Wednesday, July 17, 2019

Buy travel insurance can be Online and Offline, check here

Using travel insurance is important to protect yourself in various risks during the trip. Then it is not surprising if this travel insurance has become a necessity that someone must have, especially when traveling often in the country or abroad,

Various insurance products also offer a wide range of protection, consumers will be very freely to choose one of the most appropriate products and certainly suitable for travel needs. Nowadays, various travel insurance products can also be purchased easily and quickly, either online or offline.

Here are a few ways you can buy travel insurance:

Buy Insurance Online

1. Marketplace


Marketplace provides a variety of products you need, including these travel insurance products. There are several marketthings that provide travel insurance, whether they are sold by travel agents or sold directly by the insurance company in question.

Each of these sellers will certainly offer similar products. However, travel agents may have a more complete offer, since they can provide a wide selection of travel insurance products from several different insurance companies. Related to the system and the purchase procedure will certainly be arranged with the policies issued by the marketplace itself.

2. Comparison site

In addition to the marketplace, the comparison site for financial products can be your choice. The site usually sells a variety of financial products, including a wide range of travel insurance options. In addition to more practical and convenient, the comparison site also allows you to do a comparison of one insurance product with other insurance products, so that the insurance purchase at this comparison site can run faster and Easy.

3. Directly at the insurance site

asuransi perjalanan

You can also find this travel insurance product directly at the relevant insurance company's website. However, there needs to be thoroughness, because not all insurance companies provide online policy purchases. In addition, the purchase of insurance on the site of the relevant insurance company, will automatically make you only meet the insurance product of that company alone and no other product as an option. Related to the purchase and payment system, each insurance company will have its own policy.

Buy Insurance Offline  

Similar to other financial products, you can also get this travel insurance product in an offline way. There are at least two places of purchase, namely: directly at an insurance company or can also be in a travel agency company.

In insurance companies you certainly only get travel insurance products from the company in question, while in the company of travel agencies, many options can be considered. Do not forget to prepare the necessary documents that are used as a condition for applying insurance, so that this offline purchasing process can run well and smoothly.

With insurance, travel will be more comfortable

No one can suspect any calamity while traveling. To protect yourself from any risks that occur or come suddenly, then prepare an insurance program before you regret it. Choose the best product and suit your needs so your trip can be more comfortable and enjoyable.


  1. saya kalau ke mana2 lebih senang membeli travel insurance online sahaja...lebih mudah dan pantas

  2. Kalo saya sudah sepaket dengan kartu kredit