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Insurance benefits in General and special

Interests of the community against the insurance program was still low especially for health insurance and life insurance. The things that we know the cause of the low level of interest in the community, particularly Indonesia, non financial institutions against the bank is incomplete information obtained the public about these institutions in an effort to improve the quality of life in the future.

Brief definition of insurance is a term that refers to the Act of, system, or business responsible for indemnity to people, property, and health from unforeseen events such as damage, loss, or death. Many considered insurance products consumption for upper-class society which has more funds and assets where it needs to be got more protection. When in fact, insurance benefits and other advantages for all among the public at large.

Insurance benefits in General
Here are the benefits of signing up you will get insurance in general or overall.

1. Provide peace

Manfaat Asuransi Memberikan Ketenangan

We never know the likely events that will be experienced by the next day. Every day we pass with the possible events that could just sue the incidentals. When you include people who are very prepared against something, the risk of loss caused by unexpected events can be minimised with ease.

But how about you realize that you are not the type of person like that? The presence of these insurance services providers can provide answers and lighten the load when unexpected events that come up. Insurance benefits to provide protection from the risk of uncertainty and better able to boost confidence for the individual holder.

A replacement will be provided from the service providers insurance services will at least partially to cover the whole of your payment obligations of an incident. Insurance is also known as an alternative control loss or loss control by doing a field survey and provide recommendations to the policy holder to undertake preventive measures and countermeasures of losses.

2. As an investment and savings

Manfaat Asuransi Sebagai Investasi dan Tabungan

By signing up as a client of a policyholder service providers insurance services, you will get the guarantee return on investment at the end of the contract. The insurance investment also gives leniency and flexibility in choosing the protection period. Usually there will be a choice of three customer protection period time policyholders, i.e. 5, 7, and 10 years. In addition, the size of the premium is a single premium of relatively affordable and can be freed from administrative costs.

3. Help minimize Losses

Manfaat Asuransi Meminimalkan Kerugian

In accordance with the respective type, the function of insurance ownership in General is helping the policyholders to minimize loss from unexpected events that may occur as the cost of catastrophic losses, accidents, fires and the cost the hospital.

Minimalisir loss to unexpected events, this can be seen from the example of the following cases:

You are someone who has a home worth Rp3 billion. In addition, you also have an investment in the form of buildings that are used as room rental kos for students in the area around the campus. You just gave more protection to your home while not building for boarders.

When going the catastrophic fire due to gas explosion at home, you can get the cover the cost of the service providers insurance services. While when the fire was going on in the building of kos You, you will be a great loss due to the loss of the building and must bear the loss of goods belonging to the student because the fire occurred due to gas explosion that in fact belongs to you. From here look the importance of having insurance as a guarantee protection either for yourself or for your property and your investment.

Aside from insurance to property, have a great health insurance will also provide health protection for the long term if at any time you are hospitalized due to illness or accident. By having health insurance from a reputable insurance companies such as Prudential health insurance, Allianz, or Manulife will certainly Lighten Your financial burden when one is needed in an emergency.

4. Help organize your Finances

Manfaat Asuransi Membantu Mengatur Keuangan

Your obligation to pay the premium on a regular basis actually indirectly forcing you to provide for a reserve fund to be used when unexpected events occur. However, when unexpected events that actually happen and require you to pull out their money which pretty much for tackling it. 

The existence of the insurance will help you to reduce unexpected expenses that are usually much higher than spending on routine daily or even monthly to you. By having insurance, you don't have to pay the full costs for losses incurred because service providers insurance services it will provide compensation.

Insurance Benefits On The Basis Of Its Kind

Then, in addition to the general benefits of an insurance which has been mentioned above, every type of insurance also provides special protection varies according each of its functions. Some types of insurance that is widely used in Indonesia, among others, are:

1. Health insurance

Manfaat Asuransi Kesehatan

This type of insurance product specifically delivers benefits to policyholders over the collateral costs of health care or when an accident or fall ill. Health insurance guarantees the availability of the funds needed to finance the needs of you and your family's health as the policy holder.

The incidence of illness or accident is not an event that is planned and absolutely no one wants it to be. But we can't predict what will happen and how its impact upon us. This is of concern to the service provider of insurance services to assist you in providing health coverage such as hospitalization costs and operating costs.

2. Life insurance

Manfaat Asuransi Jiwa

This insurance is for people who took on unexpected financial losses caused by the risk of death or the risk of living too long. The use of life insurance will provide benefits to the community program to replace policyholders JPS (social safety net) Government, because it helps maintain the stability of society, and became one of the sources of finance. These businesses also benefit with open jobs.

3. Insurance Guarantee days old

Manfaat Asuransi Jaminan Hari Tua

The goal of this type of insurance provides policyholders income certainty when it has undergone a retirement, and also to his family when the insured dies. This insurance also helps users realize the dream of having entered old age, because the Fund can be used for various purposes in the future.

4. Insurance Education

Manfaat Asuransi Pendidikan

Known as alternative educational savings accounts for children who planned to undergo schooling at the elementary level to the College. Insurance education is divided into two types, namely protection and investment

5. Property insurance

Manfaat Asuransi Properti

It can be said this type of insurance are less popular among Indonesia's society. Property insurance is one type of insurance that gives guarantees to holders of polisnya to menjaminkan a home or business which became sub-types of property insurance.

Important asset such as a home, Office, or building now assessed needs to get more protection. By registering the insurance for a valuable asset, then you will get a warranty from the insurance in case of accident resulting in damaged or lost a valuable asset. Indemnification is experienced when the policy holder being registered will be shut down by insurers.

6. Travel insurance

Manfaat Asuransi Perjalanan

A type of insurance that guarantee protection to the policyholder when it is on its way as the protection of medical expenses, loss of belongings in the luggage, lost travel documents, and others.

7. Motor Vehicle Insurance/car insurance

Manfaat Asuransi Kendaraan Bermotor

One of the types of insurance that guarantee protection from loss or damage to motor vehicles for its policyholders. Loss or damage which are borne by the motor vehicle insurance services providers include:

Traffic accidents such as collisions, collision, until it crashed Evil deeds from others TheftFire

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