Friday, July 5, 2019

Health insurance for parents aged 70 years

The addition of age is inevitable and will happen to everyone. As time goes by and age, a person's health condition will tend to decline. Various physical limitations begin to be demonstrated by people who have an old age. All possibilities related to health risks can occur in the elderly, which used to be fresh, the more age is increasingly susceptible to disease.  

Old age can start since the retirement period, starting from 55 years and above. Unfortunately not many parents are aware if they face the risk of threats to various diseases. As the age of Twilight should be a healthy lifestyle should be more stringent and health insurance protection must be owned. If not, in the end, the child will struggle to seek treatment costs for his parents if sick.

The economic conditions of the community that fit in making health insurance products are less popular for elderly people especially outside the big city. It has become an old culture that exists in the various corners of the earth. Although some Parties have begun to realize the importance of protecting themselves, but the fact that the amount of use of health insurance is still minimal.

Insurance product for the elderly (human age)
The twilight age turned out to have its own appeal for insurance companies. Some insurance companies make special products for these seniors. Through this product, it is expected that the parents are more awake and assured of their health so there is no need to worry when having to pay for treatment in the hospital at an exorbitant price when sick.

The insurance company providing opportunities for seniors provides two of the following different types of insurance:

  • Stand-alone health insurance or pure health insurance such as Allianz insurance products, AXA Insurance (General), Cigna and Sinar Mas,  
  • Life Insurance Link Unit with additional benefits (rider) in the form of health protection such as only Manulife (MVP – Manulife Value Protector)

If you feel more in need of insurance that provides additional insurance to be lighter in paying inpatient, then you can choose the Unit link insurance and then ask for additional insurance to the insurance. The benefits of health protection that is owned by the link unit is quite assured with the various facilities in it. In addition, health protection in hospitals with a link unit also has a longer age restriction compared to a pure health unit or without a link unit.

Some provisions applicable to the insurance product are as follows:
  • Hospital Health protection in unit links has a longer age condition than pure health insurance.
  • The entry age on the maximum pure health insurance is 65 years old, while on the unit link insurance can be up to 70 years.
  • Insurance coverage can be extended to a certain age limit, for pure health insurance up to 70 years, while the link unit is up to 79 years.

Health insurance Link Unit for age 65 and above benefits

The age restriction of insurance in pure health insurance is 65 years, while the age restriction if there is a unit-link is 70 years. In addition, as insurance customers can also extend up to the age limit that has been provided by the insurance company. If the pure health insurance has a limit of up to 70 years while the link unit has a limit of up to 80 years.

Based on this, it will be more profitable if for parents have insurance with second type of supplementary insurance with link unit. But everything is back into every need of an existing seniors. If it is not necessary to feel hospitalized in the coming days, the elderly can choose the type of pure health insurance.

But if the elderly do feel he needs intensive treatment in the hospital and want to watch the next day, it would be better if the elderly choose additional health insurance with this link unit.

Insurance Unit Link with additional benefits (Rider) Health protection
Asuransi Unit Link

According to data extracted from Manulife Value Protector, there is Advance Hospital Benefit Plus. This insurance provides additional assistance in hospitalisation payments made by customers. But again, if the customer does not buy unit-linkthen This can not be given. In addition, protection will be provided only for one person and family with family members of father, mother and two children. Although the number of children is more than two, the premiums paid by the customer can only be valid for 4 persons in the family.

Another benefit of this type of health insurance is that despite having several different diseases with the needs of hospitalization, the insurance will bear each of the diseases. So there is no need to worry about having more than one disease. Insurance has regulations if in the conduct of hospitalisation with the same disease under the vulnerable time of 90 days, then the insurance will not reimburse the financing. But if it exceeds 90 days then the insurance will replace it.

Health insurance based on type of facility provided and conditions of claim (Pre-Existing condition and elimination period)
berbagai fasilitas asuransi kesehatan

Health insurance has 2 different facilities, namely:

  • The first type of customer is to show the insurance card and ID card, this can be done for the hospital that has a connection with the insurance. This first type is called a cashless.
  • The second type is double claim, which need to be done is to show the receipt of the payment that has been legalised.
Based on all the data already obtained, there are rules that the policyholders need to understand first. These rules are:

  • If the policyholders experience a pre-existing disease within 24 months, the insurer will not reimburse the matter. But if it has been more than 24 months then it can be returned by the insurance. To prove if the customer is the natural right or not, then the insurer will do a variety related to the report given. It is called Pre Existing condition.
  • Claims that can be disbursed by the insurer are claims from customers who have become policyholders more than 2 months only (60 days). If you experience any illness other than the accident, the insurance cannot be accepted by the insurer. It is known as the elimination period term
In addition to health insurance, the elderly people are also not less important to be included life insurance programs. Here is an illustration of the benefits that can be obtained.

Life insurance importance illustration for parents

The benefit of life insurance for parents is that if the parents have no, the insurance can be disbursed and given to the person who is made an inherited holder by the parents. So the amount of money deposited into the insurance is not wasted, but it can be utilized by registered heritage holders. Usually parents will choose the child to be the recipient of his inheritance.

Illustrations of life insurance benefits for parents are as follows:

For example, parents have insurance that will be paid RP2 million each month, so if in 10 years will get a premium accumulation that can also be a deposit of Rp240 million. As parents, having protection such as life insurance is very helpful for medical expenses. If as a parent has prepared everything well, it will usually be passed down to the child and the child will follow in the footsteps of his parents in the planning of old age.

Actually, with this insurance system is precisely more pressing to save with the enterprising. Usually people are somewhat difficult to save when already seen the need of stacking. But by having insurance, then someone will put insurance into the list of monthly expenditures. This will make the savings continue to run. Although in insurance will not get a certain interest as it is in the bank in general.

If the parent dies before the insurance payment plan is fulfilled for 10 years for example and the premium paid has not reached Rp240 million, then the insurer will pay to the holder of the approved inheritance. The insurance is harmed if this happens, but it is closed from the number of clients that they have which of course do not experience the same conditions. So in general, the insurance will not be lost because of the turnover of money.

Prepare from now

While still young, do not hurt if you start preparing yourself for the old days later. As a good child, you can also start preparing your parents ' condition well as one of the best forms of parental care. Purchasing insurance for parents can make you better prepared in the face of risk if the elderly are experiencing illness and have to pay in large quantities. There are many types of insurance options that you can take according to the illustration of the product above.