Sunday, March 24, 2019

6 Things that must be Known before taking a life insurance policy

6 Things that must be Known before taking a life insurance policy - Many people assume that the content of the insurance policy is very complicated and hard to understand so they choose not to read them in detail while buying insurance. It's certainly a big mistake because the insurance policies of various important information regarding such services will be listed in there. Then, if you choose to not read it properly, how can probably understand the contents correctly?

Incomprehension towards the insurance policy you choose may cause problems later. In cases like this, one day you could have suffered losses in the use of these products. Even things like this happen often and should we make as learning materials for your new product will buy insurance.

The policy is mandatory for you to read and understand properly. Because the various rights and obligations will be loaded in it. Do not let you experience other problems or claims fail over insurance that you use. The incident will certainly result in losses against your finances. Below are some points you should be aware of the insurance policy.

1. Understand the content of the insurance policy

Not just selling products, insurance companies actually provide enough time for you to learn the contents of the policy you purchase. In this case, you will be given the time of about 14 days to be able to understand in detail the insurance policy. And if it is objected that the policy content, you can cancel the purchase of the insurance policy. You were not adversely affected insurance companies. because of all the premiums you have paid will be refunded without pieces.

so don't be in a hurry to take a decision and immediately have the policy without read and understand it. It can harm you. Use this chance well so you can get the benefits of the policy to the maximum.

2. Data concerning the policy holder and the insured

Isi Polis Asuransi Jiwa

The policy is a legal document which is very important in the insurance services you use. Always make sure that you do the initial data is carefully and properly. This will be very important for the various Affairs in the future, including when you will do the claims to the insurance company.

Error data will complicate your in take care of various things related to your insurance. Therefore, it is very important to fill it out correctly and in accordance with the data that should be. Restart after checking the data so that you can ensure that data listed are correct and appropriate.

3. The benefits of protection insurance

Don't forget to make sure that all the existing benefits in the insurance you buy were in accordance with your wishes and needs. Lest You harmed over it. At the very least, be aware of some of the points below are related to insurance benefits.
  • The sum insured that will be received by the heir if at any time the insured experiences an accident such as an accident.
  • The period of insurance that the insurance company will give to the insured.
  • Inpatient facilities that will be obtained, including various services in it.
  • Benefits that will be obtained from additional insurance services are used.
  • Procedure for filing a claim.

4. Provisions Related to Premiums

Manfaat Asuransi

Premium is also a very important thing for you to understand in detail. It could be that insurance companies apply a number of rules related to this. Some of the points below are important things that you must pay attention to regarding insurance premiums.
  • Amount of premium to be paid, payment term, method of payment, and various other provisions related to the payment.
  • Provisions related to late premium payments. In this case, the insurance company will implement certain policies that are very likely to affect the effectiveness of the insurance services you have.
  • Recovery of policies that have been lapse (inactive) if at any time you experience premium arrears that result in the policy being unable to be used properly.

5. Exceptions

Ketentuan Asuransi Jiwa

These various provisions constitute points that can cause a claim to experience rejection by the insurance company. Some of them are like:
  • In life insurance, coverage will be declared null, if the insured dies due to several things such as:
  • Death due to suicide that occurred within 2 years after the policy was issued.
  • The insured died while committing a crime.
  • The insured is executed by the court
  • The Insured dies as a result of a crime or murder committed by an interested party in the coverage.
  • In accident insurance, the policy will be declared invalid if:
  • Wars or war conditions occur in the territory of Indonesia.
  • There were strikes, riots, riots, rebellions, civil war, and also the takeover of power.
  • Military or police duties that are being carried out by the insured, except using additional premiums.
  • The act of committing suicide or self-harm (whether conscious or unconscious), serving a sentence of execution by the court, the insured committing a crime, dying from a crime or murder by someone who has an interest in the coverage.
  • Serve as a flight crew, except using additional premiums.
  • Doing various risky sports activities, except paying additional premiums.
  • Died due to drinks containing alcohol, prohibited substances, poisons, gases and the like.
  • Died as a result of suffering from an illness or infection, except those caused by cutting off body parts due to accidents.
6. Cost Cutting Provisions

The amount of fees applied in your insurance service is certainly a mandatory thing to understand from the start. Because this will reduce the benefits you get. Check out some of the costs that should be observed, especially when taking unit link insurance.
  • Maintenance cost
  • Basic Insurance Fee
  • Cost of Changing Investment Fund Allocation (Switching)
  • Monthly Administration Fees
  • Fund Management Fee (per year)


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