have a copy of the insurance policy in order to be studied at home.

If you need to discuss further with the insurer on any points in the insurance policy. The more understanding, the more precise you are in determining the course of insurance ahead.

Understand insurance policy to avoid financial losses

It is not easy to understand the contents of insurance policy. However, we must strive to understand each of its contents well. This is to avoid any kind of losses that could possibly happen due to our incomprehension on the contents of the insurance policy. Through the steps outlined above, hopefully you can easily understand the contents of the insurance policy before buying it.