Wednesday, June 26, 2019

A must-have of Modern women insurance

Being a career woman in today's modern era is an interesting challenge. Not only is it that a woman will be required to give full devotion to the family, but a woman must also share her attention for career, self-development, and family.

No wonder a modern woman has the same big responsibilities and needs a proper financial and career planning. One of them is about the need for insurance protection. Nevertheless, it is not easy to choose the right type of insurance for modern women who can provide comprehensive protection and to suit your needs.

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The following article is specifically dedicated to dynamic modern women with a myriad of attention that should be given on many things. Start from family, children, and personal self. Especially for you modern women, here's a return.

Insurance options for Modern women who focus on career and family
Being a career woman has a double responsibility. However, it is not surprising, especially in large cities, if many women, other than being housewives, also pursue a career in one particular field.

Such a fact of course brings an impact in the lives of today's modern women. One of them is about the insurance options needed to cover a variety of risks. The following is a recommendation of the type of insurance that is suitable for modern women.

1. Pregnancy Insurance and maternity insurance
It has become the nature of a woman to conceive later become a mother. Childbirth can have a considerable financial risk and need protection if it has to undergo caesarean surgery that requires medical action. For that, pregnancy insurance and maternity insurance should have a modern woman to ensure the health of the child and himself.

2. Health insurance for cervical cancer protection
Cervical cancer is the dreaded scourge of women, especially modern women who are vulnerable because of living in the urban and lifestyle. The data shows that there are 40 Indonesian women who are very likely to have cervical cancer every day. Therefore, many insurance companies currently provide protection against the risk of cervical cancer.

However, it should be noted that if you want to use this type of insurance, do some checks as early as possible. Considering the insurance policy is from the early stages of the occurrence to the advanced and final stage.

3. Health insurance for breast cancer protection
This type of insurance coverage should be asked to the insurance agent in advance. Considering the importance of having this type of insurance. Moreover, there is data that breast cancer is a No. 1 female killer in Indonesia. Ask for a complete information about this insurance program on insurance agents that you trust.

4. Pure Life Insurance
This fourth type of insurance is a mandatory insurance type for modern women. For no one can predict the coming of disaster. Especially if a woman works in a vulnerable environment there is a work accident.

Life insurance will provide positive benefits and impacts for life insurance policyholders. Because not only beneficial to the policyholders, but for the entire family insured. Because if something is negative, life insurance policy will be used as a form of potential financial protection.

The types of insurance that modern women must have are very much. Some of them are in the reviews above. There are some must-have insurance, such as pregnancy insurance and maternity insurance. As well as health insurance for protection from cancer that is susceptible to women let alone active and dynamic modern women.

Here's Tips on choosing insurance for Modern women

Choose insurance especially for a woman who can not be reckless. Need to be observant and should ask the insurance agent before dropping the choice of which insurance policy to buy. Here is a summary of short tips on choosing insurance for modern women.

1. Know the ability to pay its insurance premium
The first must know the ability of personal purchasing power. Owning insurance means adding expenses. Therefore adjust to personal purchasing power before dropping a choice of what type of insurance to choose.

2. Customize the type to need
Avoid buying unneeded insurance. Experts say to have only health insurance is not necessary until more than two. This is because it deals with the calculation of premium numbers to be paid.

3. Choose insurance only from trusted companies
No need to be disappointed because the policy does not come down. Choose Insurance from a trusted company let alone the insured is devoted to certain diseases such as health insurance for cancer or the like. Maybe it's a little more expensive, but the benefits will be achieved when the time is really needed.

4. Negotiate and ask the insurance agent as detailed as possible
Many incidents where at the time of claiming people blame insurance companies for feeling inhibited and can not do liquefaction. This could not be the fault of the insurance itself. However, there are some percentages where the claim is not liquid due to some terms that do not enter into the insurance coverage.

Insurance companies have different schemes between one and the other. As a potential policyholder, what to do is to know in detail lest there is a problem when making a claim.

5. Avoid excessive promotions
Not only are the products promoted. Insurance is also the most frequently promoted with the Gencar. However, selecting insurance should be done in detail and known to all Seluk-beluknya. This is done so lest you experience disappointment later in the day.

Understand in detail the type of insurance to choose from
Choosing the right insurance for modern women is really easy to be difficult. Because in selecting insurance need to understand the details of the insurance type to be selected. By choosing the right insurance, the benefits of insurance can be obtained. With the growing reward of potential users about the type of insurance that will be chosen, it will make it easier to make a claim. Easier submission of claims is helpful when needed.


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