Saturday, March 23, 2019

Understanding Property Insurance

Understanding Property Insurance - Although not widely known to the public, property insurance (home insurance) have a fairly well known and widely used by the people of Indonesia. This event occurs because the high degree of public awareness about the risks of losses and also natural disasters can happen anytime and anywhere.

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Property insurance is a kind of protection against property assets such as houses, apartments and offices. The aim to anticipate the financial losses due to unexpected events that befell your property. These unexpected events can be catastrophic, consequential things humans such as fire, explosions, and riots.

Based on the amount of risk incurred, property insurance is divided into two, namely the standard property insurance and property all risk insurance. While based on the insured property distinguished insurance house insurance house owner and holder.

With uninsured property, then all forms of risk of loss arising out of various things mentioned above, will be borne by the insurance company. That way, you can be quiet and feel comfortable because the assets you have maximum protection that will prevent you from anxiety and even fear of such things.

Surely you must know the workings of property insurance, before deciding to buy it. Example: Mr. Ronald owns a house property with level building area of 1 200 square meters, with a value of Rp 1 billion home coverage

The value of the coverage will be obtained by way, sum: the cost of rebuilding + assets registered and insured in property insurance.


The cost of rebuilding = 200 square meters x Rp 4 million per meter = Rp 800 million

Asset register = Usd 200 million

Total = Rp 800 million + Usd 200 million = Rp 1 billion

Next you have to do is find the right insurance for your property. This happens because not all insurance covers all the extension of protection. 


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