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Familiarise yourself with Chubb travel insurance before going sightseeing

Walking or travelling can be a solution to release fatigue after routine activity that feels monotonous. Don't forget to take Chubb travel insurance before heading for a walk.

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Chubb is an international insurance company that has long been known for its extensive services and distribution.

Chubb was first established in 1985 and already in 54 countries. In Indonesia, Chubb has a general and life insurance company, and is available in 28 locations.  

Chubb Travel Insurance Products
As a best insurance company, Chubb always strives to provide the best travel insurance products for its customers.

Chubb currently provides 2 travel insurance products, including domestic travel insurance and international travel insurance.

Domestic travel Insurance
Domestic travel insurance is an insurance that will protect your trip from departing, while at the destination, to return to the place of departure.

This domestic insurance product provides travel coverage for your travelling activities while still in the country.

The claim process can also be done easily, quickly, and accurately so it will be easy and save you time.

Chubb Domestic travel Insurance includes some of the following benefits and advantages:

  1. Medical fee coverage caused by accident up to 100 million Rupiah
  2. Risk insurance of death or total defects caused by accident with the cost of coverage up to 150 million Rupiah
  3. Damages for risk of loss or damage to baggage during the trip
  4. Indemnification Emergency medical evacuation services
  5. Indemnification of third party lawsuit

International travel Insurance
Travelling abroad is often a pleasant journey. Different experiences, environments, and cultures make travelling abroad feel worth the time spent.

However, traveling abroad of course has a greater risk compared to domestic travel.

Chubb Travel Insurance helps you and your family stay protected during your travels. In addition, with the insurance, you can also be more relaxed travel.

This insurance has a series of benefits, namely:
  1. Compensation for medical and dental treatment due to accidents and diseases up to 2.6 billion Rupiah
  2. Indemnification of post-trip medical expenses
  3. Indemnification of emergency medical evacuation services from abroad
  4. Frequent flyer points damages
  5. Damages for loss or damage to baggage. Includes laptop and golf equipment.
This range of travel protection you can get with premium price which is quite affordable. In addition, the type of protection you provide can also be adjusted.

For those of you who love to travel alone, with family, or like sports, can register as a recipient of this insurance policy.

Additionally, every Chubb travel insurance has two types of travel insurance.

Chubb's individual travel insurance and Chubb Group travel Insurance. You can adjust to the type of insurance you need.

For those of you who are accustomed to travel alone, you can use individual travel insurance, whereas if you go with the group, the type of group travel insurance will be more appropriate.

Of course the price offered to be more expensive, but the price is still worth it compared with the protection that you and your family will get.

Chubb Travel Insurance Benefits
Chubb Travel Insurance is one of the travel insurance companies in Indonesia that offers a variety of benefits, including:
  1. Domestic and international travel insurance products are available to suit your needs.
  2. 24-hour emergency assistance service for you as a customer.
  3. The process of insurance claims is relatively fast.
  4. Easy online registration and claim process.
  5. Affordable premium price.
Chubb Insurance Purchase Terms
To be able to get CHUBB insurance policy The process is also quite easy. You only need to prepare a photocopy of identity, such as KTP/SIM/KITAS, then take 3 × 4 photos, and other documents that support according to the type of protection you choose.

Any documents required will usually be notified by the insurer.

After that, you will need to fill out the registration form containing your personal data, the type of travel (one time or yearly), your travel departure date, your travel destination, your country of origin and the type of insurance submission you have chosen ( Personal or group).

Once the requirements are approved, you will need to pay a premium according to the type of protection you choose.

How to claim Chubb travel insurance
Once you have registered as a customer, you can make a claim to Chubb travel insurance If an event is included in the insurance coverage.

However, before making a claim, you should pay attention to the following:
  1. Make a claim to your healthcare provider first before submitting a claim to Chubb
  2. Flight or baggage delays require documents to be claimed. The document contains confirmation of flight number, length of delay, and reason for delays from airline representatives.
  3. For cases of loss, damage, or theft as checked-in, you can report immediately to the airline and make a claim to them within 24 hours. 
  4. You will also need to request a report of loss or damage to baggage from airline representatives.
  5. Report all loss and damage to the police, and save the police report to submit a claim form.
  6. All loss of travel documents must be reported to the local party and requested a written statement of such incident.


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