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Vehicle Insurance Definition And Explanation

Vehicle Insurance Definition And Explanation - Vehicle insurance is one type of insurance that is experiencing rapid development in Indonesia. This happens because because Indonesia's awareness of the importance of giving protection from possible risks that will occur in the future. In addition, the experience of year 1998 is one of the things that is able to provide a warning of the importance of insuring cars.


Own vehicle insurance term is actually not a term that is foreign again most of Indonesia society. However, not all people understand what and how is the insurance of the vehicle.

And on this occasion, in the Indonesia insurance Blog will write about understanding or definition along with the vehicle and insurance. What is vehicle insurance?

Vehicle insurance is 
Insurance surety upon a risk will happen in the future with a special object of motor vehicles according the contract agreement that already agreed between policyholders with an insurance company.

From an understanding of the insurance of the vehicle above, clearly states that "the object is either a motor vehicle". So in this type of insurance, there is a transfer of risk for losses which may be incurred or caused by objects in the form of motor vehicle policyholders to the company insurance vehicle insurance products.

In terms of vehicle insurance, which is a motor vehicle is a car or motorcycle can be. From this, then in Indonesia also know car insurance and motor insurance.

In everyday life, everything can happen. And the incident could have been going to cause harm to that experience. For example, have a car, does not cover possible will also suffer losses from the car. For that, there is no harm if as car owners turn their risk to the insurance company with the following types of vehicle insurance.

To participate in the insurance of the vehicle, the insurance company must choose a good and proper. The financial consideration for the service (Service), and the costs must be considered as well. In addition to that, consideration of the needs of what kind of protection is also an important thing that cannot be abandoned.

This Type Of Insurance In Indonesia, What?

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The Best Life Insurance Provider Company in Indonesia

Until now there are many insurance companies operating in Indonesia. From year to year the number continues to grow. Of the many insurance companies, it is certainly not an easy matter to choose which is the best life insurance company in Indonesia .

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The Best Life Insurance Company in Indonesia
But take it easy, this time we have a list. 10 companies that deserve the title of the best life insurance provider in Indonesia.

At least to determine which of the best has been used as many as 14 criteria. The 14 criteria include asset growth, net income, and risk based capital.

1. AIA Financial
First place as the best of the best is PT AIA Financial. This insurance company is one of the leading insurance companies in Indonesia.

Before being named AIA Financial, this company was formerly called PT AIG Life. Until finally in 2009 the name changed. Well this company is under the auspices of the AIA Group.

2. Allianz
Allianz is an insurance company popular in Indonesia. Understandably, they did a lot of promotions, especially on television media. So that it is not wrong if Allianz is now in the top ranks of life insurance in Indonesia.

This company has been around since 1981. But it wasn't until 1996 that they started an insurance business. This company is also included in the best top health insurance companies.

3. AXA Mandiri
AXA Mandiri is also included in the ranks of the best life insurance companies. this company is part of AXA Group which is nothing but the largest insurance and asset management company in the world. It's natural to see the management.

AXA Group's total employees reach 166 thousand people, the number of customers is up to 104 million in more than 64 countries. Even great, AXA has been recognized as the number one insurance provider in the world by Interbrand for eight consecutive years, from 2009 to 2016.

4. Cigna
Still with the description of the best life insurance predictor in Indonesia, this time there is the name Cigna . Companies that are children of Cigna Corporation have good service.

Cigna Corporation is one of the companies that holds the title of the company with the largest health services in the United States.

When viewed from its achievements, Cigna Indonesia managed to obtain a solvability ratio, or RBC (Risk Based Capital) up to 637 percent. This figure is far more than what is regulated in the government which is only 120 percent. Cigna itself has operated in more than 30 countries, with a total customer reaching 95 million people.

5. FWD
Next is PT FWD Life Indonesia, which is the insurance subsidiary of the FWD Group. Now please note, FWD Group itself is a company that has been operating in Hong Kong and Macau, Singapore, Vietnam, Thailand, the Philippines, and Japan.

The attraction of FWD lies in offering products that are easily understood by new consumers. They are also supported by leading digital technology.

6. Generali
The next best life insurance company in Indonesia is Generali, which is also a well-known insurance company in the world. Generali Indonesia is part of the Generali Group company, from Italy.

Generali Group is the largest insurance company in Europe there. You need to know, this company has been supported by more than 11,000 marketing agents. The affairs of agent offices throughout Indonesia are almost all there.

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The insurance system in the United States

The insurance system in the United States - The poor and the elderly who are not affordable health care through insurance companies in the US.

The Obama Government wants the health service can be uneven. Not only to their particular social class alone.

With the patient Protection ACT on shelter and Affordable Care in the U.S., on January 1, 2011 President Obama establish a system for health program in the US, are as follows:

-Provide subsidies to companies that small-scale

in the United States.

Compulsory insurance companies use 80-85% premium health

received for health services in the US.

-The insurance company is obligated to explain the increase in the insurance premium


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Health reform is done the US Government in addressing health problems and insurance in the U.S. really help the poor and the elderly in the United States.

Although this is very helpful to U.S. society, but very necessary reviewed because there are still many left the deficiencies must be addressed as quickly as possible, so that the public can really enjoy health care from the Government to the maximum .

The purpose of
1. The poor and the elderly can enjoy

health facilities provided by the U.S. Government.

2. The community is free to choose appropriate health insurance


A shortage of
As for the purpose of determination of the health system in the above are:

1. for small-scale companies in the U.S. can provide insurance

health care to employees.

2. In order for an insurance company in the U.S. do not distinguish between U.S. communities

based on social stratification (rich-poor) in providing service

health. Because, the poor and the elderly is also a community

The US who have the right of receiving the service.

3. Insurance companies that raise excessive premium will be penalized

by the exchange of Government-run health insurance.

U.s. Census Bureau (The US Censuss Beureau) noted that in the year 2009 there were 50.7 million people or approximately 16.7% of U.S. society that is not touched by the INSURANCE program. This is caused by the impartiality of the insurance company to them. Most of them are poor and elderly.

In 2011, the U.S. Government under the leadership of President Barack Obama made a reform in the field of health namely by holding the control of health problems and insurance.

This reform was done so that the basic needs of the U.S. society will care, access, fairness, efficiency, cost, quality, value and choice of better health.

The insurance system in the United States
The poor and the elderly can affordable health services to the maximum.

Although it has established a system of regulating insurance and health issues in the U.S., however this still leaves a number of disadvantages, including:

The US Government is less considered less able to regulate insurance issue, this led to many of US who use insurance society burdened costs are quite high.

Still minimal medium circles down public access in obtaining health services primarily for the insurance program.

Community health services tend to choose overseas because health costs are relatively expensive.

Participants of the insurance in the United States more and more

At semester I/2018 United States record 28.5 million people who don't have insurance. The figure was far less than 20.1 million by 2010.

Quoted from Reuters, Data Center monitoring and Pencegaha Disease (Centers for Disease Control and Prevention) pemeriontah federal States adults aged 18--64 years or about 7 out of 10 residents have health insured in the first I/2018. About 4% or 8 million people have private health insurance that is owned by the Health Insurance Marketplace.

The same data shows the percentage of the public who do not have health insurance declined from 18.4% in 2013 be 9.1% in the semester I/2018.

The State encouraged the Medicaid managed to record the percentage of the public who are not insured amounting to 9.1%, while the State does not encourage such insurance reached 18.1%.

Medicaid is a health insurance program for low-income communities. Medicaid is funded partly by the Government and by the State.

In the medium-term general election 2018, Idaho, Nebraska, and Utah chose to continue the expansion of Medicaid, joined the 33 States that have previously done so. In Montana, voters rejected measures that would introduce new taxes to continue funding the Medicaid expansion is 2016 which will end in 2019.

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The difference between health insurance and life insurance

The difference between health insurance and life insurance - A loyal reader of this type of insurance there are a great many kinds, among others, namely life insurance and health insurance. However, many people who assumed both this type of insurance is insurance. In fact, life insurance and health insurance have a significant difference if seen from different sides.

In General, the notion of insurance is one form of risk control is carried out by means of redirecting/transfer of risk from one party to the other party in this case is insurance companies.

So, the insurance will hit the finance you should remove that makes You fear if there is a bad risk. But if you don't have insurance, you spend a lot of money is threatened when ill, affected, damaged vehicles, or in other conditions.

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Specifically regarding health insurance and life insurance, so you don't experience the error, here I explain about the difference of the two.

Health insurance bear the costs associated with impaired health (illness or accident). Health insurance would relieve a person in hospital, pay the cost of the medicine, the doctor, to the operation.

While life insurance will provide protection when a person died, i.e. in the form of a number of sum assured for his heir. Sum assured becomes a kind of substitute for a living than people who have none.

Another condition that allows life insurance sum assured in order to melt away when someone is no longer able to work because of the experience permanent disability or critical illness (a disease that takes a long time to recover).

There is also a type of life insurance that provides full benefits in the form of additional health insurance and other benefits. 


Health Insurance
Health insurance is divided into several types, among others, based on the Fund Manager and the type of replacement.

Fund Manager
There are health insurance from the Government-run social security governing body (BPJS) health. This insurance is compulsory for the entire community of Indonesia. There are certain groups that are free of the burden of premium payments, but there is also the need to keep paying the premiums in accordance with.

Furthermore, there are health insurance from private parties, i.e. the insurance offered by the various insurance companies.

How the replacement of
In terms of the way the replacement term, there is a cashless and reimbursements. For cashless way, simply by showing a membership card to the hospital insurance, then the insurance will directly bear the costs.

While by way of reimbursement, customer must pay the cost of health care with private funds in advance. After that, the client can perform claim and will get reimbursement from insurers.

Life insurance
Life insurance types as follows:

Futures life insurance (term life insurance) that provide protection in a given period. The premiums are fixed and cheap.

Whole life insurance or (whole life insurance) that provides lifetime protection, usually limited to 99 years of age.

Life insurance dwiguna (endowment) that has two benefits, namely futures and insurance savings.
Unitlink life insurance namely insurance products at one time investment. The benefits of this type of insurance such as life insurance and another generally plus the existence of benefits of investment products.


Health insurance
Astra AVA Healthy Life-Proteksiku
AVA Healthy Proteksiku insurance from Astra Life will bear the cost for hospitalization to surgery. Hospitalization is worth to Rp2 million per day, whereas the compensation worth up to bedan Rp10 million per surgery. The customer can also do double cover, i.e. the claim along with other insurance.  Affordable premiums i.e. start from IDR 185,000 per year.

Life insurance
Prudential-PRUlink assurance account
This insurance is a type of life insurance unitlink, combining insurance and investment products. Benefits if this insurance is registered will get compensation for death or disability total and fixed.

In addition, you can choose the appropriate type of investment risk profile. There are also facilities the withdrawal of the cash value of a part. And, there is an additional insurance products such as hospitalization, as well as accidents. That way, you'll feel the benefits of life insurance, health insurance, as well as investment in a single product.

This insurance provides protection until the age of 99 years. The minimum monthly contribution or premiums of $400,000, and the entry age for insured or participants was 1-70 years

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5 most expensive Cities in the U.S. For car insurance

5 most expensive Cities in the U.S. For car insurance - Car maintenance is very expensive if you're not careful. Periodic maintenance and examination of every year to keep your car stays lit and insured, have a car can easily spend your bank account and let your lack of cash. One of the main costs associated with owning a car is paying car insurance. Depending on where you live in the United States, car insurance can be a small fee or reduce the cost of your budget dramatically. Here are my five most expensive cities pass in America for car insurance.

Car Insurance

do you know the country or city where the cost of car insurance on applying a cost so high? Yes the answer is in Detroit, the United States (us).
Detroit is a city in the State of Michigan United States that apply the cost of insurance for the car at a great price.
You just imagine, for region Detroit 48227 code will cost US car insurance $5,109 or equivalent to Rp 64 millions each year.
The cost of 130 percent above an average city that exists in other countries. Usually a few cities in the United States (us) or other countries only apply insurance costs per year for vehicles of US $2,226 or equivalent to Rp 28 millions.

Philadelphia, Pa is another city affected by the high cost of automobile insurance. Coming behind Detroit, the City of Brotherly Love is not feeling the love in relation to the cost of the premiums are high. In 2011, the average cost of car insurance policy $4,076 drivers, according to Runzheimer International. The cost is not as high as the average premium astronomy $5,941 of Detroit, but much higher than the estimated national average of $1.199 reported HomeInsurance.com for the month of January 2011. Because of Philadelphia's streets are crowded and the high number of vehicle, insurance rates continue. ride.

New Orleans 
else in the U.S., which definitely gets the short end of the stick when it should be saving on car insurance is New Orleans, La The Big Easy has one of the most expensive car insurance premiums in the U.S., according to a study of Runzheimer International that was done in the year 2011, New Orleans had a level of car insurance premiums an average of $3,599 in the year 2011. Premium New Orleans high not because of excessive population density, but due to the decision of the Court. In Louisiana, only claims that numbered more than $50,000 who actually gets to jury cases. Claims less than the benchmark settled out of court. MiamiMiami, Fla. was the other U.s. city can not escape from the car insurance premium rate is high. Runzheimer International study conducted in the year 2011 marks the average car insurance premium in Miami of $3.388. Because of the no-car insurance rules of fault in the city and the entry of false claims, Miami has experienced a significant premium increases in recent years.

 NJ But certainly not the least, Newark, NJ has one of the highest auto insurance premiums in the U.S. city has car insurance premiums an average of $2,867. Newark residents certainly has considerable costs to keep their vehicles insured. Similar to Miami and Detroit, New Jersey has insurance regulation without error, and the cost has increased as a result.

LineCar Line insurance premiums vary depending on where you live. Countries that have laws no-fault and higher populations tend to have car insurance premiums on average higher because the number of accidents and a higher collision occurs. The figures presented are based on a study, and it is possible to find cheaper car insurance. Many factors that apply when determining your car insurance rates, including driver security, zip code and your age. Shopping with caution when buying car insurance, and make sure you get the best available rate.

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5 the facts matter, understand car insurance number 3

https: img-o.okeinfo.net content 2018 12 14 320 1991328 5-fakta-fakta-soal-asuransi-mobil-pahami-nomor-3-V9siBR1ENJ.jpg

5 the facts matter, understand car insurance number 3 - Passions have four wheels cannot be avoided any longer, especially in urban areas. Combined motor vehicle Industry (Gaikindo) Indonesia confident car sales until the end of the year 2018 is able to penetrate the 1.1 million units. These conditions increase the amount of automated customer insurance car.

In retrospect, the benefits of car insurance can minimize the loss of car owners. For example, if an accident that causes damage to light or heavy. Certainly as a rider, you've continued to be cautious

This is what makes the importance of maximum protection that you can get from car insurance.

Alerts you of CekAja Sunday (16/12/2018), in order to better understand how car insurance as well as the ins and outs of its profits to watch the following facts:

1. There are two types of car insurance

Choice in car insurance there are two. All risk insurance and TLO (Total Loss Only). For all risk insurance, the company will pay claims for any kind of damage, ranging from light damage, heavily damaged, and lost.

There is also the extension of the guarantees cover All Risk insurance which covers damage due to flooding, damage due to trapped melee action, or loss of the vehicle.

While the TLO Insurance will only insure the risk of loss or damage to a vehicle with a minimum of 75 percent of damages so that the vehicle can not be used again.

Corporate party gives only the replacement of the repair costs if found severe damage, but no way to cover when encountered minor damage of less than 75%. The scope of protection that is not thoroughly this is what makes the value of TLO Insurance premiums are not all risk.

2. Each area has a different premium rate

Not many know that the adjustment is not equal between regions. So, the number depending on the license plate number that shows the vehicle owner's domicile.

As an example for the region of DKI Jakarta and Banten, both categories include two. In addition to the domicile of the owner, the premium rate is also determined by the type of car purchased, as well as the function of the vehicle itself e.g. for personal or commercial.

3. Some dealers and leasing in cooperation with insurance companies

The player's vehicle insurance is increasingly active looking for the broader market. Then no wonder if eventually the premiums from the insurance company diraup business lines increased quite significantly.

Their average utilizing cooperation with leasing in the market the vehicle insurance to borrowers. This distribution channel for this so one General Insurance mainstay in selling that product.

What car buyers are now credit the amount is more than the cash. As each new vehicle purchased credit inevitably come with mandatory insurance, from where the customer had.

4. Car insurance more soothing motorists

With car insurance, driving so noticeably quieter. Especially if you are a beginner. Haunted sense of worry that's certainly no fun, right? Another case after the car is already insured.

When you leave the House, there is no fear of a crash so that work productivity and comfort in the drive is not affected at all.

5. Porsche Panamera S Executive became the most expensive insured car

As mentioned earlier, large or small one premium rate depends on the type of vehicle. For those of you who have the luxury vehicle, would have to spend more in order to pay for the premiums.

This includes Porsche sedan cars with the most expensive premium cost with the average amount of Rp45,88 millions. This car brings a pretty formidable machine IE V8 with a capacity of 4.8 liter turbochanger, the machine is able to issue a power of 570 horse power (Hp).

The cost of an expensive premiums caused by the price of a Porsche car unmitigated expensive, i.e. Rp2,14 billion.

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How Do Tax Deductions Work When Donating a Car?

It's easy to donate a car to charity if all you want to do is get rid of it.

Simply call a charity that accepts old vehicles, and it will tow your heap away. But if you want to maximize your tax benefits, it's more complicated.

Here's a walk through some of the considerations, with the usual proviso that you should discuss these issues with your tax preparer before you act.

Image result for Donate Car for Tax Credit

You must itemize your return

If you want to claim a car donation to reduce your federal income taxes, you must itemize deductions. You could itemize even if the donated auto is your only deduction, but that's usually not the best choice.

Here's the math: Suppose you're in the 28% tax bracket and the allowable deduction for the vehicle's donation is $1,000. That will save you $280 in taxes. If you're in the 15% tax bracket and you get that same $1,000 deduction, it will reduce your taxes by $150.

If the car donation is your only deduction, it's likely that taking a standard deduction would save you thousands more dollars in taxes. The only way that donating a car nets you any tax benefit is if you have many deductions and if their total, including the car, exceeds the standard deduction.

Step 1: Find out how much the charity sold the car for
Use the price the charity obtains for your car in a sale as the amount of your deduction. For example, if the charity sells the car at auction for $3,000, your deduction is limited to $3,000, even if the fair market value is $4,500. However, if the charity sells the car at a significant discount to a needy individual or keeps the car for its own internal use, then you can claim a deduction for its fair market value.

Step 2: Determine the car's fair market value
The IRS suggests that you use a reputable used-car price guide to calculate your deduction when using fair market value. For example, go to your local library and obtain a recent copy of the Kelley Blue Book. Search the private party prices for your vehicle based on its make, model and overall condition. This type of search can be done on the Internet as well.

Step 3: Claiming the deduction
Report the amount of your deduction on line 17 of Schedule A. Since you can only claim a deduction for your car donation if you itemize, the total of all your eligible expenses on Schedule A must exceed the standard deduction amount for your filing status.

If you use TurboTax to prepare your taxes, we’ll help you determine which filing status will get you the biggest tax savings.

Step 4: Additional forms you'll need
Complete Form 8283 if your car donation deduction is more than $500. If your deduction is between $501 and $5,000, you must complete Section A. If your deduction is greater than $5,000, you must complete Section B. If you complete Section B, you must also obtain a written appraisal as documentation.

Again, if you use TurboTax, we’ll ask simple questions and fill in all the right forms for you.


If the charity sells your car sells for $500 or less, you can deduct $500 or your car’s fair market value, whichever is less. For example, if your car is valued at $650 but sells for $350, you can deduct $500.
Most charities will report the sales price of your car to you on Form 1098-C.

You must have documentation of your donation. At a minimum, the documentation you receive from the charity must include your name, the vehicle identification number, the date of your donation and a statement describing the goods and services you received, if any.

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The Way The Victim's Health BPJS LAYOFFS Still Accepted Without Paying Dues

Health BPJS participants who experienced LAYOFFS still obtain health coverage Benefits the longest 6 (six) months from in layoffs, without paying tuition. How to keep Health sacrifice BPJS LAYOFF without pay dues? Follow her tips.

Image result for bpjs kesehatan

In accordance with law No. 40 year 2004 of the national social security System and presidential Regulation (Regulation) No. 2018 82 years of health coverage, company employees who are experiencing LAYOFFS still obtain health coverage Benefits the longest 6 (six) in the months since the layoffs, without the need to pay dues.

How can I get the benefits of warranties Health BPJS create employee LAYOFFS?

Keep in mind, there are four criteria that must be met because the cause of the LAYOFFS can be different – different depending on the condition of the company and its employees.

Criteria Continue To Receive LAYOFF Victims BPJS Health

Health guarantee health BPJS to victims of LAYOFFS during a number of requirements are met, namely:

First, there is already a court ruling LAID OFF Industrial relations as evidenced by the verdict of the Court's published certificate/Industrial relations.

Second, in terms of LAYOFFS occur due to the merger of the companies then must be proof with a notary deed.

Requirements needed are:
  • The decision of the Minister or the evidence of the passage of legal entities (notary deed) according to article 122, article 123, article 129 and article 130 of law No. 40 Year 2007 regarding limited liability company;
  • Announcements in newspapers as section 133 of the ACT limited liability company;
  • The Industrial Relations Court ruling already consisting of a fixed law/Industrial Relations Court Act;
  • Decree LAID OFF employees who passed the employment service;
  • The document status changes, mergers, or smelting company which has been audited by public accountant; or attach the document according Regulation No. 74/OJK POJK. 04/2016 about Merger or Venture Smelting Company.

Third, the LAYOFFS because the company bankrupt or suffered losses, pembuktiannya is done through bankruptcy court of Commerce ruling that has magnitude.

Last 2 years financial statements that have been audited by a public accountant or the document that has gotten an endorsement from a financial institution and the institution of the law which States that the company suffered a loss or force majuere.

Other proof must be proven to be LAID OFF because the company went bankrupt, namely the decision of the general meeting of shareholders (GMS) as article 14 paragraph (1) of the public limited company ACT.

Determination of authorized agencies in the form of revocation operations or dicabutnya sign companies list or document that States the company is closed permanently. Decree LAID OFF employees from employer authorized employment service.

Fourth, because of LAYOFFS of workers experiencing prolonged pain and unable to work is evidenced by the certificate published doctor who has the authority in his field that States the participants experienced a prolonged pain and not being able to work again.

Lastly, the Decree LAID OFF employees from employer authorized employment service. Reporting the occurrence of LAYOFFS was made by employers or unions/workers by bringing the original power of attorney document and complete the terms of the guarantee has been legalised by the issuer of the document.

Dispute resolution with the company

If there is a dispute over JOB CUTS and mutations out done employer by reason of LAYOFF, the officer checking obligatory acts of supervision and inspection of compliance. The results of the inspection and compliance it becomes basic and the consideration of an employer to enroll back workers in JKN membership-ACTS.

If the company does not want to re-enroll in the program workers JKN-KIS, BPJS Health will report it to the supervisor of employment law enforcement efforts to ask for article 27 paragraph (3) of Regulation No. 82 Year 2018.

Keep in mind, before there was a verdict of the LAYOFFS were permanent, legal workers and an employer is obligated to meet the rights and obligations of each of them, in particular in the programme JKN-KIS.

If a married couple participants PPU equally work and one of them suffered layoffs, to pesertaan redirected to one that still works. When the participants and their families have received benefits guarantee health coverage for 6 months after the layoffs, there are obligations for the participants in question to perform updates (renewal) membership every month.

To activate your membership month, participants undergo compulsory LAYOFFS reported data on himself and members of his family every month by the way go to the local health Office of the BPJS, attach a statement (part of Rp 6.000) has not work and shows a valid ID and the latest.

Participants who do not do reporting and update statement, then membership will be disabled in the reporting. Renewal required reporting by participants or members of families with attaching the power of Attorney that contains the explanation that the participant in question was unable to report.

Activation of membership after the participants meet a number of conditions.


The existence of benefits make health BPJS participants experienced a LAYOFF victims to still get health care for 6 months since the LAYOFFS, definitely very helpful. These benefits need to be known by the public worker wage during this use the BPJS.

An important note is criterion 4, which has been outlined above, to process claims for victims of the BPJS Health Services JOB CUTS could continue to run smoothly.

Friday, March 2, 2018

6 How Can life Insurance Premiums are cheap and good

Insurance soul is important for all the family. But there are still many, perhaps including you, who do not have because of the limited budget. How can life insurance premiums are cheap and good, so despite limited funds You can still have protection.

Who wouldn't want to have insurance protection ? All certainly want it.

As head of the family, I imagine that has life insurance protection that obligation. Because insurance is a financial protection for the family if anything happens to you as the head of the family.

It forms the responsibility of head of the family.

But, I am also aware, many families do not have insurance because of budget constraints. "To live a day – day alone is a budget, let alone have to pay insurance premiums", that's approximately some people vent to me.

Some time ago, there was a young family, with two children who ask to me for life insurance premium reckoned. No matter how long after completed and I submit the results, they were replying to emails and decided put off because of the budget that does not yet exist.

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Image result for 6 How Can life Insurance Premiums are cheap and good

How to deal with this problem?

First, we should all understand that life insurance that doesn't have to be expensive. The premiums can be expensive, it is very affordable.

The second, which is also important, in addition to the question of the premium, the awareness of the importance of insurance in the finance function of the family. Hence, the family must have commitment, expenditure to pay an insurance premium so priority in budget every month.

In this paper, I would like to discuss how you can get an affordable premium.

Life Insurance Premiums are cheap and good

There are several things you can do for this.

#1 Select a pure life insurance
This is the most obligatory you do. Choose pure life insurance or term life.

Because of this type are the most inexpensive premiums. Not only cheap, but the premium sum assured protection.

Because the type does not have an investment element, so that all the premium money to her protection.

I give this term life insurance illustrations. Below is an example of a Term Life Insurance proposal from Manulife.

  • A woman 40 years of age. Only by paying a premium of Rp 4.9 million a year then he gets protection UP USD 1 billion.
  • Premium Rp 4.9 million a year the flats for 20 years.

#2 Start Since a young age
Calculate insurance premiums based on age. How old are you now become a major factor that determines the magnitude of the premium.

Therefore, you who started at an early age will definitely get cheaper premiums than that put forth in older age.

The reason, many are reluctant to take out insurance when still young age. She thought, still healthy so it has not been necessary.

The risk of death we will never know. There have been many cases died young, either due to disease or accident. And the delay, you'll pay more.

Do not take #3 Rider
Additional insurance rider is added in the insurance proposal. The purpose of great rider providing additional benefits.

But, by implication you must pay premiums more expensive.

If premiums outside the budget, be quick – quickly cancel. You can ask agent to reduce rider in the proposal.

Customs agent is automatically added a rider in the proposal because a rider increasing the amount of premium. Agent Commission is paid based on the amount of premium.

#4 Minimum Premium Cheapest
In every insurance company has a limit on the minimum premium. The numbers can be different – different.

I know there is an insurance company sets the minimum premium 400 thousand per month, but there are also 250 thousand per month.

With the provisions of this minimum premiums, insurers would not be willing to accept the proposal by the amount of the premium is lower than the minimum premium provisions. Despite asking the value of sum assured is small, the insurance will not be received, if the premiums fell below the minimum limit.

#5 healthy lifestyle
A healthy life is not only important for health, but provides a relatively inexpensive insurance premiums. Because if it got the disease, insurers will charge Extra premium.

For example, your premium was Rp 1 million per month. But, as found indication of disease, insurers are adding extra premium of $500 thousand, so the total premium that you have to pay to Rp 1.5 million per month.

#6 Avoid Lifetime Insurance
Why? Wouldn't it be nice to protect the participants as long as possible.

The longer the period of protection, the greater the premium you have to pay. Because for that, insurers have to protect you.

In other words, a lifetime of insurance premium costs that are not small.

Lifetime insurance that's waste. Because basically, you need life insurance until the age of 70 years old at most. After that age, you don't have to anymore.

The purpose of taking life insurance is protecting the family financially from risk families experienced a disaster, such as a death, thereby losing a source of income.

If the family has been able to financially, for example, children are already working and have their own income, and you're no longer need life insurance protection. In old age, chances are the kids already and I wish You had died there was a stash sufficient Pension Fund for family income.

You don't have to worry about not being able to have protection and create a family because of limited financial budget. A number of things you can do in order to obtain life insurance with premiums are cheap and good.

Hopefully useful!

Thursday, February 1, 2018

5 Tips on choosing the best educational Insurance 2018

Dear parents, the Education Fund has always been to make nervous. Because of the large number, drain the pockets and a desire to offer the best for children. How to choose the best education insurance can be a good and reliable?

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I've been in this position.

When a new child was born, I am looking for information to question the fees. Between the shock and do not believe see fantastisnya entry fee school in Jakarta.

According to research, the average increase (inflation) education costs 10-15% per year in Indonesia. With the high increment it, parents need proper planning.

I learned that planning education funding is very important. Planning is important because education fund should be initiated as early as possible so that the mistress is not damning.

One of them choosing insurance education. A type of insurance that is believed to be the parents, with the help of the promotion of insurance agents, could help meet the needs of the Fund for children's school fees.

I never been in this position. Receive an awful lot of insurance offer education.

Almost all insurance companies offer this type of insurance. U name it, from Prudential, Manulife, Allianz up to outer bank BCA, BRI, Danamon and others.

And I'm confused choose which. Because all say, their products are the best.

Choosing The Best Child Education Insurance
From experience, I learned that as a potential policy holder on insurance education, parents have a lot to find information, to hear a second opinion and study the offer carefully, in order to obtain the best products that can meet the needs.

These 5 tips on choosing insurance education:

#1 the amount of funds According the Target costs of education
The purpose of taking insurance education is so when the child enters school, parents have enough savings to pay for tuition.

In order for the funds of insurance education was enough, according to your needs, then parents need to do the following:

First, have the shadow children will go to school where. As with the school will know the intended recipients, parents can calculate how much it costs to enter the school.

Second, find out how the fees increment in the intended school. Because of the important info that older people need is the cost of the school later when the child enters.

Third, calculate how much it costs the school later when the child enters school. This is a matter of simple in excel using the formula of the Future Value.

#2 Understand the risks of Insurance Education
In insurance education, insurance companies will invest the premium payment done parents to specific investment instruments. This instrument is chosen by the parents or assisted by an insurance agent chosen.

The important thing to understand is that every investment instrument options have risks. That means, could have been the target of the funds listed in the insurance education, proposals submitted by the agent and be read by parents, not achieved.

How big are the risks?

The risk depends on the type of the selected instrument. The stock was the most high risk instrument, while the lowest money market.

The important thing is to choose the appropriate instruments with risk appetite or the ability accept risk. If it is not able to accept fluctuations in profits, do not grab the instrument with a high degree of risk. Vice versa.

#3 do not Easily believe the insurance agents
This in no way means I am hostile to insurance agents. I believe with them.

But, the important thing to remember is "trust but verify". This means that all the info submitted is verified wherever possible agent or look for a second opinion.

Now it's the era of openness, transparency, parents can easily find information on the internet for cross-checking.

Why would I suggest to be critical and skeptical to the agent because the agent destination however is the closing of the purchase with payment of the insurance premium. My experience, because want it bigger, then the agents tend to convey facts and information are nice – nice, while the actual risk faced by policyholders are not delivered in stark.

May not all apply to such agents, but based on experience, the vast majority do so. Therefore, it is better always do a cross-check upon the info presented.

#4 how much Money Coverage
Education in insurance, risk-protected is a disaster for the wage earner, i.e. parents, who could not finance the tuition. The existence of insurance education make a continuation school children be guaranteed because there are insurance companies that continue giving a living in case of risk.

How the amount borne by the insurance company in case of the risk?

That number is again reflected in the sum assured. The funds will be paid if the insured in an insurance policy are experiencing a disaster.

The problem, many parents don't notice carefully the amount of sum assured when choosing insurance education. More focus to how the funds can be withdrawn from the insurance when the child enters school.

There are several ways that parents can increase the value of sum assured:

First, take the insurance early on because with age the younger, policyholders can get sum assured is greater with cheaper premiums.

Second, use pure or traditional life insurance or term life. This type of insurance provides money to the highest coverage with the cheapest premiums.

Third, ask the agent to increase the amount of sum assured because in each there is a rider insurance (insurance extra) that specifically increases the value of the sum assured.

#5 not only Insurance Education
If heeded, the insurance features of education consists of two main components, namely investment to finance tuition and insurance to protect children from the risk of disaster-stricken parents.

Both of these components do not have to be purchased through insurance education. Can be done through other means.

First, do your own investment (without passing insurance education). There are many investment choices that could be made, one of which is in mutual funds.

Advantages of investing itself is parents don't have to pay commissions to the insurance company. That is, the money invested can be done directly with myself than through insurance companies.

Second, buy insurance to protect the souls of the parents instead of going on the risk of death. Insurance purchased is pure or traditional insurance that is not insignificant – insignificant investment.

The advantage of this type of pure or traditional insurance is a premium with a generous sum assured is high. Well suited to fund education of school children.

I've experienced just how nervous his time know that the cost of school children is expensive and limited savings money while providing the best want to create a child. From there, I know that the early preparation of funding education is very important.

Although most sought-after education insurance because it believed it could help the elderly cope with the question of money entering school, but parents need to be the critical matter of this insurance. There are many tricks and tips that need to be cared for by parents.

Monday, January 1, 2018

6 Fatal Error When buying life insurance

life insurance that is very important. But a lot went wrong when buying life insurance. As a result, the premiums so expensive, the benefits are not optimal. What is the error and how to avoid it ?

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In Indonesia, the number of mobile phone owners far more than the owner of the life insurance. Less 10% of communities had insurance compared to 90% of the community who have a mobile phone.

Protection of the family seems to have not been important in the eyes of many people. Less important with the gadgets.

Lagging far behind neighboring countries, such as Singapore and Malaysia. Very reasonable quality financial literacy Indonesia away from the order, according to a World Bank survey.

Life insurance is the financial foundation of a healthy family.

According to data of the Central Bureau of statistics, 9 out of 10 women in Indonesia gave up the life of his partner. If the disaster against the husband, what will happen against the wife, if no insurance protection.

The BPS survey found that 60% of a wife whose husband died should lower the standard lifestyle.

Many are reluctant to buy life insurance because the insurance considers it expensive and redundant.

These perceptions are totally wrong. A great one.

The origin of choosing the right product, fees or insurance premiums need not be expensive.

For example, you pay Usd 400 thousand a month already can get a hefty protection benefits. The middle class in big cities spending pulsanya the telephone more than Rp 400 thousand a month.

Important, when searching for the best life insurance, choose the most appropriate to your needs.

What are the 5 mistakes when buying life insurance?

#1 Money life Insurance Coverage is too small

How many sum assured (UP) Your life insurance? You remember?

Many do not remember or do not even know. When UP is very important.

UP is the reason to buy life insurance because it is a benefit that is paid the insurance company if the insured (i.e. breadwinner husband or wife) died.

That's the reason, you're buying insurance.

The problem, many assumed that UP life insurance they buy large already, although in reality it is not.

For example sum assured of Rp 200 million. That money you think quite a lot of money at this time because it does not exist in your savings now.

But, the fact is the amount of 200 million is tiny for a life insurance protection. Why?

  • If your family's living expenses now Rp 10 million per month, meaning that only the sum assured sufficient create families left to survive for less than 2 years.
  • every year the cost of living rises following inflation 6 – 7%, so the sum assured that the value of Rp 200 million, within two years the value of the riilnya or purchasing power dropped to Rp 178 million because of the rising prices of goods. Growing years, the purchasing power of money declining coverage.

Therefore the value of the coverage UP is very important. Its value should be adequate.

How to count them easily.

Estimasinya is the value multiplied UP 1% equal to the cost of living per month. So, if the current cost of living 10 million a month, UP to a minimum is USD 1 M.

Value UP should continue to be evaluated in order to increment in accordance with the cost of living and the inflation rates.

#2 Investment Focus, not Protection of the soul

Quite often I see people have life insurance, but the focus on the value of its investments, not on protection.

"How much money I receive if no claim", is a question that often comes up, the actual shows focus on investment.

The magnitude of the protection value of sum assured not too queries. Whether UP would be enough or not to protect the family.

It is indeed correct that investment value is added to the sum assured if the insured dies.

But related investment value, we must remember that

  • The performance of that investment is uncertain, fluctuating depending on market conditions and instruments chosen.
  • In life insurance, unit link investment value much cut to pay for the insurance. Moreover, if you choose the short payment of only 10 years (the term ' leave premium '), then the value of your investment will be deducted to pay for the cost of insurance during your leave of absence premium. That way, the value of the investment is so vanishingly small because many amply cut.
So, while there is value investing that could add to the sum assured, the amount is uncertain. Do not rely on the results of the investment for life insurance protection.

You should focus on the value UP in life insurance. Because UPS guaranteed by insurance companies will be paid when the insured suffered a disaster.

You must make sure the bottom value of the sum assured is large enough to protect the family.

#3 not all Need life insurance at this time

We understand the first purpose of buying life insurance, namely providing benefit (sum assured) to the beneficiary if the primary insured dies.

That is, there are people whose lives depend on You financially, which if you died, they lose their source of income, so it takes the financial protection of life insurance.

In other words, if there is no person whose life depends on you financially, no point had insurance. Because if the insured suffered the disaster died there is no family or person who is the source of his income.

Who for example they need insurance?

Fresh graduate entering a new job, don't have dependents. Single people living alone and no dependents.

For me, if not necessary, why should buy now. Eman – eman his money.

Better money to pay insurance premiums on re-allocate to other more important things. One of them is having a pension fund.

Already have a dependent or not, it doesn't matter, you definitely need the money for retirement. It's the primary needs of us all.

"Ah, later only pension funds, still long cuy...".

Manulife Investor Sentiment survey, according to the Index, the number of communities that Indonesia has a pension fund is still very minimal.

Most have not had, or if already, rely on a pension from work that the number is inadequate compared to the cost of living when the elderly later.

Because it does not have a pension fund, still according to the survey, children relied on retirement community. "A lot of kids, a lot of good fortune".

#4 Wrong Insured in the policy

In a life insurance policy, the insured is a party, that if she died, then the insurance company will pay the sum assured.

Determination of the insured are often wrong.

For example, children are defined as insured; the wife did not work as the insured.

Both children or the wife who does not work does not have financial risk create family because if they suffered a disaster there is no source of revenue that is lost. Because they do not provide earnings in the family.

The insured is a party which is the create a source of income of the family. Can husband and wife, as long as they can provide revenue.

Ideally have two life insurance for both the husband and wife are the same – the same work.

If the salary of his wife, which he should have been more used to have insurance. Not a husband.

Select the greatest income because he had the greatest financial risk

#5 not yet need to Link units

Am I opposed to link units? Not at all.

Unit – the Link is one product that has benefits for the community.

But, based on obervasi includes paying attention to the questions as well as comments on the blog, I found many people who have insurance plus investment, that investment-linked, even though they are actually not yet in need of this type of insurance.

Why are these people not yet in need of Unit links? There are two conditions.

First, they're actively investing, for example gold, mutual funds or property. They will be more efficient (cheaper) buying investments directly rather than through intermediaries.

In units – links, investment is done through intermediaries, namely insurance companies, which by implication there is an additional fee for the services of an intermediary.

Take for example, the cost of top-up.

On link units, generally, top up are subject to a 5% fee, whenever doing so. That means putting 1 million dollars, which will be true – true invested only Rp 950 thousand, for rp 50 thousand deposited to top up as the cost of insurance.

Free top up fees if invested directly (without via insurance), for example through the sale of mutual funds Online.

For example in IPOTFUND, an Online mutual fund supermarket, top up fee is free. The customer can buy and sell mutual funds is easy and free of charge for each counterparty.

Therefore, I suggest to those who already have an investment better continue his investment. Rather than take the via intermediaries, there are additional fees that will reduce your investment funds.

What if I need insurance? Is it not very convenient got insurance products and investment.

If there are already investing, while only need insurance, you can buy pure insurance no frills investment.

Premium pure insurance (term life) cheaper high-value coverage. You'll get the benefits of a more optimal.

Secondly, young people still single (no family dependents or parents) who already have life insurance unit-link with monthly premiums is large enough (against their salaries), whereas they actually have not need insurance because There are no families who are financially dependent on their income.

I asked them, "Why buy insurance?" they said, "we need investment. This insurance is only a bonus. "

So they need insurance but not the actual investment.

If not necessary, why should buy.

Because this product is no ongkosnya, there is a premium to be paid each month.

Wouldn't it be nice, premium was direalokasi to investing all (100%) compared to most investment and partly to insurance.

Imagine, every month you pay Usd 500 thousand to pay insurance premiums plus investment.

Money USD 500 thousand were partly used to pay insurance premiums and the rest for investment. Where the results of the investment is greater than USD 500 thousand were invested at once (there is nothing to pay insurance premiums). Of course, that 100% of investments, not shared with pay insurance premiums.

#6 Buy the extra Insurance was not Understood

Rider or supplemental insurance a lot purchased by the customer.

But when asked, do understand the benefits of the rider, the answer is no. Take an extra insurance that there is a cost because you pay premiums more expensive.

So, you should know before you decide to buy it.

I have come across a few things, among others:

First, take the rider health insurance but from already existing office facilities of private health insurance which is pretty good. The reason, among others, could get the fresh money from double-claim or can go up to a more expensive class of rooms when inpatient care.

Buy a rider there costhim (not free), i.e. the premiums are more expensive and the value of life insurance coverage is smaller (because of the truncated portion of the premium to pay for the cost of the rider).

So make sure you need the rider recently bought it.

If ridernya has not been needed, we recommend that you do not need to be taken. His money is better allocated to improve the life insurance coverage or money to add to investments outside insurance.

Second, take the critical illness insurance rider, with the hope that when the knock on wood are stricken with serious pain medication costs are covered by insurance. Assuming you buy critical illness insurance is this is the same kind of health insurance that provide reimbursement of medical expenses.

In fact, critical illness insurance doesn't work that way.

Critical illness insurance replace after the insured was diagnosed with the disease at a critical level. Critical definitions can be viewed at polis.

For example, renal failure, which recently replaced if both kidneys are problematic. New cancer tumor or replaced if it is malignant level entrance.

So after a severe or critical critical illness insurance pays the new sum assured. Critical illness insurance does not replace medical expenses like health insurance.

Does it still need to take critical illness insurance rider? Probably yes. Maybe not. The premiums are obviously not cheap.

But most importantly, prior to taking a first, understand correctly understanding the rider. Don't get disappointed when a new incident saw it being replaced by the insurance company does not comply with expectations when buying used to be.


You should have a life insurance first, recently got a gadget or the latest smartphone. Because insurance is a testament to your love of family. Gadget or smartphone is not.

Insurance premiums are perceived is expensive. The reality is not. Starting with Rp 400rb a month, you can get life insurance protection with UP quite high.

As long as, you can choose the right insurance. One way is to not do the 5 fatal error I describe above.

Immediately buy insurance for security and peace of your family.

Read the other important thing is to buy a cheap life insurance; Check How The Life Insurance Premiums; Need No life insurance and investment.