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Want to pass a car insurance Survey? Do the following

The strong traffic condition and the risk of high mobility makes the vehicle owner, especially the car often felt it was, either when the vehicle is left at home/workplace/other location or when the vehicle is used. If left afraid of theft and if used afraid of accidents caused by the crowded traffic. It is often disruptive to car owners who live in big cities like in Jakarta.

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If you have a car especially in Jakarta, the solution to overcome the sense of it is to take the car insurance product so that the risks that are likely to happen to the vehicle and often worry it will be transferred to the insurance company or guarantor agencies.

The cost of accident or risk of loss can make you go bankrupt if you have to pay it from your own bag. Even relatively small losses can be financially disruptive, and some other losses can be threatening at any time. Having car insurance helps protect assets and uses money allocation to achieve other important financial objectives.

Car insurance has two characteristics

There are two options of car insurance products according to the type of protection provided is all risk insurance and total loss only insurance. Of these two characteristics have advantages and disadvantages of each. Depending on the needs. Here's a clearer explanation of the types of protection on car insurance.

1. Car Insurance Characteristics ALL risk (Comprehensive)

All risk (Comprehensive) insurance coverage applies to any incident not excluded by the insurance policy. All the coverage risks, which are also called Hazard coverage, offer much broader protection than the coverage of Total loss only insurance type risk, which only includes a minimum risk of 75% damage in accordance with the policies stated in the policy.

All risk car insurance can protect vehicles from some risks that are not contained in other insurance products. All risks herein are the types of insurance coverage that have been specifically outlined in the policy contract and are not included in the exceptions. Exceptions usually occur in special conditions such as flood coverage, riots, natural disasters or other force majeure conditions.

The principle of all risk insurance protects the vehicle thoroughly except those included in the exclusion clause. If you want to input the proposal, you can add protection of benefits, such as the benefits of claims for melee, force majeur, legal responsibilities of the third party and so on.

2. Total Loss car Insurance characteristics (TLO)

With the increase in fuel prices affecting the cost of owning a car, it is also a good idea to find ways to cut other related operational costs for example car insurance. All vehicle owners should care and ideally have insurance coverage. For those who want to save with simple protection, total loss only insurance can be an alternative option.

Unlike ALL risk, Total loss only insurance (TLO) protects only customer vehicles that are experiencing the risk of total loss or damage incurred above 75%. Also understand some conditions that are in the exclusion category can not claim such as fraud and evasion.

In this case it is also important to note the Vallet parking case. Parking of this type is widely offered in shopping malls or hotels in major cities, where the vehicle owner deliberately entrust the vehicle to the Vallet parking manager. If there is risk of loss, then the category of deliberate that can not be claimed either in insurance products All risk or TLO.

Buying insurance can be done Online, make sure this benefit

In the era of such sophisticated technology, not only shopping goods are online, buying insurance products can also be done through the Internet network. The online system in addition to the risk of fraud and so on, also gives ease of comparing products and see the reputation of the company that sells insurance products.

Before buying an insurance product online make sure the insurance company has an official license as an insurance broker and compare what are the advantages of buying such online car insurance. In addition, because the bank's financial services industry, non-bank, insurance under the supervision of OJK (Financial Services Authority), make sure also that the insurance product you want to buy is in the supervision and permission of the OJK. The following Tips can be considered:

1. Don't be tempted Promo, tailor products purchased with special needs regarding fares or premium charges

Check the annual rate. Check and compare with prices from other companies to make sure you get the best price deal. Many insurance companies offer services online so that you can find an insurance comparison tool easily. Comparison of online insurance products can be an efficient way of cost and time side to find better packages.

2. Find the product "car insurance without surveys"

The approval of claims for the risks that are immediately accepted without conducting a current survey become a unique attraction for insurance customers. Many carriers use a fast and completely unsurveyed Auto Accept policy issuance system. So make sure the product is taken have such features

Practical Tips for car insurance without surveys

One of the excellent services that many insurance customers have targeted is a car insurance product without surveys. Practical and easy and quick to make this service product many insurance customers like. It also provides a sense of security and comfort. Make sure that the car insurance service without the survey also keeps an eye on some of the following important things:

1. It's worth considering Dealer recommendation products

If we are smart to approach dealers, they will recommend the best product for us. Dealers with their experience in the automotive field certainly have sufficient network and knowledge related car insurance products. Make sure that the dealer where you buy the vehicle has a reputation and good experience.

2. Check how many general partner workshops and Authorized workshops

Although you get the ease of insurance products without a survey, but if the Reright workshop is limited, you will experience problems when the claim later. Therefore, note the list of their partners ' workshops, whether the workshop is trustworthy and easy to reach or not.

3. Check company service features, make sure easy to access and complete feature

The service features of this vehicle insurance are important. Don't let the moment you need certain product services it turns out that the company is struggling to provide services because there is no feature or should ask other parts. Especially if you are out of town for example and things happen undesirable, then you will be able to easily report the problem to the insurer where you are.

4. Search for who has Online application features and services

Nowadays the times are sophisticated, so look for products from insurance companies that have online service features and of course without surveys like the reviews above. This makes it very easy for you, for example if your car suddenly crashes on the toll road, you can claim insurance via the app directly from your smartphone.

Full-service features, easy, practical and without surveys

Competition insurance industry One of them is from the side of convenience given. Online services are now commonly done by almost all companies. For car insurance itself now one of the walls is a service without surveys when claims occur. By following the tips and reviews above, you will get the best products to suit your needs.

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