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Important aspects to consider in buying car insurance

Important aspects to consider in buying car insurance - For the layman, car insurance generally sounds unfamiliar. Car or vehicle insurance is an protection or protection for vehicles to divert losses that may occur in the future, such as fires, riots, or even natural disasters such as flooding and land Avalanche. Insurance is the right choice to be able to divert these losses. By purchasing car insurance products in insurance companies, whether Sinar Mas, ACA, Allianz, Jasindo, Adira, and other insurance companies, then insurance benefits can be obtained.

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Nevertheless, in the purchase of insurance, there are many important aspects that need to be considered in advance so that the insurance that belongs to be useful as expected, among others:

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Company branches

Branches of the company are important to consider because they are closely related to the process of filing claims. The company which has many branches provide easy to reach by the customers when they want to claim their insurance, of course this can save the customer's time in managing it. Remember, one of the requirements of receiving a car insurance claim is a complaint that is still within 72 hours or 3 × 24 hours. If passing from this time, then it can be confirmed the claims rejected by the insurance company. Therefore, the importance of observing the branch of the insurance company you choose when buying insurance products so that it can be useful to the fullest.

Types of protection

Car insurance has two safeguards that are all risk and TLO (total loss only). All risk is a protection given to customers for all kinds of losses, ranging from the smallest to largest incident, such as car blister or dent until fire or flood that cause the car is damaged can not be Again. While the protection of TLO is a protection given if the car is severely damaged as a result of riots, collisions, fires, and also natural disasters. This type of protection of course offers a different premium cost. This should be adjusted from several sides, both from the type of protection chosen as well as the premiums charged.

Workshop Associates

In addition to the company branches, customers can also directly contact the workshop partner if experiencing unexpected events as above. Workshop Associates can help process the claim submission, therefore the workshop partners should also be considered well. Usually, the company will provide information about their workshop partners when purchasing insurance. It is advisable to be precise, including the address and service provided by the workshop associate so that there is no regret in the insurance claim. If a workshop partner is few and the location is hard to get affordable, it is not impossible it will also slow down even complicate the filing process so it can spend a lot of time and delay the claim.

Crane car

There are many car crane services companies that can help transport the car when it can not be ridden anymore. Typically, companies offer different fares to tow problematic cars, in accordance with service company policies relating to the location of the incident. If the insurance company does not have an associate Crane car company, of course as customer still have to pay the stipulated rate. Surely this is a disadvantage if at any time experienced disaster, for that other facilities one of the crane car also need to be considered well when interested to buy vehicle assurance.

Insurance does need to be owned to get around unwanted losses. But it is also important to pay attention to the things about insurance in order to be able to make use of insurance products comfortably.


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