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Inspiring! Here are three success stories from insurance

Success can come from anywhere included in the world of insurance. Often viewed by the eye, it turns out that many insurance creates successful figures in the world. Here are 3 successful stories that can inspire you!

It can be financially successful is everyone's dream. In walking the path to success not only requires an intention, but also hard work, effort and consistency to never give up. Indeed, in this case it is not a measure, everyone has their own success criteria.  You are free to determine your focus in accordance with your will, because most know your personal life is yourself. As with the old saying "many paths to Rome", success can also come from anywhere. Many avenues to reach her are included in the world of insurance. In the world of insurance, many scattered agents are sometimes considered to be eye-catching. However, do not be misthought to be an insurance agent not just a job, but also a hero. Why? Because you participate in making someone's future or even a family more comfortable, safe and secure.

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Not only that, if you succeed a lot of benefits and advantages to be enjoyed. From financial benefits to the inward, because you can also have a success story that inspires others to prepare for the future more precisely.

As we look back, it turns out that many inspiring figures have found the way to succeed by becoming an insurance agent. Here are 3 successful stories that can inspire you!

1. Arthur L. Williams Jr.

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The first successful story comes from Arthur L. Williams Jr. Or better known as Art Williams. She is an insurance executive who is in her career from scratch. Born in 1942 in Waycross, Georgia, Art Williams came from a family of intermediate economic conditions.

At that time, there was no one thought he had to plunge into the world of insurance. From the little he has the goal of becoming a football coach like his father. Therefore, after graduating from college, he became a football coach for 7 years. Unplayful, he even scored a performance by being crowned  "State Coach of the Year " twice.

Arriving in the year 1963, when he made a big decision in his life when his father died suddenly due to a heart attack. His father left his family with very little insurance. Williams who was still in college also did not know so much about the insurance until his cousin finally introduced him to the concept of difference about insurance.

Art Williams began to sell insurance as his side job, until he found out that the income gained exceeded his salary as a trainer. He then passed the insurance world, until he could finally establish his own company. Now he has found his financial success, which makes him enjoy his old age with his beloved wife, children, grandchildren and even his lizard.

The success story of Art Williams opens our eyes that, success can come from the unexpected because it is life unpredictable.

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2. Kenny Troutt

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Secondly there is a success story that comes from a Kenny Troutt. The great man founder of a leading telecommunications company in the world with a fortune of reaching USD 1.7 billion in 2015. Who thought that Troutt came from a poor family did not even have enough funds for college. However, he did not give up there. The difficulty that struck him and his family became a source of excitement to achieve his success. He started to plunge into life insurance sales while still in college. Proceeds from the sale of this insurance policy are used to pay for his tuition at the University of Southern Illinois.

In the year 1988 Troutt successfully established Excel Communication. Armed with his experience and knowledge, he decided to expand his company through the Multi Level Marketing system. Unsuspected, the company's franchise sold over 200,000 and within 8 years Excell Communication became the fourth largest telecommunications company in America.

Troutt's success story doesn't stop there, nor does it inspire everyone with a high level of care. He has even been worshipped as one of 25 entrepreneurs to have the best social contribution version of the Centre for Responsive Politics.

3. Merry Riana

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The third success story, you will find a smart, brilliant and tough woman from Indonesia. Yes, Merry Riana. Surely you are familiar with this name, even he has a special film that tells the journey of his life. Natural, because indeed a success story he is very inspiring.

If he retreated backwards and saw his success story, Merry Riana was only a student in Singapore who attended school not because it was rich but was due to the situation of Indonesia in 1998. Merry's parents were indebted to the Singapore government for 300 million rupiah at the time. While living there, he had to fight and survive $10 per week. When her friends can learn quietly, she has to find extra money to connect life in her spare time by spreading the brochure.  The persistence of a Merry Riana, managed to deliver him to become an employee immediately after graduating from college. However, he could not enjoy it because it still had a debt of 300 million to be paid.

Long story short, Merry finally becomes an insurance seller with the goal to be able to presentation to 20 people every day. With enough English he offers his products every day for 14 hours a year. The rejection and failure he felt during that period, but he remained resilient and learned from his mistakes to become better.

His hard work was fruitful, when he finally succeeded in paying off his parents ' debts and even made his first 1 million dollar money. Very addictive success story from Merry Riana.


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