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Find the best travel insurance to Europe? Find the answer here

Travel Insurance to Europe

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Unlike travel to some areas of Asia, travelers who are going on holiday to Europe are required to bring the completeness of other documents, one of which is travel insurance.
For those who may be new to know about the need for travel insurance will certainly feel unnecessary because usually travel insurance documents are not required for tourists who travel to several countries in Asia.

But, this travel insurance turned out to be very important and much needed considering its usefulness.
Therefore countries in Europe require that travelers will travel to a country incorporated into the European Union (EU) to have travel insurance.

Schengen Visa (is a special visa that must be owned by you who want to explore the country in the European Union) will be issued when the travel insurance document is completed. Therefore, travel insurance is an absolute condition that must be completed if you want to visit the countries of the European Union.

If you are already obtaining a Schengen Visa, this visa can usually be used for travel to the 22nd EU countries and 4 member countries of the European Free trade Association.
With Schengen Visa in hand, you no longer need to take care of one visa when visiting those countries in a period.

You just need to show the completeness of the document including Schengen Visa, then you can cross and cross the border by border from EU countries.
But, as explained before, to get Schengen Visa, you need to get travel insurance in advance that you can get in various travel insurance options.
There are many travel insurance that you can choose, but, how to find the best travel insurance considering the provisions of the Schengen Visa authority that set the minimum insurance coverage limit?

Here are some features of the best travel insurance that could be your choice before traveling to Europe.

#1 available and accessible Online
With the development of information systems and also the Internet network, this also becomes a infrastructure that makes it easy to make and manage travel insurance to Europe.
There are many travel insurance providers that encourage various policy purchasing facilities that can be accessed and purchased online.
Each facility is already contained in the website that they serve, from any information of insurance fund to how to claim insurance funds.
In addition, the form to apply the insurance is also available, so you do not have to bother to come to the office of the travel insurer to take the insurance form. You can download it and no need to print it on a paperless alias.
So, the first feature of travel insurance is okay and could be your choice is an insurance service that can be accessed online.
Please also make sure any information you get with the same extent before you send your insurance policy payment.

#2 costumer Service that can be consulted
Clear information is very important for customers, including those who will purchase travel insurance. If the information you get is less obvious, you should definitely ask as clear.
But, in some cases, where the customer service section is less able to consult or not provide information kindly.
There is no need to extend the problem because it means that travel insurance is less prepared to provide services for you.
Therefore, you don't have to waste your time and you can find other travel insurance that can provide better information and services to you as a customer.
When consulting with customer service, you need to ask anything you do not understand, including any exceptions that are not covered by the insurance.
Also ask for claims system and what to do when filing an insurance claim, especially when you are abroad later.
In addition, also ask the procedure for payment of fees, whether using the reimbursed mechanism (paid first by the insurance user), whether receipts and payment slips need to be stored and any documents that need to be requested and required to request Reimbursement of funds

#3 Easy to contact
There are many varieties of travel insurance providers to Europe. To make it easy to find travel insurance when needed, you need to find travel insurance that has many branch offices scattered around, especially in Europe as you travel later.
As such, you do not need to worry when looking for it, especially when in people's land.
In addition, the insurance provider can be contacted 24 hours a day and has a hotline (active telephone line) which is quite a lot so it does not break when many customers are contacted when asked for help.

#4 Benefits provided
Insurance is indeed an umbrella that will provide protection in the event of unwanted things.
Therefore, you as a prospective buyer of travel insurance policy need to know and consider each allowance provided by the travel insurance parties.

Consider some of the below facilities availability:
• Live allowance every day during hospital count result.
• Medical expenses allowance When returning to the homeland.
• Allowance allowance for children when parents are hospitalised in foreign hospitals.
In addition, you also need to ask if the insurance premium money will be forfeited when the visa application is rejected by immigration or vice versa, the premium money can return full or as many percent.  

Ask for the sum assured whether it complies with the minimum size of coverage to apply for Schengen Visa.

In essence, the more benefit facilities provided by the insurer, then you need to consider more to buy the insurance premium.

It could be the best choice for you.


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