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Maximum protection, with best travel insurance

About Travel Insurance

Travel insurance is a type of insurance that is intended to provide protection during your travels. Travel insurance does not belong to the type of insurance that must be owned. This insurance is preferred for those of you who do like to travel well out of the city to the country and its functions are only protected when going on a trip. 

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But lately travel insurance products are quite popular among the community and its nature is more flexible than other types of insurance makes many people also have travel insurance products. Especially those traveling hobbies and whose job does require routine travel to several places. Holiday is indeed a favorite activity for everyone, especially for those who have a hectic schedule for everyday activities. For busy people, holiday time must be used exclusively and in quality. Some people choose to travel abroad to fill their time off. 

Before going on a holiday trip, we will usually prepare some important preparations such as leave permit, booking flights and lodging places, check passport and visa readiness, and register for travel insurance. Travel insurance is used for emergency purposes when traveling out of the country, something you do not want on your own. This insurance is very important to note before traveling abroad so that your trip is comfortable and not feel the way.

Why travel insurance is mandatory?
There have been many countries that require their turneers to have travel insurance or are not allowed to enter when it is proven not to be registered as a travel insurance user. 

For example, countries in Europe and even Asia who have imposed the rules must have this travel insurance when they will visit their country. So if you want your trip to be comfortable, smooth and protected, then registered to be a proprietary travel insurance is certainly recommended. Like online loan submission, you can apply for travel insurance products through application or directly through the website.

What are the best travel insurance companies in Indonesia?
Here are some of the list of insurance companies that provide the best travel insurance in Indonesia:

  • ACA Travel Insurance.
  • AXA Travel Insurance.
  • Travel Insurance Zurich.
  • Travel Insurance AIG.
  • Chubb Travel Insurance.
  • Simasnet Travel Insurance.
  • Travelin Adira Travel Insurance.

What are the benefits of travel insurance?

Travel insurance is required for travelers to protect them from risk during the trip. Of course, while on vacation you shouldn't feel the unexpected risk. In general the benefits of travel insurance are protecting the traveler against the following matters.

  • Personal protection from accident risk:
These protections include reimbursement of money in the event of a risk to death, loss of limbs, or total paralysis due to accidents occurring during the trip.

  • Dual protection for scheduled commercial aircraft accidents:
Compensation for personal accidents will be duplicated if an accident occurs on a scheduled commercial airplane.

  • Reimbursement of emergency medical expenses:
If you are sick during the trip, travel insurance offers the benefits of emergency treatment.

  • Repatriation of the body in case of death risk:
Insurance can protect the insured for two alternative protections include: the cost of repatriation of the body or the cost of cremation or burial in the location where the death occurred.

  • Child care and grief visit in one relative or family :
Insurances can provide reimbursement of the cost of a grief visit or during treatment given to one relative or family, if the insured undergo treatment during the trip or during hospitalization abroad.
Medical evacuation: Travel insurance offers assistance facilities 24 hours emergencies around the world.

  • Baggage and personal belongings protection: 
In the event of any damages incurred due to the loss and damage of your baggage, including the goods in it or the goods you use during the trip, the travel insurance will compensate If there is more than 12 hours baggage delay.

  • Travel Related: 
If you join a travel insurance program, one of the benefits offered is protection against travel delays (usually transportation delays of more than 12 hours), reimbursement of advances that expire due to things That is outside the policy holder's authority and accommodation fee.

  • Home protection: 
In case of disaster such as fire in your home, during travel, then the travel insurance will pay the damage caused by fire on the contents of the insured house that is left empty because of the trip done.

What are the types of travel insurance?
Travel Insurance has many types where each function is different and of course it has been adapted to the needs with people who often travel.

Based on how many travel: There are two types of travel insurance when viewed from how many trips will be made within a certain period of single trip insurance that is intended for you that will only do Travel several times a year (not routine). Next there is an annual travel insurance that is devoted to you who can travel even once a week either for the purpose of the travel agency or just a vacation during the period of 1 year.

Based on the number of people to be borne: for this type of travel insurance is determined based on how many people will be borne in one insurance account. Individual Travel Insurance is certainly for one person only in one personal account travel insurance. Then there is a group travel insurance which is usually used by a company for its employees that is often departed for the travel of the service, and can also to the whole of the family when going to do the holidays together.

Based on the purpose of traveling: In doing a journey of course the purpose of people is not always the same. Travel insurance for those who travel because of destinations for traveling or business travel and insurance that is devoted to those traveling for work or business purposes.

Based on travel destinations: For those of you who travel often but only up the city can choose to have travel insurance for domestic travel and for those who often travel even to the exit The country can choose the travel insurance for international trips.

Student Assist: This travel insurance is devoted only to the students who will continue his education abroad.

Special travel Insurance (Hajj and Umrah): Insurance that is often offered to you when going to do Hajj and Umrah is included in the travel insurance that will protect you during the worship in the Holy Land.

What is family travel insurance and does it cost cheaper?

Family travel Insurance If viewed from a type including travel insurance group. This type of travel insurance will protect your travel and family whether for domestic or international travel. As with other travel insurance, travel insurance for the family also covers medical expenses in the event of an accident during travel, compensation when the trip is cancelled outside the power, substitute money for the lost item And the death money. 

Another advantage of buying travel insurance at once for a family is the cheaper price because you only need to buy 1 insurance policy but can protect the whole family members who will be involved in the journey. Travel insurance for families can be purchased by 2 adults over 18 years of age or for one family at a time, consisting of a father, a mother and a child (maximum 3 children owned).

What is Schengen Visa and Schengen Visa travel insurance?

Schengen Visa is a visa in the allotment for countries in Europe. For those who want to travel to European countries then obliged to have a Schengen visa. By having a Schengen visa you will be facilitated to travel to several countries in Europe at once. 

By having your Schegen visa you can still travel to European countries even though your passport is still empty without any history of travelling abroad before. Travel insurance for Schengen visa is a must have for Schengen visa owners. This Schengen visa Travel insurance can protect you from various travel risks such as medical expenses, loss of goods, delay flights up to terror issues and crimes in the visited countries. 

The following are the conditions that must be met to apply for a Schengen visa:

Schengen Visa Application form: This form can be obtained from every embassy office where the country is the destination of travel. Could also to directly download from the official Embassy website.

Pas photos: The condition of the size of the photo fit for the Schengen visa is 3.5 cm x 4.5 cm with a white background, using formal wear, do not wear the headgear and make sure your ears are visible in the photo.

Passport: Prepare original passport and existing photocopy with minimum validity period of 90 days (3 months) after the validity of the requested visa with at least 2 blank visa pages. This is important because the visa sticker will be pasted.

Travel insurance: Having a Schengen visa must have travel insurance. There have been many travel insurance that provide this type of travel insurance for Schengen visa.
Financial proof: include proof of financial, in which the evidence is a bank account with a period of time for the last 3 months. You can print it and then be legalised by the relevant bank. Your financial balance must comply with the minimum balance requirement set by the Embassy office.

Flight ticket reservation: In traveling course you need a ticket. This airline ticket reservation is one of the conditions for applying for a Schengen visa attachment form. The flight reservation must be in accordance with the roundtrip schedule.

Proof of accommodation booking: This can be obtained from your online accommodation booking data. In addition to proof of accommodation booking, if during the period of Europe, the stay or residence is required to attach a proof of ownership or residence contract, the original certificate from the local mayor, a statement letter from The advocate in which the contents will stay at home from what date will be staying up to what date will leave the place, the guarantee letter back to Indonesia and photocopy of ID CARD and proof of payment of the advocate tax.

Certificate of Employment: These terms are required to prove that you are bound to work in the country of origin and have no intention of escaping to another country either for reasons of seeking work or becoming a dark immigrant. If you are an entrepreneur must include a SIUP or a profession permit in accordance with your field.

Itinerary: This is to show you where the countries you are going to visit, which cities you will visit, from what date to what time you will be in what country, and so on. The itinerary must be written as detailed as possible

What are the exceptions to travel insurance?
Joining the insurance program is relatively easy, especially with the increasing number of online insurance brokers, but the understanding of the insurance benefits are often not so good. Insurance services, as good as any of course have the exception of insurance claims in certain circumstances. 

For example, if you are experiencing an accident that requires you to be admitted to a local hospital, you may feel calm because you have travel insurance, but due to certain circumstances insurance claims are not accepted by the hospital Your handle. 

Do not directly blame insurance companies or hospitals, because it could be the cause is the situation when you have the accident outside the scope of the insurance policy. Some of the common things that travel insurance exclusions will cover the following:

  • Accident or sick accidents experienced by someone who enters the influence of alcohol and drugs. Drunkenness and consuming illegal drugs are indeed included in the category of something illegal in some countries. What's more if you're drunk while driving a vehicle or doing dangerous things if done in an unconscious state. If something goes undesirable like a traffic accident while you are driving drunk, most hospitals will not accept your insurance claim. Because things like this are considered personal mistakes, so think again if you want to drink until drunk.
  • Make a deliberate accident. Deliberate here the intention is if you deliberately make yourself wretched to earn money travel insurance. While this is rare, it's a good idea to keep your attention and never try it.
  • Force majeure conditions will also not make your insurance claim liquid. Force majeure is a condition beyond your ability for example you are stuck in a riot or riot that occurs in the country you are visiting. There is one example that can be taken, for example you are on vacation to Thailand and stuck in a red T-shirt riot. If you are injured in the incident, you will not get an insurance claim even if you are in that situation accidentally. To do so, as much as possible to stay in the conflict areas and do not engage in any form of unrest that occurs in a country.
  • If you are sick before the trip and you are recklessly by ignoring doctor's advice, then your insurance will not be liquid. The reason is obvious, ignore doctor's advice.
  • Next is pregnant and miscarriage. Even if you have a miscarriage in the country of destination, you still will not get an insurance claim because from the start of a long trip while pregnant is already a big risk. First study the terms of travel insurance to keep you protected during your trip overseas.
  • If you are involved in professional sports, such as car racing, you should look for individual insurance if you want to be protected when attending professional sports while abroad. Engaging in sporting events and getting paid while on a walk is an exception to travel insurance.
How to apply for travel insurance?
As compared to other insurance, registering travel insurance is easier and quicker. Nowadays there have been many insurance companies providing travel insurance register services through the Internet. So, you do not have to bother again to visit the insurance office even to look for insurance agents. The steps are pretty straightforward like this:

  • Visit your chosen insurance company website
  • Fill in complete personal data
  • Choose the destination of the trip (domestic or international)
  • Choose a destination from a trip (travel or business)
  • Choose the journey Length (single trip or routine trip)
  • Then choose which type of insurance to suit your needs and budget
  • Choose your preferred payment method (via wire transfer or via credit card)
Can travel insurance be purchased when I'm abroad?
Travel insurance cannot be purchased when you have been abroad. Because before traveling, you must first be registered as a travel insurance user.

Travel Insurance Terms
  • Act of God: losses caused by natural disaster events.
  • Comprehensive: Comprehensive car insurance can be interpreted as ' all risk ' insurance. This means that the insurer will pay claims for all kinds of damages, ranging from mild damage, severely damaged, to loss.
  • ERA (Emergency Road Assistance): Services are borne in the insurance policy to bring the mechanic to the place where the driver is stuck when the vehicle is damaged.
  • Market Price: The price of a sales vehicle when sold in a free market obtained from the insured with the same brand, type, location and year of purchase before the risk of loss or damage.
  • Motor vehicle: All types, types, or brands of the vehicle are the following things (fixtures, spare parts, etc.) that are or will be owned in the later days and are objects of consumer financing.
  • Grace period: Period of time after the premium due date where the premium can still be paid without interest and the policy can still be accounted for.
  • Waiting period: The period after which the policy is issued which in this period the insurance policy does not cover the insured health costs until a certain period of time other than costs.
  • Personal Accident: A loss caused by a motor vehicle accident that causes death or a permanent disability to the driver or its passengers. Reimbursement or indemnity will be paid in accordance with the specifications of the vehicle specified in the insurance policy.
  • Proposal: A collection of information provided by the insurance company about the benefits of the policy that will be given to prospective customers. This Proposal is usually offered to provide product information that will be provided such as the amount of premium and the terms of Pertanggungannya.
  • Police: Polis is an agreement that is binding and approved by the insurance company and the policyholder in writing.
  • Premium: The money that must be paid on the specified period of time as the obligation of the insurance policy holder. The amount of premiums paid is stipulated by the policies and approvals of the insurance company in accordance with the conditions of the insured.
  • Insurer: A person who is legally listed in the insurance policy to make a premium payment of the policy.
  • Self-risk (Deductible): The value of the burden of the insured person in each loss or damage calculated based on the amount of damages.
  • Insured: A legally listed person is listed in the insurance policy to receive benefits from the policy.
  • Sum Insured: The purchase price of a vehicle at the start of the coverage period and recorded in the relevant insurance policy which is the maximum limit of the responsibility of the insurer in the insurance agreement.


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