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6 things you should know about travel insurance

Many Indonesian tourists ask about the importance of travel insurance. Basically, travel insurance is useful to protect yourself in the event of an accident or bad risks on the way. Many countries that require the line to have travel insurance before arriving in the country. European and American countries are sure to require that you have travel insurance. We compile some things you should know about travel insurance.

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Types of travel Insurance
Travel insurance covers many types, the most common being international. This insurance protects you from medical risks within a specified time period. There is also annual insurance, which covers domestic and international travel with a variety of purposes throughout the year. There are companies that provide special Hajj and Umrah insurance, as well as domestic insurance that protects all travel in Indonesia. There is also student assist that is a special insurance student who undergo education abroad.

How to apply for travel insurance
Now, you don't have to come to the insurance office just to register for travel insurance. Some companies such as ACA, AIG, AXA and ACE serve travel insurance registration via online. It's easy. You just have to go to the travel insurance site, fill in your personal data, destination country and travel time. You can choose what kind of insurance to be taken. You can use credit card for payment of insurance premiums

Price and dependents
Executive Director of the Indonesian General Insurance Association (AAUI), Julian Noor said, the premiums issued for travel insurance tend to be small compared to the total cost of travel.

Travel insurance prices and liabilities vary depending on the company we take. Insurance Central Asia (ACA) For example, has executive type insurance for 21 US dollars with liabilities worth 50,000 euros. Insurance type executive is a must have for tourists who want to visit Europe.   "Schengen mandatory travel insurance. If Asian countries cost 12 US dollars per week,

What are travel insurance covered?

Basically all travel insurance covers the medical expenses of tourists while abroad. But apparently, there are some additional premiums that can be purchased for other protections. "Travel insurance also protects against lost luggage, or flight delays. Many passengers complain about lost baggage, many airlines do not compensate or only replace a small portion of the lost item. With an additional premium from travel insurance, you will get compensation if the suitcase is lost. "There is also protection against the house. It was for that traveling and leaving the house for a long time.

What if there is terror in the destination country?
Lately, the case of terrorism is mengoctopus in some countries. Starting from the shooting in Paris, the coup in Turkey, until the case in Germany a few days ago. Not many know, travel insurance also protects you from the risks of this kind of terror.  "If the destination country tends to be unsafe or dangerous, you can apply to the insurance company for a premium extend or additional,. You need to pay an additional fee for this premium one. Just like an additional premium to the protection of home left behind during vacation.

"Usually insurance companies that provide travel insurance and cooperate with travel agencies have the same deal or thought. More clearly, travel agents are unlikely to sell tourist destinations for unsafe countries. Thus the majority of insurance used does not include additional premiums. However, reflecting on terrorism cases that are marbling some time later, it is worth the premium one added if you want to travel to Europe.

How to claim travel insurance 
The fund retrieval process or the use of insurance are divided into two schemes. The first scheme is if the company is included in the worldwide provider.  For example during an accident, all you have to do is show the insurance to the hospital. But not all insurance companies provide this. "The majority of how to apply for a claim is with a reimbursed scheme, if it falls ill or has an accident, you can first cure it in the country. Further, you must request a certificate from the doctor as proof when you make a claim in Indonesia. Keep in mind, before purchasing a travel insurance product, all the facilities are carefully reviewed. What is the company's dependents, how long and in which countries the insurance applies, as well as the way the claims apply.


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