Friday, March 22, 2019

Benefits of Reactivation asset to insurance companies

Benefits of Reactivation asset to insurance companies - the problem of delay pay policy a Saving Plan JS Middle facing of Jiwasraya Insurance PT (Persero) still can be resolved by performing a restructuring.

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In addition to doing the reactivation of assets, Irvan said, management should also perform mapping Jiwasraya restarted against the risk profile of the customer and establish the appropriate backup aktuarial calculations.

This should be done in line with management plans that will utilizing in selling information technology products.

"Count me in, digitization can also reduce the cost of the intermediary," added Irvan.

As is known, as a quick win strategy in solving JS Saving Plan payment management Jiwasraya offers options roll over with an interest rate of 7% per annum paid in advance. In addition, the company also intensively approach with all of our partners and clients holders JS Saving Plan.

Earlier, the Chief Executive of the Financial Industry Watchdog Non-Bank (IKNB) Riswinandi OJK reveals bid roll over Jiwasraya obtain animo positive from clients.

"Right now the trend is to extend (roll over) is increasing but payments are adjusted for the restructuring of management and shareholders. So it is indeed the primary done i.e. how to establish communication with the bank and socialization to listen to suggestions and complaints of policyholders, "said Riswinandi some time ago.


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