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Interesting facts About car insurance

Interesting facts About car insurance

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The desire to have four wheels cannot be avoided any longer, especially in urban areas. Combined motor vehicle Industry (Gaikindo) Indonesia confident car sales until the end of the year 2018 is able to penetrate the 1.1 million units. These conditions increase the amount of auto insurance customers ' cars. Check out these facts draw it here!

In retrospect, the benefits of car insurance can minimize the loss of car owners. For example, if an accident that causes damage to light or heavy. Certainly as a rider, you've continued to be cautious.

Starting from obeying the traffic signs, pay attention to speed, to respect other riders. But the name of the crash still could happen, one likely due to the carelessness of others. Not to mention the other risks such as loss of a car or a natural disaster.

This is what makes the importance of maximum protection that you can get from car insurance. In order to better understand how car insurance as well as the ins and outs of its profits to watch the following facts:

1. There are two types of car insurance
Choice in car insurance there are two. All risk insurance and TLO (Total Loss Only). For all risk insurance, the company will pay claims for any kind of damage, ranging from light damage, heavily damaged, and lost.

There is also the extension of the guarantees cover All Risk insurance which covers damage due to flooding, damage due to trapped melee action, or loss of the vehicle.

While the TLO Insurance will only guarantee a riisko loss or damage to a vehicle with a minimum of 75 percent of damages so that the vehicle can not be used again.

Corporate party gives only the replacement of the repair costs if found severe damage, but no way to cover when found little damage to less than 75 percent. The scope of protection that is not thoroughly this is what makes the value of TLO Insurance premiums are not all risk.

2. Each area has a different premium rate
Speaking of premiums, not many know that the adjustment is not equal between regions. So, the number depending on the license plate number that shows the vehicle owner's domicile.

As an example for the region of DKI Jakarta and Banten, both categories include two. In addition to the domicile of the owner, the premium rate is also determined by the type of car purchased, as well as the function of the vehicle itself e.g. for personal or commercial.

3. Some dealers and leasing in cooperation with insurance companies
The player's vehicle insurance is increasingly active looking for the broader market. Then no wonder if eventually the premiums from the insurance company diraup business lines increased quite significantly.

Their average utilizing cooperation with leasing in the market the vehicle insurance to borrowers. This distribution channel for this so one General Insurance mainstay in selling that product.

What car buyers are now credit the amount is more than the cash. As each new vehicle purchased credit inevitably come with mandatory insurance, from where the customer had.

4. Car insurance more soothing motorists
With car insurance, driving so noticeably quieter. Especially if you are a beginner. Haunted sense of worry that's certainly no fun, right? Another case after the car is already insured.

When you leave the House, there is no fear of a crash so that work productivity and comfort in the drive is not affected at all.

5. Porsche Panamera S Executive became the most expensive insured car
As mentioned earlier, large or small one premium rate depends on the type of vehicle. For those of you who have the luxury vehicle, would have to spend more in order to pay for the premiums.

This includes Porsche sedan cars with the most expensive premium cost with the average amount of Rp45,88 millions. This car brings a pretty formidable machine IE V8 with a capacity of 4.8 liter turbochanger, the machine is able to issue a power of 570 horse power (Hp).

The cost of an expensive premiums caused by the price of a Porsche car unmitigated expensive, i.e. Rp2,14 billion.

Such is the facts about car insurance you need to know. Lucky now asking insurance now need not bother, because it can be done online.


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