Wednesday, February 12, 2020

Understand car insurance coverage of Total Loss Only (TLO)

It is undeniable if the vehicle is one of the mandatory needs of the moment, so demand for transportation such as cars is increasing in Indonesia, especially the capital region of Jakarta. The number of private cars in Jakarta annually continues to grow as the mobilization needs for the urbanites are crucial. In fact, the Government has also provided some public transportation options for the people of Jakarta but, the demand for private cars is still quite high.

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Along with the increasing number of car vehicles in Jakarta, the higher the things that do not want to happen in the streets. It is undeniable that almost every day there is a traffic accident happening in Jakarta, both light and heavy. Many factors cause this to happen for example because of road conditions that are difficult to guess causing accidents, weather factors, to the level of alertness when driving a vehicle.

Some accidents on the road are difficult to predict. If you have experienced it, inevitably there should be an unexpected fee incurred to pay for the health costs such as maintenance costs, ambulance, treatment etc. Certainly not a small fee to be issued. Aside from the health side, you also need to spend expenses for your vehicle that may be damaged or destroyed during an accident.

There are plus and minus values when you have a private car. To get around the unwanted things is good if you start having car insurance. You can take into account the car insurance rate suitable for your car's needs and condition. Things to be considered because it affects the car insurance rate e.g. condition of the machine, car body , age of the car etc. So, you can be easier to choose the right type of car insurance.

In general, there are two types of car insurance protection at Garda Oto, all Risk and Total Loss Only (TLo), however, in the service of the Oto Digital guard There is no Term All Risk but Comprehensive. Comprehensive Protection provides guarantees for a type of mild, heavily damaged damage to loss. For example if the car is unwrapped by public transport, the damage is minor that makes the car less comfortable to be seen. In this case, the claim can be done if the insurance is a Comprehensive insurance. When you use a car for a day of transportation, then a Comprehensive insurance option can be your main consideration to prevent bad things from happening in your car.

Meanwhile, TLO insurance coverage guarantees your car for loss or damage that is worth more than 75% of the car price which means if there is minor damage, it will not be covered or guaranteed. However, it does not mean that the TLO car insurance guarantee is the bottom most because it can not guarantee minor damage to your car. Of course you can not close the possibility of potential damage to vehicles due to negligence of self or others whose damage is more than 75%.

So, that's a short difference about Comprehensive car insurance and TLo. It is important for you of course to keep your car from some unwanted things like accidents, fires, theft etc. Obviously, some of these problems could be a strong reason why car insurance is indeed a must-have. Car insurance selection can be the right choice at the moment. You may be able to use Oto Digital Guard service and choose your car insurance at the bibs that suits your car needs. Comprehensive car insurance and TLo suitable for your account, especially if you live in a big city like Jakarta.


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