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Know the importance of insurance for pets, benefits and how to claim

Not only the dearest of people that you can protect with the current insurance, dearest animals can also. Seeing from the many people who have pets nowadays, many insurance companies also launched a pet insurance product for animal lovers.

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Not only is it for pets in general like cats or dogs turns out there are some animal insurance products that are also intended for exotic pets such as snakes or other kinds of animal.

Benefits of buying insurance for pets

If you already think of a pet like part of your own family, it means your pet is also eligible for a special insurance for them. Here's what you can benefit from pet insurance for you and your pet:

1. Pet Health Care
Just like insurance in general, insurance for animals can also cover the cost of health care for your pet who is sick or have an accident. Good for long or short periods.

2. Charge for pet death
Insurance will cover the cost of pet burial that has died due to health problems or accidents.

3. Insurance against Pet theft
Just like when the animal dies, the selector of a maintenance animal will get compensation when the preserved animal is lost stolen.

4. Bear medical expenses for the injured by the pet
No matter how tame their pets still have a wild instinct that is normal to appear when they feel threatened or uncomfortable. And instinct it usually makes them attack people around them even employers themselves, especially if the animals that are preserved are kind of exotic animals.

Health insurance provides facilities to cover medical expenses for people who are accidentally injured or attacked by pets.

5. Insurance for property ravaged by pets
Pets like dogs with European races are usually large and have great energy as well and if not disposed of their energy as they are invited to walk the afternoon or play there is a chance that he will be very active at home and could ruin Goods in Diruma or other public place.

Pet insurance Companies also provide reimbursement facilities for goods damaged by pets.

6. Pet management fee in dormitory or animal care
Insurance will bear the cost of pet care that is left by employers who have to travel a little longer and can not bring pets or for employers who are hard-sick and should be treated a few days in hospital and can not and No one takes care of their pets.

Insurance policy for Pets
Many have misunderstood the real understanding of insurance for pets. Pet insurance is a variation of life/health insurance for human beings. But pet insurance is actually a derivative of a modified property insurance according to the needs of pet owners.

There are 2 types of policies available on a pet insurance product:

  • Nonlife Time/Not lifetime

Animal Insurance with a policy like this is for pet owners who only want to use it for a certain period of time. Insurance with a policy like this will bear the whole thing experienced by the pet at the time.

Usually this insurance is used for the maintenance of animals that condensed animals for re-sale or offered for Readoption to others.

  • Lifetime/Lifetime

Animal Insurance with a policy like this will protect the animal in the condition that lasts until a lifetime. Insurance with this policy that usually offers burial facilities to pets that passed away.

Two policy explanations above are summarized in general from some insurance companies, but for more details you should ask the company or its insurance agent.

Types of pets that can be insured

Usually the types of animals that can usually be maintained in many houses are dogs, cats, fish and ornamental birds. But other than that there are some types of exotic animals that can be allowed to be maintained and can be insured. Here is a list of types of exotic Hewa that can be insured:

  • Parrots and other great birds (excluding birds of prey)
  • Turtles (all species)
  • Terrapins and Turtles
  • Rabbit
  • Guinea pigs and other small, harmless mammals
  • Lizards of various varieties, such as Gecko, Iguana and anoles
  • Snake (limiting snake, no-berable)
  • Small birds such as the Sejoli, Parakeels and the
  • Exotic small mammals like the African Pygmy Hedgehog
  • Birds of Prey

Exotic medium-sized mammals such as Pygmy goat or Kune-Kune Pig
Exotic animals that are counted in the category of protected endangered animals must have a permit from the Natural Resources Conservation Hall which proves that you do not get the animal illegal.

How to claim insurance for pets

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Systems that are widely used by insurance companies to charge the costs of the proposed claims are reimbursment. So the animal owners must bear the cost of medical care first before filing a claim, carrying a new evidence of reimbrusment will be liquid.

Well, here's some way you can help you claim your money to pet insurance:
  1. Ask a Veterinarian Help
  2. Direct claims to insurance companies
  3. Contact an insurance agency that offers insurance
  4. Call the animal insurance firm directly
  5. Fill out the Claim form online (if any)

Reduce pet medical care costs with insurance

As raising a child, caring for animals is a lot of cost. From health care to medical expenses if animals experience illness and other unexpected situations. By having animal insurance at least there are some expenses that can be borne by pet insurance that can relieve the burden of employers if anything happens with pets.


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