Monday, July 22, 2019

Childbirth Preparation: Choose to save or use insurance?

Positively pregnant? Sure? Is it like that your reaction when hearing that the wife is pregnant? At first surely all parents will be happy, how not, is not it given the child to complete the structure in the family is a very great gift? Hearing those Dudah is sure you immediately think ahead with all the preparations such as mental and financial.

For example, in the future, childbirth wife must have spent money on hospital costs, then there are religious or cultural rules that require a sysize when the fetus in the mother's abdomen is 4 and 7 months that all also need a fee. With the many expenses for childbirth preparation, you should be able to choose from now between saving or using pregnant women insurance.

Making preparations

Membuat Perencanaan Keuangan
In the face of childbirth preparation, you together with your spouse can use it with savings or insurance for pregnant women. Whatever your choice is not less important is you have to understand the financial planning for the mother-pregnant and the couple who will have children. There are many costs that you have to prepare.

Many of the parents awaiting the birth of their first child are often preoccupied with preparing an expense that is not so important, such as baby clothes, accessories, children's room decoration, baby's bathroom and others. That makes it sometimes forget the important and wrong things on a priority scale.

Preparation of childbirth is a fun thing, you do not need to panic when the day comes to you, but also a person will surely change the finances in a family. Ideally it may be that pregnancy should be planned far-away in order to be able to control finances but, in fact the happy news actually comes without being planned.

Find out if your office or workplace is working to finance all pregnancy and childbirth facilities? If you're looking for detailed information on how much money your office has spent. After that, look for the cost information of hospitals or midwives in accordance with the funds issued by your office.

Calculate with detail

In order to give birth preparation costs can be adjusted with budget, calculate in detail like this:

1. Compare costs
Compare the cost of regular control to a midwife or doctor and count how many times the control is performed. As well as estimating costs for child vitamins.

2. Normal Delivery Cost
Normal labor costs with doctors (not midwives) in the hospitals in large cities vary, there is normal without action and there are also those with action. There are several options ranging from regular room classes to VIP at a cost of RP2, 5 million-RP12 million.

3. Caesarean cost
Cesarean delivery There are several conditions that are Caesarean adhesions + sterelization; Gemeli/Triplet + sterilization, and the single Caesar Sungsang/latitude/Miom; Caesar sectio single fetus + sterilization. Hospitals in large cities have a range of costs ranging from the cheapest to the most expensive range at a cost of RP8 million-RP30 million.

4. Unexpected expenses both before and after delivery
Often there are many unexpected costs, and usually vary depending on each infant. The fee for example taking care of infants means regular visits to pediatricians and to gynecologists (moreover before childbirth).

5. Charge after baby birth
All details must be real, survey the hospital or midwives that you want to be able to estimate the best possible funds. Just after that is measured whether the estimate already matches the cost you have.

Choose saving or insurance?

After getting an estimate about the needs of labor fund, then you can decide whether it will all be borne by yourself by means of saving or buying an insurance product of pregnant women. You can carefully upgrade both options.


Menabung Saat Hamil
If you choose to save, then it is supposed that the target amount of savings balance until day H should be greater than the details that you have made. In order for the targeted savings to run smoothly then you and your wife should discipline the problem of spending until the little one comes out to greet the world.

Create three allocation expenses such as savings, debt repayment from credit cards (if any), and daily living expenses. And don't forget to set aside the baby's necessities after birth later that option you can put into living expenses.

It is important to consider that you should carefully choose the hospital that costs will be covered in your health insurance coverage. Do not forget to confirm in advance about it to obstetrician and anesthetics before you make a birth appointment. This handy way can help you to save a lot of money, from the cost of birth to hospital costs.

Using insurance

So what if you are more interested in pregnancy insurance? This option is perfect for those of you who have planned a pregnancy in advance because usually the clients who register for pregnancy insurance should wait 9-12 new month of funds can be processed.

Using pregnancy insurance also remains to be able to take all the expenditure during pregnancy and childbirth. For example, suppose money accountability is around Rp 10.000.000 and the official is Rp 4.000.000 in a year it will be enough or not, if not better you save yourself.

If you are involved in insurance, the insurance company will pay the majority of these costs, and as a policyholder, you simply pay the minimum fee. Before going any further, make sure that the insurance company you choose includes a cover of the cost of the treatment in its potable clause so that you can save money.

At the beginning of the insurance program, the cost of additional health insurance for children's birth is slightly more expensive, but in the end, the premium cost is still not how much it will be spent on your own. And usually if you do not follow the insurance is more likely not ready so it should be indebted there-here to cover the cost of child labour.

Plan for your child's welfare

Whatever your choice in the face of preparation for childbirth later, plan all well for the welfare of your child. Choose one that fits your family's financial skills. That way you won't feel too burdened with a variety of costs that don't really matter. Not only that with the right planning, the need for your child will be assured.