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Hospital type Cash Plan insurance, benefits and how it works

In this increasingly advanced modern era, people are increasingly aware of the importance of safeguarding and protecting health. The cost of healing someone who is sick is arguably unpredictable. Not infrequently the cost they spend there is to drain some of the wealth/property they have.

To anticipate these high and unpredictable health costs, one of the ways that you can use is to follow a health insurance program. In general, health insurance programs protect and provide certain benefits to the customer when he or she is sick, accident or in need of other medical services.

There are two most common types of health insurance programs:
  • Daily Care Benefit (Hospital income/Hospital Cash Plan)
  • Medical expenses Compensation (hospital benefit)

And you need to know that the health insurance products presented by each company are different. Here are the reviews of both products:

Hospital type Cash Plan Insurance

asuransi hospital cash plan
The insurance Hospital Cash Plan is one of the derivative products of health insurance that will be very useful for the perfection of family health insurance. In general, health insurance will cover all components of costs in the hospital for the insured party. This special Hospital Cash Plan only covers the total cost of inpatient daily or for every doctor's action.

For example, suppose a patient with the name Ari is sick and should be treated for 6 days. Previously, Ari had paid the Hospital Cash Plan insurance premiums with a contract of compensation agreement of RP1 million/day for inpatient expenses. This means, Ari will get RP6 million as the benefit of the Cash Plan Hospital.

Regardless of the cost of Ari hospitalizations, whether the cost is larger or smaller, the insurance company will charge RP6 million during the sick 6 days. In other words if the money is left, then it will not hurt if you want to use it for anything else.

Insurance companies will not be afraid of experiencing losses because the average cost in the hospital has been calculated with maturity. Inflation costs every year, which is usually 20% of the price of the year has also been considered.

Hospital Cash Plan Insurance work

cara kerja hospital cash plan
The way this Hospital Cash Plan Works is relatively simple, as the removal system uses a reimbursement system. The reimbursement system requires us to make a payment in advance in the hospital. Once that is done, a copy of the medical fee receipts we submit to the insurer to do the reimbursement process of disbursement of funds.

The funds to be received from this Cash Plan Hospital will be very useful to reduce the burden during hospitalization.  The good news is that although the fees are already covered by the Cash Plan Hospital, you are still allowed to claim to other insurance companies such as BPJS. Because as discussed earlier, Hospital Cash Plan only needs a photocopy of receipts for disbursement.

Insurance Benefits of type Hospital Cash Plan

If you are judging by the characteristics of the Hospital Cash Plan described above, you will already know some of the benefits you can get. Here are some summaries of the Hospital Cash Plan benefits:
  • This health insurance is suitable for the health insurance that you already have, can use the Hospital Cash Plan in case of the lack of ceiling health costs from the office.
  • If you are already a participant of BPJS or have health insurance with the type of hospital benefit, then you can use additional funds from the cash plan to complete the cost.
  • Cash Plan health insurance can be used as a kind of income that decreases due to hospital maintenance costs. This insurance is certainly suitable for those who are traders, entrepreneurs, or professionals.
  • This insurance will still be provided even if it is already paid by other insurance, because this insurance only requires a photocopy of medical fee receipts.
  • The amount of sum insured according to the selected program is still paid even if the cost under the sum insured

Tips for choosing a Cash Plan Hospital type Insurance

There are a few things we need to take note of before buying a health insurance product with this type of Hospital Cash Plan. Here are some things to note:

1. Adapt to needs

Health insurance with cash plan system is only suitable for use as secondary insurance. First calculate how much your needs are before buying it, for example the cost inflation of the hospital makes your inpatient stay up to RP2 million per day. While you have health insurance that only provide hospitalization benefits of RP1 million/day. That way, you can buy a cash plan with a compensation of RP1 million per day.

2. Adjust to the large budget

The maximum ideal insurance fee will take 10% of the income. If it exceeds that, then it will be feared to disrupt our financial cash flow. Therefore, besides the need factor, you should also adjust it to the budget capability. Currently we can find a wide range of cash plan products with micro Premium.

But, of course the benefits are also relatively small. Requirements for insurance type program is also very easy. The target of microinsurance marketing is the community under the people who are not yet familiar with insurance products.

3. Choose the product with the simplest claim process

Most of the health insurance with this cash plan system provides benefits to its customers using a reimbursement scheme. The scheme in question is that the customer must withdraw the funds in advance to pay the hospital fee. Then they will get a replacement fund from the insurance company.

So, it is a king to do an insurance track record with an easy claims system. Generally, the process requires a maximum of 14 working days. If you want an easy claim system, then choose a reputable insurance company. Also, make sure that you choose insurance according to the benefits purchased.

Benefits that ordinary health insurance doesn't have

Usually, health insurance will only provide benefits for inpatient expenses caused by the risk of illness. Health insurance will not be willing to bear a fee if you are treated ill by accident. What you need to remember, the insurance customer will be better if you want to read the policy and consult first before buying insurance to avoid any dispute later on.


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