Monday, March 18, 2019

5 reasons why property insurance Compulsory you have

5 reasons why property insurance Compulsory you have - Public awareness of the importance of property insurance Indonesia is still very low. They are still giving priority to health or life insurance. In fact, Indonesia being one of the countries with the world's tallest disaster risks such as floods, earthquakes, tsunamis, and volcanic eruptions. 

5 Alasan Mengapa Asuransi Properti Wajib Anda Miliki

Property insurance is a kind of protection against property assets such as houses, apartments and offices. The aim to anticipate the financial losses due to unexpected events that befell your property. These unexpected events can be catastrophic, consequential things humans such as fire, explosions, and riots.

Based on the amount of risk incurred, property insurance is divided into two, namely the standard property insurance and insurance of the property all risk. While based on the insured property distinguished insurance house owner and insurance house holder.

Well, now you've understand ' right notions of property insurance? As the owner, now is the time to protect your valuable property assets from unwanted things.

How Important Property Insurance?
The property includes a part of your life that need to gain assurance of salvation. Here are five reasons the importance of property insurance.

#1. You Got Damages Financially
You cannot predict what will happen at a later date which will overwrite your property. To that end, this protection is useful to anticipate the financial losses that might be You have experienced. It also guarantees protection against risks which are written in the policy or regulation of insurance, so that you will be helped.

#2. Houses, buildings, and property is protected
Not only protects the outer aspect of the property, but also the furniture or possessions in it. Of course you have to be willing to register the whole stuff to the insured. That way, you can get insurance benefits i.e., compensation for the damages that occurred.

#3. Your Property Values Remain Stable
One of the goals that not many people know is keeping the value of the property or the value of the home to keep it stable, even higher. If your home value is not affected will fall, so no need to worry about lost profits. Especially if you use the all risk insurance, the guarantee will be given for loss of income.

#4. Avoid the risk of Lawsuits
Another advantage is it can protect you from lawsuits. This if there are other people who suffered injuries due to the disaster that happened in your property. In addition, usually as a condition to apply for loans.

#5. Live more comfortable and Peaceful
By having property insurance, You automatically get the benefits that don't look like peace and comfort. By having property insurance, at least you have to minimize various loss due to unexpected events. Have property insurance is a long-term preventive action for your life.

Disasters can happen anytime and overwrite anything. You never know, because how great-wonderful you predict, you do not have the will of all. To that end, have property insurance as an effort to protect the valuable assets from unwanted occurrences in the future.


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