Tuesday, April 10, 2018

The Way The Victim's Health BPJS LAYOFFS Still Accepted Without Paying Dues

Health BPJS participants who experienced LAYOFFS still obtain health coverage Benefits the longest 6 (six) months from in layoffs, without paying tuition. How to keep Health sacrifice BPJS LAYOFF without pay dues? Follow her tips.

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In accordance with law No. 40 year 2004 of the national social security System and presidential Regulation (Regulation) No. 2018 82 years of health coverage, company employees who are experiencing LAYOFFS still obtain health coverage Benefits the longest 6 (six) in the months since the layoffs, without the need to pay dues.

How can I get the benefits of warranties Health BPJS create employee LAYOFFS?

Keep in mind, there are four criteria that must be met because the cause of the LAYOFFS can be different – different depending on the condition of the company and its employees.

Criteria Continue To Receive LAYOFF Victims BPJS Health

Health guarantee health BPJS to victims of LAYOFFS during a number of requirements are met, namely:

First, there is already a court ruling LAID OFF Industrial relations as evidenced by the verdict of the Court's published certificate/Industrial relations.

Second, in terms of LAYOFFS occur due to the merger of the companies then must be proof with a notary deed.

Requirements needed are:
  • The decision of the Minister or the evidence of the passage of legal entities (notary deed) according to article 122, article 123, article 129 and article 130 of law No. 40 Year 2007 regarding limited liability company;
  • Announcements in newspapers as section 133 of the ACT limited liability company;
  • The Industrial Relations Court ruling already consisting of a fixed law/Industrial Relations Court Act;
  • Decree LAID OFF employees who passed the employment service;
  • The document status changes, mergers, or smelting company which has been audited by public accountant; or attach the document according Regulation No. 74/OJK POJK. 04/2016 about Merger or Venture Smelting Company.

Third, the LAYOFFS because the company bankrupt or suffered losses, pembuktiannya is done through bankruptcy court of Commerce ruling that has magnitude.

Last 2 years financial statements that have been audited by a public accountant or the document that has gotten an endorsement from a financial institution and the institution of the law which States that the company suffered a loss or force majuere.

Other proof must be proven to be LAID OFF because the company went bankrupt, namely the decision of the general meeting of shareholders (GMS) as article 14 paragraph (1) of the public limited company ACT.

Determination of authorized agencies in the form of revocation operations or dicabutnya sign companies list or document that States the company is closed permanently. Decree LAID OFF employees from employer authorized employment service.

Fourth, because of LAYOFFS of workers experiencing prolonged pain and unable to work is evidenced by the certificate published doctor who has the authority in his field that States the participants experienced a prolonged pain and not being able to work again.

Lastly, the Decree LAID OFF employees from employer authorized employment service. Reporting the occurrence of LAYOFFS was made by employers or unions/workers by bringing the original power of attorney document and complete the terms of the guarantee has been legalised by the issuer of the document.

Dispute resolution with the company

If there is a dispute over JOB CUTS and mutations out done employer by reason of LAYOFF, the officer checking obligatory acts of supervision and inspection of compliance. The results of the inspection and compliance it becomes basic and the consideration of an employer to enroll back workers in JKN membership-ACTS.

If the company does not want to re-enroll in the program workers JKN-KIS, BPJS Health will report it to the supervisor of employment law enforcement efforts to ask for article 27 paragraph (3) of Regulation No. 82 Year 2018.

Keep in mind, before there was a verdict of the LAYOFFS were permanent, legal workers and an employer is obligated to meet the rights and obligations of each of them, in particular in the programme JKN-KIS.

If a married couple participants PPU equally work and one of them suffered layoffs, to pesertaan redirected to one that still works. When the participants and their families have received benefits guarantee health coverage for 6 months after the layoffs, there are obligations for the participants in question to perform updates (renewal) membership every month.

To activate your membership month, participants undergo compulsory LAYOFFS reported data on himself and members of his family every month by the way go to the local health Office of the BPJS, attach a statement (part of Rp 6.000) has not work and shows a valid ID and the latest.

Participants who do not do reporting and update statement, then membership will be disabled in the reporting. Renewal required reporting by participants or members of families with attaching the power of Attorney that contains the explanation that the participant in question was unable to report.

Activation of membership after the participants meet a number of conditions.


The existence of benefits make health BPJS participants experienced a LAYOFF victims to still get health care for 6 months since the LAYOFFS, definitely very helpful. These benefits need to be known by the public worker wage during this use the BPJS.

An important note is criterion 4, which has been outlined above, to process claims for victims of the BPJS Health Services JOB CUTS could continue to run smoothly.