Tuesday, March 19, 2019

Get to know the 4 types of life insurance, choose which one?

Get to know the 4 types of life insurance, choose which one? - Life insurance is a guarantee that aims to run the risk of someone against unexpected financial losses. Often times insurance sounds daunting, because the connection is always not far from death. But other than that, the actual life insurance is also beneficial for a family when people are provide a living no longer able to work because of a health problem or disability is permanent.

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As head of the family, the risk was supposed to be a primary consideration. No insurance will look as an attempt "to serve and umbrella before it rains" which does not yet feel the benefits right now, but in the future.

In life insurance, there are four categories of products that are divided based on the needs of each prospective customer. Check out more details in the following reviews are offered from the CekAja.com page:

1. Life insurance Futures Exchange (Term Life Insurance)

As the name implies, this type of insurance provides protection to policyholders in a certain period of time. Protection system used has a validity period. Long established here starting from 5 years, 10 years or 20 years, according to the quote given by the insurance company.

Because of the length of contract that is no longer valid after the due date, then life insurance futures belongs to the most affordable. The range of the cost of the premiums alone only Rp 250,000 per month.

Although cheap, but the coverage obtained no doubt many even remain in number, could reach billions of dollars. The drawback, premiums have been paid can be scorched if no claim for insurance policy still applies.


2. Whole life insurance (Whole Life Insurance)

Unlike the futures that have life insurance term, whole life insurance or Whole Life Insurance gives protection to the policyholder's lifetime. The intended life-long is 99 years or 100 years.

Why the figure is said to last a lifetime? According to the Central Bureau of statistics, the life expectancy of the average Indonesia population 70 years. Whole life insurance this will return the total premium that you have paid with interest as much as 4 percent per year.

When calculated, the total is not much let alone with the tax cuts. But the benefits, the insurance premium will not scorch when there is no claim, so it can be taken as a whole when the contract period ends. For all the advantages of the got, of course there is a price to be paid more, i.e. money premiums much higher than life insurance futures.

3. Life Insurance Dwiguna (Endowment Insurance)

Furthermore, there is a life insurance dwiguna. Life insurance offers 2 advantages. In other words, there is a collaboration between futures and insurance benefits savings for education and pension funds.

Not a few parents who are interested in insurance for the sake of the child's school fees can prepare or ensure his survival even though you retired later. Other things that are profitable and different with futures is a life insurance benefit life obtained by policyholders.

When you as the insured is still alive when the policy matures, then the sum assured will be provided by the insurance company. The validity period is varied, ranging from 10 years to a certain age, for example 60 years.

4. Life insurance Link units (Unit Linked Insurance)

Lastly, the life insurance unit links are arguably is a prima donna in the industry itself. Combines investment with life insurance and health insurance, this type of insurance is perfect for you who are interested in investment at the same time want to still get the protection of life and health.

Investment in this unit link insurance driven by insurance companies so policyholders just sits sweet and got a report each month about the value of his investment. However, fixed investment gain or loss incurred by you.

The portion of premiums in General, 20 percent for investment and 80 percent of the remainder is intended for assurance life insurance customers. Unfortunately, the results of the new investments can be enjoyed at the fifth year because no premiums were payable again.

The level of awareness to have this product may still low in Indonesia. In contrast to developed countries as it is in Japan, where almost the entire population of productive age mainly already has a life insurance policy.