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Dear Child, it's 6 best education insurance and its advantages

As with health insurance, education insurance is also important for you to prepare, especially for those who already have children. Every year, tuition fees are always on the rise, while incomes can be stopped a time due to the unwanted. In such circumstances, do not let the children's education be sacrificed.

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But, there are still many parents who do not want to use this insurance. Maybe they are thinking about spending extra money for an investment education is not too important, because the government itself has subsidized education. There is also an obstacle because the premiums are rated too expensive.

In fact, the cost of education is not only about monthly dues or building costs. There are also other expenses that must be borne such as book fees, uniforms, and other costs. Therefore, it is important to have educational insurance to ensure its future until college.

Profit to be get

As is known, tuition continues to increase annually. If your child is studying in the country, the cost of education is partially subsidized by the government. But what if the school is in private? Definitely need a lot of budget to fulfill it.

Inflation in the education sector is quite high, about 15 percent. This is why the cost of education is always uphill. As a worker parent, of course it is not a problem, because when determining the desired school, we definitely adjust to the income.

So the ability to pay for the needs and monthly children is not a big thing. However, do not occasionally underestimate the risk, what if something is not desirable, for example, parents die, accidents to disability, or retire while the child is still in school. Well here is the point of education insurance.

Education insurance will guarantee children's Education fund later. For example there are things not desirable that make parents difficult to finance the needs of the fruit, insurance will be ready to patch the dependents, even to college. Parents can be more focused on preparing other important needs.

In addition, insurance can also provide a sense of calm for parents. Mind the worst possibilities about the future of the child's education will be gone

The type is pretty much

In Indonesia, education insurance has two types, namely bilingual and link units. Both have a difference, although the goal is to provide future certainty. Biguna focuses more on savings and future guarantees, while the link unit also gives the customer the opportunity to invest

1. Dwiguna
This educational insurance that will surely provide protection in the future, also included savings in it. Insurance will guarantee the cost of children's education if the parent can no longer make a living because of death, or a total defect.

The other benefit is that the child will get a saving money that can be disbursed within a certain period of time. The amount is in accordance with the agreed contract between the customer and the insurance provider. If it's an equivalent, the benefits of this one are more akin to a futures savings.

2. Unit Link
This type of insurance is a combination of insurance services as well as investments. That means the premium that parents pay each month, not only for the future of children's education, but will also be managed for investment products such as mutual funds. The benefits of investments will be shared with the school's level, for example, when going to ELEMENTARY, JUNIOR High, or HIGH school. This educational insurance is obviously advantageous for the parents who are worried about taking care of investment and insurance. With one time paying the premium per month, these two benefits can already be obtained.

Tips for choosing the right insurance

When you have a heart to open educational insurance for the liver, there is another thing that is centered on the parents, namely choosing an insurance provider.

How not confused, many insurance providers in Indonesia. Each of them certainly has their own advantages and disadvantages. Mature considerations are indispensable in order not to be disappointed later on. Here are tips for choosing the right provider

1. Experienced
Pay attention to the track record provider, check its credibility in the Financial Services Authority (OJK). You can also search the Internet and news related to the provider. For example a lot of bad news, better avoided. Because the name of insurance is a long term investment, so do not regret it later.

2. Registered
Do not be deceived by the agency or insurance provider Bodong. How to check it is to make sure they have Indonesia General Insurance Association card.

3. Clear information
Make sure that the provider provides detailed explanations of their educational insurance products. Starting from premium payment mechanism, fines, cost of coverage, and the cost of acquisition.

6 Best Child Education Insurance
Education Insurance selection is not an easy thing. Because all this relates to the future of the child. As a parent, the decision is entirely in your hands. The elections are certainly tailored to the financial capabilities and needs of the family. In Indonesia, many of the best providers provide this service. What are you?

1. Manulife Education Insurance
One of the products offered by Manulife is Manulife Education Protector. This educational insurance type link unit. That means you do not cuman to ensure the future of children only, but also invest in Manulife investment products, such as Manulife fund market money, Manulife Fund Equity, Manulife Dana Equity Syariah, and many more.

Holders of this insurance product can be through parents or children. The condition, if the parent, the minimum age is 18 years and maximum 50 years. While for children at least 30 days maximum 10 years. The Pertanggungannya is valid until the insured is 70 years old. The premium payment period is flexible can be 5 years and 10 years adjusted to the education plan and the entry age of the child.

Manulife also provides dual-type education insurance. The insurance product is ProGraduate. This Program provides benefits of cash payments as an educational fund that is paid at the age of 18-23 years and provides life protection to parents as the insured party. With a flexible premium payment method, can be yearly, semiannual, Quarterly, or monthly.

For information about Manulife insurance products, you can check the official website at www.manulife-indonesia.com

2. Education Insurance BCA
BCA has just issued an educational insurance product called Maksima Education Protection (EduPlan). This product is the result of cooperation with the Hong Kong insurance company.

Quoted from the official website, EduPlan is a bilingual insurance product that can help parents to prepare the needs of Education Fund of the heart. Premium payment can be made 3, 10, up to 15 years. The guaranteed educational benefit is 200 percent of the sum insured when the child is 18 to 21 years old.

The advantage gained in addition is the opportunity to get the annual bonus and the final bonus of the policy.

3. BRI Education Insurance
BRI's education insurance in collaboration with Sequis is ready to provide assurance of education and Life Safety Fund. Quoted from the official website Sequis, the insured person is paying a premium for 8 years and can enjoy insurance up to 18 years. If the insured is experiencing death and accident, he will earn 150 percent of the sum insured. The education fund earned 150 percent of sum insured.

4. Self-education insurance
Mandiri Sejahtera Smart is one of their flagship insurance products. Just like any other educational insurance product, premium determination and money Pertanggungannya also flexible tailored to the needs.

Excellence is the granting of a bonus loyalty of 1.5 percent by the end of the fifth year. Up to a diverse selection of investment funds according to the desired risk profile. So not Cuman keep the need for the future of children's education, but as parents can also invest.

The condition to become this customer, the insured person must be 17 years old to 59 years and the child must be aged 0 to 15 years. The official Minimum is Rp 2.5 million per year.

5. BNI Education Insurance
They have smart solutions products for their education insurance. Education funds are given gradually ranging from ELEMENTARY, JUNIOR High SCHOOL, to college. The magnitude of SD is 20 percent from sum insured, SMP 30 percent, SMA 40 percent, and college is 100 percent. 

The official payment period ranges from 9 years to 17 years. Maximum to the insured person aged 65 years.

6. Prudential Education Insurance
PRUlink Edu Protection is the flagship insurance of Prudential. Quoted from the official website, they are officially authorized at Rp 500,000 per month. The insurance can provide protection for parents and children in one policy. The advantage can also be obtained until the child is 18 to 25 years old.

The period of protection is until the insured dies with an age limit of 99 years and a total defect before the age of 70 years. For more details, you can check the website directly at www.prudential.co.id 

That's 6 agents or educational insurance providers that you can choose. From now, try to consider whether it is necessary or not this program is for you to follow, because it depends on the future of your child. If you feel you need, do not hesitate to register your fruit.

But remember, do not get wrong to choose an educational insurance agent. Check with the information and benefits they offer. Make sure the track is not to be deceived bodong insurance. 


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