Monday, July 15, 2019

Must know, it is different risk of saving education and education insurance

The Education fund is not arguably cheap, especially in the future. In order not to be Mischosen, you must first understand the difference in the risk of education savings with educational insurance. Both are the same about providing funds for the education of the fruit of the heart. However, they have different risks that parents must know. Then, what about you, have you purchased one of these two educational fund products? Then, what is the risk difference of these two educational fund products? As quoted from, these are the differences in the risk of educational savings and education insurance.

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1. The assurance system and its loan parties are different 

Education Savings: 
Education savings are generally issued by the bank in the form of financial products. As with other financial products, this educational savings will also be guaranteed by the lending Board (LPS) as the authorities to provide assurance for financial products issued by the bank in Indonesia. The guarantees provided will refer to the terms and other matters relating to such rules. That is, if at any time the bank is experiencing problems or even bankrupt, the education savings are kept safe and fully paid to you as a customer.

Education Insurance: 
Education insurance is obviously not a product in the form of savings (deposits) and this product is issued by the insurance company. In general, this education insurance form Unitlink insurance is managed in the form of investment by the insurance company, so it is quite risky and the value could be exhausted. Unlike the educational savings, the service is also not guaranteed by the LPS.

2. Different levels of profit 

Education Savings:
As with any other savings product, educational savings generally have fixed interest paid periodically by the Bank of the product provider to the customer. This interest rate refers to the provisions of BI that are paid for certainty and generally not so large. 

Education Insurance: 
While educational insurance products are managed in the form of investment by the insurance company, so that this product has a potential interest is not fixed because it refers to the performance of the investment itself. As with other investment activities, this product also has a high risk and also high profit potential as well.

3. Different protection values 

Education Savings: 
Education savings do not provide high protection value, considering the premium product is indeed given for free by the bank. 

Education Insurance:
It differs precisely in the educational insurance product, where in general the coverage value given by the insurance company is fairly high. High coverage value is certainly influenced by the size of premiums paid. The higher the premium value you pay in the insurance product, the greater the value of coverage that you can get. Understand and choose the funds in accordance with the needs of Education fund children become important things that you must prepare early and generally made in the form of education insurance or education savings. Make sure you understand both products well, including the risks involved, so you can choose one of the most appropriate products that suits your child's needs.


  1. I see. Education insurance is protect all the risk better than education saving. Of course, it needs higher cost for paid

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