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The Importance Of Vehicle Insurance For You

Means of transport such as cars is a very important thing for those of you who need to conduct various activities to a place far from home.. Especially desperately needed transportation for people living in big cities, such as Jakarta and Bandung. Although the public transportation in Jakarta and Bandung is already getting better, but has a private vehicle is something that you need also support all the ease activity.

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When you have a vehicle, for sure you will keep your vehicle's condition to be worthy and appear primed. One form of care that you can do is through insurance of motor vehicles. This insurance product is any loss or damage to the motor or your car will be guaranteed so that we become calm and comfortable. What is vehicle insurance is so important? Yes! This is the reason.
The reason of the importance of having a vehicle insurance

1. protected from the risk of Theft of the vehicle

The purchase price of the motor vehicle is quite expensive, so surely you would keep your vehicle safe when you take it and remains yours. But accidents can happen to anyone, anytime, and anywhere. Even though it has charge of it in such a way, the risk of theft of the vehicle is always there. So, that you can do to keep your vehicle from the risk of theft is the insurance of the vehicle. If your vehicle is stolen, the insurance will provide some funds that the adjustment is in accordance with the provisions of the insurance.

2. Protect from the risk of damage to a vehicle

Sometimes, even though you've been extremely careful when driving your vehicle, nonetheless could crash, be it small or large accidents. No matter how small the impact that kecelakan, the cost to make it back as they are in need of money who does little. However by the presence of vehicle insurance, those costs will be cheaper than the market price.

3. Help you charge on a third party

In the event of an accident that involves third parties, usually you will the difficulty in dealing with it and need the money to give responsibility to it. You will require a fee for legal and professional. When you have a motor vehicle insurance, insurers who will take over the responsibility of you or Your rider in case of accident. So you don't have to pay top dollar for dizziness and responsible.

How Much The Premiums?
All the benefits of this motor vehicle insurance can you feel as long as you are willing to pay a premium to the insurance. The magnitude of the price of the premium you pay is based on several considerations, namely:

1. The type and price of the vehicle

The first thing to consider before determining the cost of vehicle insurance premiums is the type of your vehicle. This type of vehicle is generally divided into three types, namely the non-vehicle bus and non-truck, bus and truck vehicles, and two-wheeled vehicle. The Division based on the type of vehicle insurance is valid for the Total Loss Only (TLO) and All risk.

After you have finished categorizing the type of vehicle, vehicle prices also into consideration before the cost of Your insurance premiums are determined. The price of the vehicle also categorized into multiple categories. The more expensive the price of your vehicle, the more expensive the premium you have to pay.

2. The coverage Area

After considering the type and price of the vehicle, the area of coverage is the next consideration. The coverage area is divided into 3 parts, namely the region 1 which covers Aceh, North Sumatra, West Sumatra, Riau, Riau, South Sumatra, Bangka-Belitung, Lampung, Bengkulu and Jambi. Region 2 includes Jakarta, Banten, Bandung, Cirebon, Bogor, Karawang, Purwakarta, Subang, Garut, Tasikmalaya, Ciamis, Sumedang and Banjar. As well as region 3 includes the areas that are not covered on the region 1 and 2. This consideration also applies to the TLO products and All Risk.

3. the Age of the vehicle

The last thing into consideration the determination of premium rates is the age of your vehicle at the moment of entry into the insurance. Facilities and insurance rules also vary depending on the respective insurance company. The older the age of your vehicle, usually the price premiums will cost more. As the rules set by the financial services authority (OJK) i.e. There is the addition of 5% per year for each vehicle that was over 5 years old and only applies to All Risk insurance types.

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How to file a Car insurance claim properly

How to file a Car insurance claim properly - Welcome back on our blog that specifically discusses the theme of insurance, this time we will discuss about how to apply for insurance claims in the car we are affected

All readers, if we have a long enough vacation time, we always use it for the holidays together with family or with friends, there is also a private car use road trip because they really liked the challenge . The activities may pose a risk on our car, like glass breaking, lights and more. However, if you have had car insurance, it does not need to make a worry because the insurance company will fix it as soon as you make a claim. However, in order for the claim to run smoothly and easily. Actually to file insurance claims the car was not too difficult as long as we follow all the standard procedures that apply

orang lagi klaim asuransi mobil

If there were enough incidents, damage compensation claims to the insurance, and car/motor can be recovered as they are without have to spend deeply. But, to make sure the motor vehicle insurance claim liquid, be sure to follow the procedure of the claim "insurance claim vehicles" is an attempt of policyholders when asking for damages on the part of the insurance company due to theft or accident against the car or vehicle which has been insured. Here we'll be talking about car insurance claim filing procedure by policyholders.

When your car has been stolen or lost due to accident, the first thing to do is to contact the insurance company within 3 × 24 hours. You can contact by phone, SMS, email or by coming directly to the Office of the insurance company. This should be prioritized in order to avoid the rejection of "car insurance claims" which you submit the grounds passed from the time period which is already specified.

When it was wrecked and the car is still able to walk, should the car be brought to one of the service station designated by the insurance company. If the car has severely damaged the car, preferably photographed or documented first. This photo will be the proof that actually had an accident.

Policyholders must fill out a form provided by the insurance company. The form is one of the document's completeness to the approval of the claim car insurance. Next is to give information about the chronological events to insurance companies with real information. This will be a consideration of whether the insurance company claims will be approved or rejected. In addition, the policy holder is obligated to complete some documents offered by insurance companies. The documents that must be prepared as follows:

# Document crash
  • Claim form is already in the content. The new claims process will be carried out by the insurance company if the policyholder has a claim with complete filling the form.
  • Copies or photocopies of car insurance policy. This later document as evidence that the policy holder was right into the customer at an insurance company. In addition, this document to find out if the premiums had been paid or not.
  • A copy or photocopy of a DRIVER'S LICENSE.
  • A copy or photocopy of VEHICLE REGISTRATION FEES.
  • Certificate from the local police. This document will be a consideration of insurance companies to give compensation or not.

# Documents are the responsibility of third parties (if there are any third party)
  • Waiver of claims for damages from third parties. This document can be used as a guarantee that policyholders that have resulted in damage to the car of a third party.
  • Statement about the lack of insurance. Generally there are a number of insurance companies that will not replace the loss when third parties have car insurance. Therefore, this document became one of the very important terms.
  • Certificate from the local police. This letter will be the proof that it is indeed at times and in certain places have an accident.

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6 Things that must be Known before taking a life insurance policy

6 Things that must be Known before taking a life insurance policy - Many people assume that the content of the insurance policy is very complicated and hard to understand so they choose not to read them in detail while buying insurance. It's certainly a big mistake because the insurance policies of various important information regarding such services will be listed in there. Then, if you choose to not read it properly, how can probably understand the contents correctly?

Incomprehension towards the insurance policy you choose may cause problems later. In cases like this, one day you could have suffered losses in the use of these products. Even things like this happen often and should we make as learning materials for your new product will buy insurance.

The policy is mandatory for you to read and understand properly. Because the various rights and obligations will be loaded in it. Do not let you experience other problems or claims fail over insurance that you use. The incident will certainly result in losses against your finances. Below are some points you should be aware of the insurance policy.

1. Understand the content of the insurance policy

Not just selling products, insurance companies actually provide enough time for you to learn the contents of the policy you purchase. In this case, you will be given the time of about 14 days to be able to understand in detail the insurance policy. And if it is objected that the policy content, you can cancel the purchase of the insurance policy. You were not adversely affected insurance companies. because of all the premiums you have paid will be refunded without pieces.

so don't be in a hurry to take a decision and immediately have the policy without read and understand it. It can harm you. Use this chance well so you can get the benefits of the policy to the maximum.

2. Data concerning the policy holder and the insured

Isi Polis Asuransi Jiwa

The policy is a legal document which is very important in the insurance services you use. Always make sure that you do the initial data is carefully and properly. This will be very important for the various Affairs in the future, including when you will do the claims to the insurance company.

Error data will complicate your in take care of various things related to your insurance. Therefore, it is very important to fill it out correctly and in accordance with the data that should be. Restart after checking the data so that you can ensure that data listed are correct and appropriate.

3. The benefits of protection insurance

Don't forget to make sure that all the existing benefits in the insurance you buy were in accordance with your wishes and needs. Lest You harmed over it. At the very least, be aware of some of the points below are related to insurance benefits.
  • The sum insured that will be received by the heir if at any time the insured experiences an accident such as an accident.
  • The period of insurance that the insurance company will give to the insured.
  • Inpatient facilities that will be obtained, including various services in it.
  • Benefits that will be obtained from additional insurance services are used.
  • Procedure for filing a claim.

4. Provisions Related to Premiums

Manfaat Asuransi

Premium is also a very important thing for you to understand in detail. It could be that insurance companies apply a number of rules related to this. Some of the points below are important things that you must pay attention to regarding insurance premiums.
  • Amount of premium to be paid, payment term, method of payment, and various other provisions related to the payment.
  • Provisions related to late premium payments. In this case, the insurance company will implement certain policies that are very likely to affect the effectiveness of the insurance services you have.
  • Recovery of policies that have been lapse (inactive) if at any time you experience premium arrears that result in the policy being unable to be used properly.

5. Exceptions

Ketentuan Asuransi Jiwa

These various provisions constitute points that can cause a claim to experience rejection by the insurance company. Some of them are like:
  • In life insurance, coverage will be declared null, if the insured dies due to several things such as:
  • Death due to suicide that occurred within 2 years after the policy was issued.
  • The insured died while committing a crime.
  • The insured is executed by the court
  • The Insured dies as a result of a crime or murder committed by an interested party in the coverage.
  • In accident insurance, the policy will be declared invalid if:
  • Wars or war conditions occur in the territory of Indonesia.
  • There were strikes, riots, riots, rebellions, civil war, and also the takeover of power.
  • Military or police duties that are being carried out by the insured, except using additional premiums.
  • The act of committing suicide or self-harm (whether conscious or unconscious), serving a sentence of execution by the court, the insured committing a crime, dying from a crime or murder by someone who has an interest in the coverage.
  • Serve as a flight crew, except using additional premiums.
  • Doing various risky sports activities, except paying additional premiums.
  • Died due to drinks containing alcohol, prohibited substances, poisons, gases and the like.
  • Died as a result of suffering from an illness or infection, except those caused by cutting off body parts due to accidents.
6. Cost Cutting Provisions

The amount of fees applied in your insurance service is certainly a mandatory thing to understand from the start. Because this will reduce the benefits you get. Check out some of the costs that should be observed, especially when taking unit link insurance.
  • Maintenance cost
  • Basic Insurance Fee
  • Cost of Changing Investment Fund Allocation (Switching)
  • Monthly Administration Fees
  • Fund Management Fee (per year)

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Understanding Property Insurance

Understanding Property Insurance - Although not widely known to the public, property insurance (home insurance) have a fairly well known and widely used by the people of Indonesia. This event occurs because the high degree of public awareness about the risks of losses and also natural disasters can happen anytime and anywhere.

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Property insurance is a kind of protection against property assets such as houses, apartments and offices. The aim to anticipate the financial losses due to unexpected events that befell your property. These unexpected events can be catastrophic, consequential things humans such as fire, explosions, and riots.

Based on the amount of risk incurred, property insurance is divided into two, namely the standard property insurance and property all risk insurance. While based on the insured property distinguished insurance house insurance house owner and holder.

With uninsured property, then all forms of risk of loss arising out of various things mentioned above, will be borne by the insurance company. That way, you can be quiet and feel comfortable because the assets you have maximum protection that will prevent you from anxiety and even fear of such things.

Surely you must know the workings of property insurance, before deciding to buy it. Example: Mr. Ronald owns a house property with level building area of 1 200 square meters, with a value of Rp 1 billion home coverage

The value of the coverage will be obtained by way, sum: the cost of rebuilding + assets registered and insured in property insurance.


The cost of rebuilding = 200 square meters x Rp 4 million per meter = Rp 800 million

Asset register = Usd 200 million

Total = Rp 800 million + Usd 200 million = Rp 1 billion

Next you have to do is find the right insurance for your property. This happens because not all insurance covers all the extension of protection. 

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Easy-Easy Difficulty, these Tips Choose the right health insurance

The development of insurance shows a fairly high number in Indonesia, public awareness of the importance of a protection for health, life and their assets is one of the factors causing this. People are now smarter and understand the benefits that can be obtained from an insurance service.

Health insurance can be an easy way for someone to manage financial risks due to illness. No exception for young people.

It is also certainly welcomed by insurance service providers, where they try to always innovate and give birth to a variety of new insurance products. This is done to meet all customer needs and also provide many choices that can be tailored to the interests and needs of each of their service users.

choosing the best health insurance should be easy. In addition to the many choices of insurance companies along with the best deals, you also need to be more observant in matching your personal needs with the services provided by the insurance company.

The number of companies engaged in insurance services is also very much spelled out, this of course makes a fairly tight business competition, so the companies are competing to provide the best service for their service users.

Currently there are various types of insurance that you can make as an option, this of course makes you have to be really observant in selecting and choosing one of the insurance services that will be used. One of the most widely used insurance services is health insurance, where the number of users is very high compared to other types of insurance.

When you decide to use health insurance services, then surely you must understand all the policies and rules set out in the insurance policy, this right will prevent you from various kinds of losses that could arise due to inaccurate understanding of the contents of the policies issued by insurance companies. You certainly don't want to experience this, right?

Although it looks the same, but every health insurance policy issued by an insurance company will have differences and advantages of each. This is what you should look at before making a decision, where in many cases some customers feel disadvantaged due to lack of understanding and the provisions contained in the policy.

The following are some points that you can make as the right strategy in choosing health insurance :

1. To understand the needs of the insured

Understand rightly what the needs of the insured. It is aimed so that you can find which health insurance if the most appropriate to your needs, so that the benefits it brings will be more optimally.

If you are already married, select services that can include the whole family. Specify also from now do you need outpatient benefits in addition to hospitalization for example, physiotherapy, dental health and insurance with critical illness protection.

2. adjust the budget with premium magnitude

The amount of the premiums generally depend on how much it is going to be dependent, as well as the insurance of insured risk profile. For example, insurance health gives you the assurance of hospitalization alone may be less expensive than premiums for health insurance with benefits hospitalization outpatient at once.

Financial planners advise, the burden of payment of insurance premium is the ideal are 10%-15% of the total income of your routine. Don't get wrong choosing premium edges make financial budget to swell.

3. Identify insurance systems

About health insurance claims systems, there are two types namely reimbursement and cashless. Both of these methods, it will obviously be a big consideration because it has rules and policies relating to each.

The reimbursement scheme is done by paying in advance all costs of treatment, and then later on You kuitansinya claim to the insurance company concerned. Whereas the system of cashless judged more practical.

4. ask which course provider hospital

Every reputable insurance companies, typically has had cooperation with many hospitals. Ask affordability provider hospital affiliated with the insurance service.

If necessary, do not just hospitals near the location of where you live, but also to the coverage provider to various cities in Indonesia.

5. create a comparison

Make a comparison between the health insurance company with one another. This comparison is important so that you don't get confused by the large number of insurance products that offer a variety of advantages.

Benefits of Reactivation asset to insurance companies

Benefits of Reactivation asset to insurance companies - the problem of delay pay policy a Saving Plan JS Middle facing of Jiwasraya Insurance PT (Persero) still can be resolved by performing a restructuring.

https: content 2018 12 24 320 1995542 manfaat-reaktivasi-aset-bagi-perusahaan-asuransi-jcEiwMDwuC.jpg

In addition to doing the reactivation of assets, Irvan said, management should also perform mapping Jiwasraya restarted against the risk profile of the customer and establish the appropriate backup aktuarial calculations.

This should be done in line with management plans that will utilizing in selling information technology products.

"Count me in, digitization can also reduce the cost of the intermediary," added Irvan.

As is known, as a quick win strategy in solving JS Saving Plan payment management Jiwasraya offers options roll over with an interest rate of 7% per annum paid in advance. In addition, the company also intensively approach with all of our partners and clients holders JS Saving Plan.

Earlier, the Chief Executive of the Financial Industry Watchdog Non-Bank (IKNB) Riswinandi OJK reveals bid roll over Jiwasraya obtain animo positive from clients.

"Right now the trend is to extend (roll over) is increasing but payments are adjusted for the restructuring of management and shareholders. So it is indeed the primary done i.e. how to establish communication with the bank and socialization to listen to suggestions and complaints of policyholders, "said Riswinandi some time ago.

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Colorado Automobile Insurance

Colorado Automobile Insurance
Is your Colorado automobile insurance close to expiring? Perhaps you just purchased a new car and are looking to open your first Colorado auto insurance policy. No matter the reason, the necessity of having car insurance is common.

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Drivers want to make sure they have the right coverage so they can skip the headaches of automobile accidents, vandalism and property damage. When you shop online for Colorado auto insurance you will save more money. While coverage is important, it does not have to be costly. Lower premium rates for Colorado automobile protection will be easier to find when you know about the different types of policies and discounts.

Help with an Accident
You may think that you do not need Colorado automobile insurance. You are going to be safe on the road and if you get pulled over you'll just explain things. Wrong. Not only is that a bad idea, it is one that will cost you a lot of money.

The price of Colorado automobile protection is much less than the price of not having it at all. Drivers must show that they have coverage before they register a vehicle with the state. The coverage can be as low as general liability or as high as full coverage.

When you do not have automobile insurance then you are going to have to pay out of pocket for any automobile accident. This means if you knock over a mailbox, you will pay. If someone hits you with their car, you will pay.

All drivers must have Colorado automobile insurance to truly be safe on the Colorado roadways. Learn more about coverage options and how to save to find the best policy.

Choosing Which Coverage is Right for You
There are different levels of automobile insurance that a driver in Colorado may be considering. When you think about the terrain differences of Denver, Aurora and Fort Collins, CO you could see that everyone is going to be on various roads. The amount you travel, type of vehicle and even where you live are going to affect your Colorado automobile insurance needs.

You can choose between collision, comprehensive and general liability for your Colorado car insurance wants and desires. The level of protection you have really depends on your comfort level. You may want the best coverage possible for your teenage driver; on the other hand a senior citizen that only drives a couple of times a week will not be looking for the same thing. Differences in needs are going to create differences in automobile insurance.

General liability is usually the cheapest which people enjoy. It will also cover you in the event of an accident or if you cause property damage. Bodily injury liability and property damage are the two most common types of liability coverage in Colorado.

Liability coverage may only be used to cover damages you are liable for causing. This means your car won't be repaired, but the person's car that you damage will be. It may seem unfair, but that is how liability works. Of course, drivers could get additional liability policy that would help cover their auto repair cost and medical expenses.

Comprehensive and collision Colorado auto insurance policies will cover your expenses without having to find additional coverage. Collision will help you if you are in an accident and comprehensive covers weather, fire and theft.

Discounts Are Online for Automobile Insurance
When you start weighing out what coverage you want for your Colorado vehicle insurance you may be thinking about the price. You are not the only one. This economy has everyone scrounging and trying to save every little penny. Auto coverage can be expensive, but it doesn't have to be. When you look for automobile coverage online you will have the best chance of finding cheap car coverage.

Discounts are a great way to save money with a cheaper premium rate on your Colorado automobile coverage, but you aren't going to find them fast over the phone. Think of all the time it would take to call all the different providers of automobile coverage. When you imagine the time on the phone compared to a couple of minutes online the internet is clearly the better option.

Not only will you save time, but you are going to save money. Find more discounts to reward you for your good driving skills, credit score and carpool abilities. Drivers who have a troubled driving record, low credit rating and no ability to carpool can still find insurance discounts. All you have to do is look for Colorado automobile insurance today.

Even though you may live in Denver, CO that doesn't mean you have to pay more than someone in Aurora, CO. There is a way to find lower premium rates and comparing rates is it.

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Get to know the 4 types of life insurance, choose which one?

Get to know the 4 types of life insurance, choose which one? - Life insurance is a guarantee that aims to run the risk of someone against unexpected financial losses. Often times insurance sounds daunting, because the connection is always not far from death. But other than that, the actual life insurance is also beneficial for a family when people are provide a living no longer able to work because of a health problem or disability is permanent.

https: content 2018 12 14 320 1991376 mengenal-4-jenis-asuransi-jiwa-pilih-yang-mana-eHDlNbGE65.jpg

As head of the family, the risk was supposed to be a primary consideration. No insurance will look as an attempt "to serve and umbrella before it rains" which does not yet feel the benefits right now, but in the future.

In life insurance, there are four categories of products that are divided based on the needs of each prospective customer. Check out more details in the following reviews are offered from the page:

1. Life insurance Futures Exchange (Term Life Insurance)

As the name implies, this type of insurance provides protection to policyholders in a certain period of time. Protection system used has a validity period. Long established here starting from 5 years, 10 years or 20 years, according to the quote given by the insurance company.

Because of the length of contract that is no longer valid after the due date, then life insurance futures belongs to the most affordable. The range of the cost of the premiums alone only Rp 250,000 per month.

Although cheap, but the coverage obtained no doubt many even remain in number, could reach billions of dollars. The drawback, premiums have been paid can be scorched if no claim for insurance policy still applies.


2. Whole life insurance (Whole Life Insurance)

Unlike the futures that have life insurance term, whole life insurance or Whole Life Insurance gives protection to the policyholder's lifetime. The intended life-long is 99 years or 100 years.

Why the figure is said to last a lifetime? According to the Central Bureau of statistics, the life expectancy of the average Indonesia population 70 years. Whole life insurance this will return the total premium that you have paid with interest as much as 4 percent per year.

When calculated, the total is not much let alone with the tax cuts. But the benefits, the insurance premium will not scorch when there is no claim, so it can be taken as a whole when the contract period ends. For all the advantages of the got, of course there is a price to be paid more, i.e. money premiums much higher than life insurance futures.

3. Life Insurance Dwiguna (Endowment Insurance)

Furthermore, there is a life insurance dwiguna. Life insurance offers 2 advantages. In other words, there is a collaboration between futures and insurance benefits savings for education and pension funds.

Not a few parents who are interested in insurance for the sake of the child's school fees can prepare or ensure his survival even though you retired later. Other things that are profitable and different with futures is a life insurance benefit life obtained by policyholders.

When you as the insured is still alive when the policy matures, then the sum assured will be provided by the insurance company. The validity period is varied, ranging from 10 years to a certain age, for example 60 years.

4. Life insurance Link units (Unit Linked Insurance)

Lastly, the life insurance unit links are arguably is a prima donna in the industry itself. Combines investment with life insurance and health insurance, this type of insurance is perfect for you who are interested in investment at the same time want to still get the protection of life and health.

Investment in this unit link insurance driven by insurance companies so policyholders just sits sweet and got a report each month about the value of his investment. However, fixed investment gain or loss incurred by you.

The portion of premiums in General, 20 percent for investment and 80 percent of the remainder is intended for assurance life insurance customers. Unfortunately, the results of the new investments can be enjoyed at the fifth year because no premiums were payable again.

The level of awareness to have this product may still low in Indonesia. In contrast to developed countries as it is in Japan, where almost the entire population of productive age mainly already has a life insurance policy.

Get to know the property insurance, what is Covered and how the submission?

Get to know the property insurance, what is Covered and how the submission? - Property insurance may not be as popular as health insurance or vehicle insurance. But actually have property insurance benefits that are not less important.

However, people tend to rule out this type of insurance. For you the homeowner lives and yet too know the property insurance, this article can help you understand the property insurance and insurance filings reported by the way of


Types of property insurance

In general there are two types of property insurance, namely, property insurance for home and business insurance. Business insurance is divided again into warehouses, store/shop, and Office/rukan.

What is a cover ?

A disaster could come anytime. Both disasters have become a subscription in the rainy season such as floods, as well as disasters such as fire, explosions, and smoke. Risks such as weather changes affected by lightning are also included in dependents. Even property insurance also bear the damage if the home of the fall of an airplane.

Not only is it well, policyholders can also find warranty extension risk. This risk guarantee covering the riots/uprisings, landslides, storms or hurricanes, theft, and the cost of cleaning the debris.

Private collection items, valuables, or furniture can also go into protection. But of course you have to combine it with personal property insurance. So, not only the main building that is protected, but also the content in it.

For home insurance or property insurance, most likely the only standard form of fire risk warrants it. However, the current coverage can be expanded with additional pay a premium. The expansion of this assurance is broader than a regular home insurance as mentioned above.

Home here is not only the home of the tread, but apartments and flats are also included. Property insurance doesn't just apply to homes that had already been paid off, but the House purchased in credit also needs to be insured. Your House can be insured for three-story though, as long as the material of the second floor and the third floor deck made of wood or other combustible materials.

For business insurance, the coverage could be extended to guarantee home fixtures, machines, inventory or merchandise, finished goods, and so on. In addition, Business Interruption insurance policy also provided (Business Interruption) which gives a guarantee of protection for loss of profit or revenue because of the disruption caused by the efforts of the loss, destruction, or damage that is guaranteed by the all risk property insurance policy.

What are the benefits?

In addition to get compensation when property is exposed to fire, natural disasters, or theft, you also don't have to pay the architect or surveyor and consultant while renovating the building.

With property insurance, you can live with peace of mind. You also don't have to worry when leaving the House in a long time because everything is already protected.

How much quantity of premium payable?

Large premium a property insurance is usually influenced by the location and use of buildings. For example, the State of the buildings are inhabited or more left its occupants; the State of the environment of the building; loss due to robbery or demolition that never happened; the type and value of the property that will be insured, as well as whether building ever exposed to flooding. So likely, submission of insurance will be denied if you live in area that floods every year.

The quality of the building also determines the cheap or expensive premiums to be paid. In property insurance, the building is divided into three classes. The first class are fireproof, class two relatively resistant to fire, and the third class tend to be vulnerable to burning.

The price premium for first-class is cheaper and the most expensive of the three classes. Please note, if your House is made of 100% photo material, most likely an insurance application will be rejected. Before determining the premiums, the insurance company will inspect the property carefully to determine the quality of construction of the property.

What do I need to list the property insurance?

In General, these are the documents that must be prepared:

Photocopying (scan) ID CARD

Photocopy of the company Certificate (if the property insured Office or building)

Photocopy Of Certificate Of Land

Photocopying Permission Building (IMB)

Photocopying the tax of Earth and building (PBB)

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5 reasons why property insurance Compulsory you have

5 reasons why property insurance Compulsory you have - Public awareness of the importance of property insurance Indonesia is still very low. They are still giving priority to health or life insurance. In fact, Indonesia being one of the countries with the world's tallest disaster risks such as floods, earthquakes, tsunamis, and volcanic eruptions. 

5 Alasan Mengapa Asuransi Properti Wajib Anda Miliki

Property insurance is a kind of protection against property assets such as houses, apartments and offices. The aim to anticipate the financial losses due to unexpected events that befell your property. These unexpected events can be catastrophic, consequential things humans such as fire, explosions, and riots.

Based on the amount of risk incurred, property insurance is divided into two, namely the standard property insurance and insurance of the property all risk. While based on the insured property distinguished insurance house owner and insurance house holder.

Well, now you've understand ' right notions of property insurance? As the owner, now is the time to protect your valuable property assets from unwanted things.

How Important Property Insurance?
The property includes a part of your life that need to gain assurance of salvation. Here are five reasons the importance of property insurance.

#1. You Got Damages Financially
You cannot predict what will happen at a later date which will overwrite your property. To that end, this protection is useful to anticipate the financial losses that might be You have experienced. It also guarantees protection against risks which are written in the policy or regulation of insurance, so that you will be helped.

#2. Houses, buildings, and property is protected
Not only protects the outer aspect of the property, but also the furniture or possessions in it. Of course you have to be willing to register the whole stuff to the insured. That way, you can get insurance benefits i.e., compensation for the damages that occurred.

#3. Your Property Values Remain Stable
One of the goals that not many people know is keeping the value of the property or the value of the home to keep it stable, even higher. If your home value is not affected will fall, so no need to worry about lost profits. Especially if you use the all risk insurance, the guarantee will be given for loss of income.

#4. Avoid the risk of Lawsuits
Another advantage is it can protect you from lawsuits. This if there are other people who suffered injuries due to the disaster that happened in your property. In addition, usually as a condition to apply for loans.

#5. Live more comfortable and Peaceful
By having property insurance, You automatically get the benefits that don't look like peace and comfort. By having property insurance, at least you have to minimize various loss due to unexpected events. Have property insurance is a long-term preventive action for your life.

Disasters can happen anytime and overwrite anything. You never know, because how great-wonderful you predict, you do not have the will of all. To that end, have property insurance as an effort to protect the valuable assets from unwanted occurrences in the future.

Understanding, benefits, and other types of health insurance

Understanding, benefits, and other types of health insurance – a modern multi purpose so much as now they became expensive Department, and one of them is the expensive medical expenses. But behind the modernization of the Department, although expensive but everything becomes so easy and practical. In the world of health itself, need not be denied that they are also more expensive, the cost of treatment, care, and more all the more costly.

On the other hand, we as humans are highly susceptible to the disease, a lot of things that can affect our health worsens, and the start of the environment we live in, food and drinks that we consume, all of which carry the risks against our health, No wonder if human beings are more easily exposed to the disease.

The more easy it is to fall ill, the expensive cost of treatment, and the magnitude of the burden of health risks that we feel, the reasons for this is that triggers the presence of current health insurance. Health insurance currently has become one of my most favorite insurance in the world, this is not surprising since it is caused by the reasons mentioned above, and also health insurance can also make someone be calm and no need to worry anymore with the expensive costs of treatment, because if at any time the insurance companies got sick will bear all the costs of treatment.

If you are a person who is so concerned with health, and are not sure of your financial ability to pay all medical expenses, health insurance is probably the solution that suits you. However please note, before you decide to use health insurance, it's good you know in depth in advance what is health insurance? What are its benefits? And what are the different types? The important thing for you to do that you are not wrong in taking insurance. Well, to learn about health insurance, you can listen to the reviews about understanding, benefits, and other types of health insurance that I give below.

Pengertian, Manfaat, dan Jenis-Jenis Asuransi Kesehatan

Understanding Health Insurance
Basically is the health insurance is insurance that specifically address the health risk, health insurance will cover the necessary costs if you fall ill, as well as if the pain is caused by a accident.

But surely the advantage you get from health insurance is not free, if there is no help from the Government or from where you are working then you are required to pay a premium. The magnitude of this premium can vary depending on many things like the level of risk incurred and administrative, and certainly how premium you have to pay will also be determined by the insurance company.

Health insurance can be obtained by you on the different types of insurance companies, precisely in the social insurance company, insurance company, or can also be obtained by you in a general insurance company.

If you have trouble to get insurance, the Central Government as well as some local governments also provide assistance, help with health insurance from the Government or often called as public health assurance for help with health insurance at the level of local government provincial, but help is only given to those who are low income earners only.

Types Of Insurance
Health insurance can be differentiated into various types, that is to say there are some things that you can choose. Among them are based on the type of treatment, the Manager of the Fund, member participation, the number of funds that paid the insured, and the way the replacement.

Based on the type of treatment, health insurance can be distinguished into two, namely hospitalization (in-patient treatment) and ambulatory (out-patient treatment). While the Fund's Manager, based in health insurance there are two parties, namely the Government and private sector. You need to know, there is also the issue that the Government-run service is not as good as that's managed by private, so it's not a bit disappointed over the customer service of the Government, this may give you can consider if it will be take out health insurance.

Based on the participation of the Member, in health insurance can be done on the basis of the obligation or on a voluntary basis. In big companies sometimes require employees to participate in the health insurance premium payment which is done by way of pay cuts, so inevitably the employees must follow the rules of the company, it's certainly In contrast to free people who want to buy health insurance or not in accordance with his own. Whereas if views based on the amount of funds paid, can be distinguished into two first the entire cost borne by insurance companies and the second insurance company just took fees tall only, so that the costs low arising not covered.

In health insurance, those who are covered can also be distinguished into two types, namely individuals and groups as well. Insurance companies can provide health protection against the person per diver individually provided they Country Indonesia. In addition, it can also be given in groups, e.g. given to an organization, company, or may be given to a family, with terms generally within the group must be a minimum of 5 people. Whereas if views based on how the substitution of, health insurance can be done in two ways, namely filing damages using a membership card and also the submission of customer by way of indemnity pay the entire treatment in advance, only then will be reimbursed by the insurance company.

Health Insurance Benefits
Health savings accounts, health insurance can be your health savings, through payment of premiums that you do in a given period will be very beneficial for you in the future when things that you don't want to overwrite. Not everyone can be saved, most of the savings will be exhausted for the purposes of the result is not important, basic necessities such as health. But with health insurance premiums, pay you as well as forced to save regularly and disciplined because you are required to pay a premium.

Lighten the loadof human needs, not just health alone, many more other subject matter needs, it's good if we gradually reduce the burden of life, and one way is by following the program health insurance. If in the future you are experiencing a disaster, then you don't need to worry with the required fee, so you can use the funds you have for other purposes are no less important.

Comfortable and peaceful Life, I'm sure you love with yourself, with your husband/wife, kids and family you have, our wish mightily to protect those we pity, let alone live it feels filled with threats that make us always misgivings. However, fortunately there is health insurance, with health insurance at least we can ensure that the maximum care and treatment can be given by people that we care about, so a sense of worry can be reduced, life feels more comfortable and serene setting.
Okay, maybe that's all reviews about understanding, benefits, and other types of health insurance that I can give to you. Hopefully the reviews about understanding, benefits, and health insurance types above can add insight and knowledge you all.

Insurance benefits in General and special

Interests of the community against the insurance program was still low especially for health insurance and life insurance. The things that we know the cause of the low level of interest in the community, particularly Indonesia, non financial institutions against the bank is incomplete information obtained the public about these institutions in an effort to improve the quality of life in the future.

Brief definition of insurance is a term that refers to the Act of, system, or business responsible for indemnity to people, property, and health from unforeseen events such as damage, loss, or death. Many considered insurance products consumption for upper-class society which has more funds and assets where it needs to be got more protection. When in fact, insurance benefits and other advantages for all among the public at large.

Insurance benefits in General
Here are the benefits of signing up you will get insurance in general or overall.

1. Provide peace

Manfaat Asuransi Memberikan Ketenangan

We never know the likely events that will be experienced by the next day. Every day we pass with the possible events that could just sue the incidentals. When you include people who are very prepared against something, the risk of loss caused by unexpected events can be minimised with ease.

But how about you realize that you are not the type of person like that? The presence of these insurance services providers can provide answers and lighten the load when unexpected events that come up. Insurance benefits to provide protection from the risk of uncertainty and better able to boost confidence for the individual holder.

A replacement will be provided from the service providers insurance services will at least partially to cover the whole of your payment obligations of an incident. Insurance is also known as an alternative control loss or loss control by doing a field survey and provide recommendations to the policy holder to undertake preventive measures and countermeasures of losses.

2. As an investment and savings

Manfaat Asuransi Sebagai Investasi dan Tabungan

By signing up as a client of a policyholder service providers insurance services, you will get the guarantee return on investment at the end of the contract. The insurance investment also gives leniency and flexibility in choosing the protection period. Usually there will be a choice of three customer protection period time policyholders, i.e. 5, 7, and 10 years. In addition, the size of the premium is a single premium of relatively affordable and can be freed from administrative costs.

3. Help minimize Losses

Manfaat Asuransi Meminimalkan Kerugian

In accordance with the respective type, the function of insurance ownership in General is helping the policyholders to minimize loss from unexpected events that may occur as the cost of catastrophic losses, accidents, fires and the cost the hospital.

Minimalisir loss to unexpected events, this can be seen from the example of the following cases:

You are someone who has a home worth Rp3 billion. In addition, you also have an investment in the form of buildings that are used as room rental kos for students in the area around the campus. You just gave more protection to your home while not building for boarders.

When going the catastrophic fire due to gas explosion at home, you can get the cover the cost of the service providers insurance services. While when the fire was going on in the building of kos You, you will be a great loss due to the loss of the building and must bear the loss of goods belonging to the student because the fire occurred due to gas explosion that in fact belongs to you. From here look the importance of having insurance as a guarantee protection either for yourself or for your property and your investment.

Aside from insurance to property, have a great health insurance will also provide health protection for the long term if at any time you are hospitalized due to illness or accident. By having health insurance from a reputable insurance companies such as Prudential health insurance, Allianz, or Manulife will certainly Lighten Your financial burden when one is needed in an emergency.

4. Help organize your Finances

Manfaat Asuransi Membantu Mengatur Keuangan

Your obligation to pay the premium on a regular basis actually indirectly forcing you to provide for a reserve fund to be used when unexpected events occur. However, when unexpected events that actually happen and require you to pull out their money which pretty much for tackling it. 

The existence of the insurance will help you to reduce unexpected expenses that are usually much higher than spending on routine daily or even monthly to you. By having insurance, you don't have to pay the full costs for losses incurred because service providers insurance services it will provide compensation.

Insurance Benefits On The Basis Of Its Kind

Then, in addition to the general benefits of an insurance which has been mentioned above, every type of insurance also provides special protection varies according each of its functions. Some types of insurance that is widely used in Indonesia, among others, are:

1. Health insurance

Manfaat Asuransi Kesehatan

This type of insurance product specifically delivers benefits to policyholders over the collateral costs of health care or when an accident or fall ill. Health insurance guarantees the availability of the funds needed to finance the needs of you and your family's health as the policy holder.

The incidence of illness or accident is not an event that is planned and absolutely no one wants it to be. But we can't predict what will happen and how its impact upon us. This is of concern to the service provider of insurance services to assist you in providing health coverage such as hospitalization costs and operating costs.

2. Life insurance

Manfaat Asuransi Jiwa

This insurance is for people who took on unexpected financial losses caused by the risk of death or the risk of living too long. The use of life insurance will provide benefits to the community program to replace policyholders JPS (social safety net) Government, because it helps maintain the stability of society, and became one of the sources of finance. These businesses also benefit with open jobs.

3. Insurance Guarantee days old

Manfaat Asuransi Jaminan Hari Tua

The goal of this type of insurance provides policyholders income certainty when it has undergone a retirement, and also to his family when the insured dies. This insurance also helps users realize the dream of having entered old age, because the Fund can be used for various purposes in the future.

4. Insurance Education

Manfaat Asuransi Pendidikan

Known as alternative educational savings accounts for children who planned to undergo schooling at the elementary level to the College. Insurance education is divided into two types, namely protection and investment

5. Property insurance

Manfaat Asuransi Properti

It can be said this type of insurance are less popular among Indonesia's society. Property insurance is one type of insurance that gives guarantees to holders of polisnya to menjaminkan a home or business which became sub-types of property insurance.

Important asset such as a home, Office, or building now assessed needs to get more protection. By registering the insurance for a valuable asset, then you will get a warranty from the insurance in case of accident resulting in damaged or lost a valuable asset. Indemnification is experienced when the policy holder being registered will be shut down by insurers.

6. Travel insurance

Manfaat Asuransi Perjalanan

A type of insurance that guarantee protection to the policyholder when it is on its way as the protection of medical expenses, loss of belongings in the luggage, lost travel documents, and others.

7. Motor Vehicle Insurance/car insurance

Manfaat Asuransi Kendaraan Bermotor

One of the types of insurance that guarantee protection from loss or damage to motor vehicles for its policyholders. Loss or damage which are borne by the motor vehicle insurance services providers include:

Traffic accidents such as collisions, collision, until it crashed Evil deeds from others TheftFire

What is insurance ?

Insurance is a coverage or an agreement between two parties whereby one party, is obligated to pay dues/contributions/premium. Other parties have the obligation of guarantee wholly to the payer of dues/contributions/premiums in case something that befell the first party or his goods in accordance with the agreements already made)

Image result for insurance

The term "insured" usually refers to everything that is protection

Legal basis 
Insurance in law No. 2 Th 1992 

Insurance in law No. 2 Th 1992 regarding business Insurance is an agreement between two or more parties, in which the insurer committing yourself to the insured, by receiving premiums of insurance, to provide replacement to the insured because of the loss, damage or lost profits expected legal liability or third party that may be suffered by the insured, arising from an event which is uncertain, or providing a payment that based upon his life someone who died.

The Agency distributes risk called "the insured", and the Agency accepts the risk of so-called "insurer". The agreement between the two bodies is called policy: this is a legal contract that outlines each of the terms and conditions are reserved. Costs paid by the "insured" to "insurer" for the risk borne by the so-called "premium". This is usually determined by the "insurer" for funds that can be claimed in the future, the Administrative cost, and profits.

An example: a couple buying a home costing $ million. Knowing that lost their homes will lead them to financial ruin, they take insurance protection in the form of home ownership policy. The policy will pay for replacement or repair their houses in case of disasters. Insurance companies about their premiums amounting to Rp1 million per year. The risk of losing the House have been channeled from the homeowner to the insurance company.

The insurer uses actuarial science 

The insurer uses actuarial science to calculate their risk estimate. Actuarial science uses mathematics, mainly statistics and probability, which can be used to protect risk to estimate the claims at a later date with reliable accuracy.

For example, many people buy insurance policies home ownership and then they pay a premium to an insurance company. When the loss occurred, the insurer must pay the claim. For some of the insured, the insurance benefits they receive are much greater than the money they had been paid to the insurer. Others may not make claims. If averaged from all policies sold, the total claims paid out lower than the total premiums paid to the insured, with the difference is the cost and profit.

Insurance companies also benefit investment. Was obtained from investing premiums received until they have to pay the claim. This money is called "float". The insurer can earn the profit or loss of the price change float and also interest rates or dividends on the float. In the United States, the loss of property and deaths recorded by the insurance companies was US $142,3 billion within five years that ended in 2003. But the total profit in the same period was US $68,4 billion, as a result of float. 

The basic principle of insurance 

In the world of insurance there are 6 kinds of basic principles that must be met, namely:

1. Insurable interest
The right to insure, arising from a financial relationship between the insured and the insured with legally recognized.

2. Utmost good faith
An act to disclose accurately and completely, all the facts which the material (material fact) about something that would be insured either requested or not. Meaning: the insurer must honestly describe everything clearly about the extent of the terms/conditions of insurance and the insured must also give a clear description and correct over objects or interests which dipertanggungkan.

3. Proximate cause
An active, efficient causes which give rise to a chain of events that give rise to a result in the absence of an intervention that began and actively from new and independent sources.

4. Indemnity
A mechanism in which the insurer provide financial compensation in his efforts to put the insured in a financial position to which he had just prior to the occurrence of damages (article 252, 253 KUHD and reaffirmed in article 278).

4. Subrogation
Transfer of a right of claim of the insured to the insurer after the claims paid.

5. Contribution
The right of the insurer to invite other insurer alike bore, but not necessarily the same obligations toward the insured to provide indemnity.

Rejection of insurance 
Some people regard insurance as a form of betting in force during the period of the policy. Insurance companies bet that property buyers will not be lost when the buyer paying out the money. The difference in the fees paid to the insurance company against the quantities they can receive when the accident happened almost the same as when someone bet on horse racing. For this reason, some religious groups including the Amish avoid insurance and dependent upon the support received by the communities of them when the disaster occurred. In the community the close relationship and support in which its people can help each other to rebuild the lost property, this plan can work. Most societies could not effectively support system as above and this system will not work for large risks