Tuesday, July 2, 2019

4 reasons why life insurance is important to you

Why should you have life insurance? Before answering the question above, it is good to know what life insurance is.

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Life insurance is an insurance that aims to cover people with unexpected financial losses caused by the death too soon or his life too long. In life insurance many risks to be faced, namely:

  • Risk of death
  • A person's life is too long

Or easy life insurance is a guarantee for descent. For example, a father died suddenly and left his son and wife. If the father has life insurance, he will not be displaced by the child.

But although most people have know what life insurance means in fact, there are still a lot of people who are reluctant to buy it. The reason most often said is the expensive insurance premiums paid.

Regardless of the reluctance you have life insurance, do you know a lot of facts and reasons why you should have life insurance. Here are the reasons.

1. Ready Umbrellas Before rain
Life always has its own secret. Just like a calamity or accident, we never know when and where it happened. If this is the case, there will be costs that we spend on the outside budget treatment we make.

At such times the role of life insurance is needed, to cover any cost of treatment that should be incurred when it happens. Even when the insurance owner who also serves as the breadwinner gets a heavy illness that causes him to no longer be able to work to support the family. Insurance will help you cope with your financial changes drastically when things happen.

2. Death is a definite thing
One of the things that must be in this world is death. But as opposed to that sentence is one thing that is uncertain is the time of death itself. Have you ever imagined if at any time you as a family's breadwinner dies suddenly, who will finance and protect the family from financial problems after you leave?

For those of you who have life insurance this may not be too alarming, because it is essentially soul insurance that will address this problem. Life insurance allows families to pay a variety of costs and debts that may still remain.

3. to provide Inner Peace
Connect from the previous statement. It is of course undeniable. Current life insurance gives a person something of value that is peace of mind knowing his family will not be displaced when something unexpected happens like death.

4. As an investment Instrument
Investing in existing Unitlink insurance (relation to investment) is a fairly wise choice. This can be compared when saving at a bank that is often hit by inflation and you may withdraw money at an ATM. That is without you realizing it is exhausted.

By having this type of life insurance you are not only taught to save for long term, but also familiarize yourself to be disciplined in regulating financial budget. You can also use it for anything, to buy a house, a dream car or a vacation trip to where you want it to be.

Have life insurance since early
Talking about life insurance is identical to the elderly, but it does not mean you who are still healthy and young do not need it. Or maybe you feel you have no life insurance because you have no children even if you are married. One of the advantages of insurance while young is the insurance premiums that you pay will be lighter.

However some of you may think that the insurance premiums feel like throwing money, because the benefits themselves are not immediately felt. Especially if we talk about life insurance, where the benefits are not directly perceived by the owner, but instead perceived by the heirs.

One thing you need to keep in mind, that life insurance is purchased not to die, but to ensure that the person who is left is prosperous. And why be purple tomorrow, if you can have it now?


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