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How do I get the best Education Insurance 2019 ?

One of the things that is compulsory for you to have a child that is providing funds for education. Do you know how to get the best education insurance 2019 ?

This article will give you a way to provide education fund with a maximum insured education and how to choose the best education insurance.

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Child Education Insurance

Child education insurance is one way to provide an Education Fund for your child.

This product is specifically created to provide education funding protection even when the parent dies or is disabled and cannot bear the educational needs of the child.

In addition to funding children's education is assured, insurance education also provides other benefits i.e. give profit results of the investment. Your premiums will be processed setor to various investment instruments by insurance companies.

The results of this investment will be provided to the customer as an additional benefit

How To Get The Best Education Insurance

Below are some ways to get the best education insurance. These considerations must you do before you decide to purchase a particular insurance product.

#1 Stacking child education Plan

The first thing you have to do to get the best insurance is to draw up a plan of education.

In the absence of a clear educational plans, you will not know where insurance products are appropriate for you.

This education plan will serve as a guide in choosing insurance. In the plan of education there are many factors to consider, as follows:

Level Of Education
What is high level of education that is right for your child? Do until college graduate or doctoral or only until high school?

The Purpose Of Education
Where your child will be attending? Whether the child will connect education abroad? Arrange the list of schools or colleges that match with your child.

The Cost Of Education
What is the cost of education that fits your financial capabilities? You can research the costs of education by asking directly to educational institutions as you wish.

Don't forget to add 10%-15% (the increase in the cost of education in General) for the calculation of the cost of education in the future

Interests and Talents of the child
This is one of the most important factor because the interest of the child, without regard to the benefits of education will not diresap properly

#2 in accordance with needs and Capabilities

Measure your financial capabilities, and select the insurance product in accordance with the limits of your ability.

If you choose a product that exceeds your financial capabilities, the cost of education will be threatened due to inability to pay Your insurance premiums.

Conversely, if the premiums are too low, then you will eliminate your child's chance to get a better education.

In addition to financial capability, you must ensure that the insurance products to suit the needs of the child.

Don't impose your will to the children. Keep in mind that insurance aims to provide a better future for children. If it is not in accordance with the wishes of the child, then your efforts will be wasted.

#3 Get additional facilities

One of the most common extra facilities offered with education insurance is health insurance. This applies to health insurance for children.

So, if there is an event that requires children get hospital treatment, the cost will be ensured by the health insurance. This health insurance should be the additional insurance is not a priority.

Therefore, you should notice that the additional facilities not to cut investment in the education of children and not too add to the burden of insurance premiums.

#4 Flexible Policy

One of the things that must be considered in the insurance premium funding from education is that you won't setor can be withdrawn at any time. Insurance education is a kind of long-term insurance.

Because of a long duration, changes may occur at any time, therefore, you need a flexible policy.

For example, you can increase your investment at any time which is very useful if you receive additional income.

You can also choose the policy that gives the choice of currency substitution, to the U.S. dollar or Euro if you suddenly decide to send your child to a foreign country.

#5 Select a trusted insurance company

Choosing the right insurance company is as important as choosing which products are appropriate for your child.

If being like sailing, the insurance company was a ship that brought you to the place which it is sent.

Every insurance company must have shortcomings and benefits of each. Products they offer any different from each other.

To choose a good insurance company, first you must find out their finances.

This data can be viewed through the financial balance sheet at their official site as well as the assets, liabilities and the quality of their resources. Resources that directly communicate with you was an insurance agent.

Furthermore, you can find out the track record of their claims. Whether a claim can be easily filed and accepted? This track record can be known through information from friends or family.

Tips on using Insurance Education correctly

If you have been trying to select the best insurance for your child, then you should pay attention to the things below in order to maximise the insurance.

#1 Recognize the policy in Detail

Knowing the contents of the policy and recognize your product clearly is the thing that should not be missed when you have insurance products.

By knowing the products clearly, you'll know what protection you get and if You add a certain protection of peru.

#2 Knowing the risks involved

Inside an insurance product, definitely there is a risk that you will receive. Some examples are claims are not accepted, the increase in the cost of the premium, the stopping of insurance agents and others.

To that end, please do not hesitate to ask and know clearly how insurers will run if the risk occurs.

You can ask by providing examples of cases, such as anything that can make your claims did not qualify and others.

#3 knowing the cost will be charged

There are other fees that you must pay when you have a product or insurance claims, for example administrative expenses, the cost of premiums, fines, expenses delay investments and others.

Knowing this cost could be made in anticipation of the start.


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