Tuesday, March 19, 2019

Get to know the property insurance, what is Covered and how the submission?

Get to know the property insurance, what is Covered and how the submission? - Property insurance may not be as popular as health insurance or vehicle insurance. But actually have property insurance benefits that are not less important.

However, people tend to rule out this type of insurance. For you the homeowner lives and yet too know the property insurance, this article can help you understand the property insurance and insurance filings reported by the way of CekAja.com:


Types of property insurance

In general there are two types of property insurance, namely, property insurance for home and business insurance. Business insurance is divided again into warehouses, store/shop, and Office/rukan.

What is a cover ?

A disaster could come anytime. Both disasters have become a subscription in the rainy season such as floods, as well as disasters such as fire, explosions, and smoke. Risks such as weather changes affected by lightning are also included in dependents. Even property insurance also bear the damage if the home of the fall of an airplane.

Not only is it well, policyholders can also find warranty extension risk. This risk guarantee covering the riots/uprisings, landslides, storms or hurricanes, theft, and the cost of cleaning the debris.

Private collection items, valuables, or furniture can also go into protection. But of course you have to combine it with personal property insurance. So, not only the main building that is protected, but also the content in it.

For home insurance or property insurance, most likely the only standard form of fire risk warrants it. However, the current coverage can be expanded with additional pay a premium. The expansion of this assurance is broader than a regular home insurance as mentioned above.

Home here is not only the home of the tread, but apartments and flats are also included. Property insurance doesn't just apply to homes that had already been paid off, but the House purchased in credit also needs to be insured. Your House can be insured for three-story though, as long as the material of the second floor and the third floor deck made of wood or other combustible materials.

For business insurance, the coverage could be extended to guarantee home fixtures, machines, inventory or merchandise, finished goods, and so on. In addition, Business Interruption insurance policy also provided (Business Interruption) which gives a guarantee of protection for loss of profit or revenue because of the disruption caused by the efforts of the loss, destruction, or damage that is guaranteed by the all risk property insurance policy.

What are the benefits?

In addition to get compensation when property is exposed to fire, natural disasters, or theft, you also don't have to pay the architect or surveyor and consultant while renovating the building.

With property insurance, you can live with peace of mind. You also don't have to worry when leaving the House in a long time because everything is already protected.

How much quantity of premium payable?

Large premium a property insurance is usually influenced by the location and use of buildings. For example, the State of the buildings are inhabited or more left its occupants; the State of the environment of the building; loss due to robbery or demolition that never happened; the type and value of the property that will be insured, as well as whether building ever exposed to flooding. So likely, submission of insurance will be denied if you live in area that floods every year.

The quality of the building also determines the cheap or expensive premiums to be paid. In property insurance, the building is divided into three classes. The first class are fireproof, class two relatively resistant to fire, and the third class tend to be vulnerable to burning.

The price premium for first-class is cheaper and the most expensive of the three classes. Please note, if your House is made of 100% photo material, most likely an insurance application will be rejected. Before determining the premiums, the insurance company will inspect the property carefully to determine the quality of construction of the property.

What do I need to list the property insurance?

In General, these are the documents that must be prepared:

Photocopying (scan) ID CARD

Photocopy of the company Certificate (if the property insured Office or building)

Photocopy Of Certificate Of Land

Photocopying Permission Building (IMB)

Photocopying the tax of Earth and building (PBB)