Monday, June 24, 2019

Tips for car insurance claims not rejected when submitted

The insurance claim is an act of official request from the customer to the insurance company, which aims to make reimbursement and compensation in accordance with its insurance policy. The claim process becomes necessary when there is a risk to the object of insurance insured. The claim process must be done by the policyholder to the insurance company through the official communication channel of the company.

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For car insurance claims to go smoothly and paid, customers should pay attention to the following points:

  • Customers should avoid excluded matters in policies such as late reporting of claims deadline, the driver does not have a driving licence, the reported claims are not guaranteed in the policy, the reported claims are included in the Exclusion clause in the policy
  • Completing claim documents, such as the completed claim form, photocopy of insurance policy, driver's license, STNK, certificate letter from the police
  • Vehicle belonging to the insured is not used for unlawful conduct
  • If you have an accident, do not forget to provide proof by documenting the condition of the vehicle after the accident
  • Pay attention to the coverage area whether according to the policy
  • Do not make any damage that happens to be accidental damage by the insured
  • Understanding the cause of the accident borne before submitting the claim directly, the customer also needs to read clearly about the policies given by the insurer
Before the claims analysis is made, the insurance company will check the validity of the policy first. If the policy qualifies for verification and the claim is also in accordance with the contents of the policy, the insurance company will pay the claim to the customer. Some cases occur, the insured party is less thorough to the policy they hold. But in the policy mentioned various insurance related matters that will be claimed.

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