Monday, June 24, 2019

The Film is aware of the importance of insurance

Life is full of risks and without us knowing, every day we are dealing with those risks. In this life there will be many incidents, whether intentional or accidental, unpredictable or unexpected, that we want and that we avoid, which in the end those events hurt us. For example, when we are left by the people we love especially the person is the backbone of the family? These are the risks that will always exist in every life and many other examples. The risk cannot be denied, but certainly can be prevented. If you are wondering, how to prevent it? The answer is "insurance". But there are still many people who are not aware of the importance of insurance for their lives, when it is obvious with the existence of insurance we not only protect ourselves but also protect the family. It is not easy to realize someone, but if we watch the movies below it seems we can be a little conscious of the importance of insurance Loh, the following movies that can be aware of the importance of insurance:

1. Twister

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Twister is a drama Film about natural disasters released in 1996, the Film tells the story of Bill Harding (Bill Paxton) and Jo Harding (Helen Hunt) The couple is a storm hunter couple, they have to work together to create a tool Weather detector In fact their relationship is already cracked and decided to divorce. In this case, the storm is borne in protection as a form of natural disasters (windstorm insurance). In Indonesia, the Financial Services Authority (OJK) has developed a natural insurance industry in Indonesia. Thus, the public can be free from fear of disaster risk.

2. Killer Joe

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Killer Joe is a southern United States Gothic crime Film, released in 2011. Killer Joe tells the story of the 22-year-old drug traffickers living in West Dallas, Texas, named Chris Smith (Emile Hirsch). Chris kills his mother to get insurance money from his death. Money of 50,000 US dollars or about Rp661 million is planned to be used by Chris to pay his debts.

In fact, this kind of life insurance has been widely applied in the world, both in developed countries such as the United States and developing countries such as Indonesia. Such insurance is often used as an inheritance by parents for their children. With a Dmeikian, parents do not need to be about his child's future if something befalls him. From the movie Killer Joe, the positive side that we can take on insurance is that this life insurance will indeed be very helpful to the people that we leave if something happens to us. But what Chris did in the film is not to happen in the real world Yes

3. The Fault in Our Stars

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This romantic comedy-drama Film, released in 2014, is based on the novel of the same name, The Fault in Our Stars. The Film tells the story of a 16-year-old meet-up of the 16years, Hazel Grace Lancester (Shailine Woodley) who has cancer, Hazel is urged to attend a group of cancer patient supporters by her mother. In that place, Hazel meets and falls in love with Augustus Waters (Ansel Elgort) A teenager who is forced to amputate her legs due to bone cancer. Although the case of a young age ID cancer such as Hazel and August is still rare but the film shows that this disease can be attacked by anyone and anytime. Currently, the registration of cancer protection offered by insurance companies in Indonesia is very profitable and also very easy, among them are the participants get the sum insured hundreds of millions of rupiah.


  1. I haven't watch those movies but The Fault in Our Stars looks good, I like romantic comedy-drama film, I'm going to watch this one.

  2. Waduh.. Bahasa inggis semua ternyata. Saya jadi garuk-garuk kepala nih...
    Tapi film yang di atas itu...
    The fault in our star...
    Saya pengen banget nonton dari dulu, Tapi nggak kesampaian sampai sekarang

    1. hehehe iya kak biar keren dikit blognya wkwkwk

  3. i know about this movie, but until now i cant get this movie, so maybe next time i watched this movie

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  5. Film nomor 1 dan 3 sudah saya tonton. Yah, kerusakan akibat bencana alam memang tak terbayangkan karena dahsyat. Entah apakah asuransi di sini bisa menutupi kerugian akibat bencana alam. Saya tidak tahu.
    Film yang nomor 2 saya suka, asuransi kesehatan memang penting dan Amerika maju dalam hal pemberian asuransi untuk jangka panjang seperti kanker. Dengan demikian, Hazel tetap bisa menjalani kehidupan yang layak di masa remajanya.
    Asuransi, apa pun bentuknya, tetap dibuthkan masyarakat. Saya banyak baca artikel bagus tentang manfaat asuransi jadi tambah ilmu. Yang terpenting adalah pilih jasa asuransi yang tepercaya.

  6. Baru nonton yg no.1 walaupun film lawas tapi saya suka